Boss with benefit

After long years of school and late nights at work, my time has finally came. I was promoted as a Manager at my department. Although the job was a lot more stressful than I anticipated but the pay was good enough to cover the daily stress. One of my task as a manager was to ensure that we have the right number of employees for the job. BAsed on my calculation we were off by two associates. I broke down the numbers to my boss and showed him that by hiring two more employees the department would save a ton of money on overtime reduction. Ofcourse when he noticed the 50k reduction he had no choice but to allow me to hire 2 more employees.

I sent the information to HR and soon enough I received 3 resumes. Two were right out of college and one was Jessica who appears to have been jumping around from job to job. I decided to interview the two college k**s and having recently graduated I have a soft spot for recent grads. The interviews went well but nothing that excited me. So I put them on my maybe folder.

The next person I interviewed was Jessica. She was a cute milf and gave me a slight hard on as she walked in. Her blouse was white and cut pretty low and wore a pencil skirt with nice heals. The biggest part of the interview I wanted to ask was her work history, which threw a major red flag. She worked retail for 2 years then in manufacturing and worked in banking. She politely answered, I never found my right calling and I hope this might be it for me.

After a few more questions I knew she was worth giving a shot. So I told her we will contact her when we make our decision. Before I can even get up to shake her hand, she looked me in the eye and said that this was her fifth interview this month and they all have said the same thing and none have called her back. She then proceeded to tell me that she came here for a job and is not leaving until she got hired. I told her I loved her spirit but I still have more people to interview this week. She then leaned over which opened up her blouse even more giving me a clear view of her beautiful breasts! I can be persuasive if you have time. Shocked by what I just heard I literally froze. She then stood up walked towards me and hiked her skirt up and sat on my lap. She then gave me this passionate kiss and her tongue swirling inside my mouth.

She then lowered herself and unzipped my pants. She started by licking my head all around and then proceeded to suck my tip. I almost came but the door knocked. It was one of my employees with a question. I told her I am in a meeting and will find her when I am done. Jessica looked at me and smiled. She then bent over my table and slowly pulled her panty down. She turned her head and said how do you want it baby.

I told her to back that ass slowly and ride me reverse slowly. I want to feel every movement. As soon as she lowered herself down, her phone rang. It was her daughter, looking to hear about her interview. I looked at the phone and there was her daughter who was id say was late teens early twenties. Knowing what I was thinking Jessica said her daughter is very obedient and if she gets the job she will make sure she introduces me and winked. We kept fucking slowly and finally I got up and just rammed her doggiestyle. She was creaming so much and drove me insane.

Before I could cum her phone rang again this time it was her husband. I told her to pick it up. I slowly fucked her as she was talking to her husband about the job. It was so exciting listening to her talk to her husband while fucked her.I am not sure if her husband noticed but she was moaning everyother word. I wanted her to ride me before I cum so I lied on my floor and she lowered her self down. Still talking to her husband I told her to put it on speaker so she can put her hands on my chest. While he talked about his day, I was fucking his wife hard. The pace began to speed up and her breathing was getting heavier. As she was about to cum she hung up on her husband and began to shake and came all over me. As her pussy tightened I could not hold it any longer and I came way inside her.

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2 years ago
Really really hot!
2 years ago
Maybe you need to follow this one up...
2 years ago
really rushed nice
2 years ago
Its the right sort of story, although a bit short and the wrong angle. Should it really involve sex for work?
2 years ago
Well did she get the job??