Summer job

While in school, looking for job has been quite difficult. I have gone through multiple interviews and for the most part it has been the same result. Either they are looking for someone with some experience which is difficult if nobody would give me a shot or the job was given to a more qualified candidate.

Growing up my f****y never had money and from what I know it is hard to date a girl if you have no money. So as a temporary solution I decided to post some ads about mowing lawns or cleaning pool around my neighborhood.

Something I can do on my own and would not need "experience".

Well the ad was a pretty good success as I got a call from lets call her Mrs Smith. Her and her husband were looking for someone to mow their lawn and they were trying to cut down their budget and hiring me as opposed to the company they had before.

I scheduled her on Saturday not realizing it was a hot and humid day. Being my first customer I did not want to start a trend of rescheduling so I made sure I dressed lightly wearing a basketball short, a t shirt, and one of my old sneakers.

I came in around 11:00 and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Smith opened the door and e****ted me to the back. I started of by picking up any debris that may damage my dads mower. Around 11:30 I started to mow one side of the lawn. With the heat bearing down on me I decided to take my shirt off and try to fight through the heat. While mowing the backyard I noticed Mrs Smith changing in her bedroom. I am not sure if she knows I can see her but from the looks of it she was trying on a few different bathing suits. As much as I enjoyed the view I was somewhat disappointed I could not see anything below her waist because of the windows height.

Without realizing it, Mr Smith was walking over my way. I was freaking out not knowing whether or not he knew I was peeping on his wife.

When he got closer he asked my hourly rate and if I mind waiting for him. I told him it was fine it will probably take me another 2 hours to get this done.

He thanked me and told me to wait inside if he takes too long. HE was going to get an oil change and then pick up some cash.

I went back to work and within seconds Mrs. Smith walked out in this yellow bikini which looked amazing on her and in her hand which just escaped my mind were 2 cups. She walked up to me and asked if I wanted Ice T. I told her I would have drank out of the hose if she offered it. It was so damn hot.

Well I picked up one of the cups and she took the other one. As soon as I took my first sip I knew she spiked it with liquor. I kept drinking it and before she could stop me I had emptied the cup. She comes running back to me saying she gave me the wrong drink. She apologized and said that was supposed to be for her.

She giggled and asked if I atleast liked it. I didnt want to lie so I told her it was good. She took my cup and walked back to the house and within minutes she was back out with another. I didn't want to make her think I lied so I kept drinking it.

I went back to work as Mrs Smith lied face down on a lawn chair. She called me over and asked me to do her a favor. She asked me to go to her bedroom and pick up the suntan lotion she left it on the sink in the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom I noticed Mrs Smith's panty sitting on top of the hamper. From the looks of it, it looks like it was recently worn. I looked out the window and made sure Mrs Smith was still there. I grabbed her panty and inhaled. HEr aroma was so intoxicating. I could not help myself so I decided to steal it. I have never stolen anything in my life but if I were to do it I could not find a better reason not to take her panty.

I rushed back out and did not want her to get any suspicion. She asked me to help her lotion her back and maybe give her a little massage. She was working out this morning and her trainer really put her to work. I started on her legs and within seconds I had an instant erection. Then worked my way up her thighs. Before it could get uncomfortable I decided to go back down to her ankles.

After I want to her ankle she asked me to do her back. She pointed at her shoulders and as I walked closer to her I was afraid she will see my erection. So I decided to sit on her back and give her a back massage.

Although I was wearing shorts my dick was literally sitting on top of her ass.
I kept rubbing her back and without hesitation she untied her bra and her bikini bottom. I began rubbing lotion on her back and slowly worked my way to her ass. The closer I got the moans got louder and louder.

Before I could get to her ass she asked me if I would be comfortable taking my shorts and boxers off. She said it was beginning to itch. With my heart pounding I complied and was excited of what could happen next. Again with a giant erection I placed my dick right on top of her asscrack.

I continue to rub and everytime I went to reach for her shoulders my dick grinded hard between her ass. I would then rub her shoulders down to her lower back. I would repeat this over and over and my dick continues to rub between her ass. Her phone rang and scared the shit out of me. She picked up the phone and it was Mr Smith. He was just calling to let her know that he will be back in 5 minutes. The shop was too busy and he will just get an oil change next week.

Afraid of being caught I stood up and began putting my boxers and shorts on. Mrs Smith immediately grabbed me and pushed me down to the reclined lawn chair. She looked at me and said you are not getting away that easy. With one quick tug she pulled my shorts off and hovered on top of me. She lowered her self and said we have three minutes so cum fast or we are getting caught.

She began riding my cock and her beautiful tits flopping around infront of me. She was screaming and this got me nervous of being caught not only by her husband but her neighbors. Finally I just said fuck it and wanted to enjoy this moment. I stood up and dropped her on all fours.

I took my dick and just kept ramming the shit out of her. She can scream all she wants but I am fucking this beautiful woman. I began to go all the way out of her pussy and just ram her hard. Within seconds she collapsed on the grass and began to shake. I knew she was having an orgasm but I was not done yet so I whispered in her ear you are not getting away that easy. While on top of her I just kept pounding away and next thing I knew my dick unloaded the most load I have ever had. I came and came and came.

Before I could take a breather I heard Mr Smith's car pull into the garage. Mrs. Smith pushed me off and took her bikini and ran upstairs. I put my shorts on and grabbed my boxers and stuffed them in my pocket. Still with a half boner I crouched down and pretended I was cleaning up the mower. Mr Smith walked up next to me and asked if everything was alright I told him it was just jammed and it is not a big deal.

Before he can give me the money I told him I am not taking anything until I finish the job. He smiled and looked me in the eye and said you are a good k**. No wonder Mrs Smith was so adamant about hiring you.

I finished the job and said my goodbyes to Mr and Mrs Smith. Mrs Smith got up and said she will e****t me out. When we got outside she gave me an address and said call her she has a job for you. She gave me a final kiss as she grabbed my cock.

She then reached for my pocket to give me a tip for a job well done. Not realizing I have her panty she pulled it out and smiled. Before I could apologize she smiled and took my boxers. Now we are even. She slapped my ass and said Ill see you soon gorgeous.

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DAMN SON.... the thirst is strong with this one
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Wow, great story
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Keep them cumming, love it