(Real Stories) European Booth Madness

I used to live in Europe and the culture over there is more open to sexuality hence red light district. In one city they had a huge district and had amazing porn stores. I mean state of the art from porn stores with computers just for viewing porn to high tech stores and sex booths equipped with stripper poles and viewing rooms. One of the best stores was a couple hundred feet from the nearest train station. The regular booths were upstairs and on the ground level they had all the dvd's and magazines you would want to see. But the cream of the crop was the gay videos and booths downstairs in the basement.

You walk down the stairs and you are hit with so much gay porn videos, magazines and dildos. But the video booths were more upscale and you had to pay to go into. I had been down there enough to grow curious every other weekend of all the madness that went on down there so one day I decided lets go see. I paid the $euros to go in and when you walk in you have to go down some more stairs. The entire place looks like a nightclub with bright neon lights but still dark enough to have fun. They had a couch to the immediate right where guys were sitting and groping each other.Now, I'm a young black guy in great shape walking through this lust filled room so I am looking at guys wishing we could do something together. Than you could walk down a hallway and see the high end porn booths on the right with bright red doors. There were at least 6 of them and they were either filled with guys beating off alone or having group fun. Now towards the end of the hallway were 3 nice booths. Each one had a huge tv playing all the porn you could think of but it was the size of a room with a small couch and chair. The coolest part to all of this was on the outside you had 3 nice sized windows where you could see everything that happened in the room. Nobody was in the first 2 booths but I noticed a small crowd at the last booth. Guys were grabbing their dicks and drooling staring into the booth.

I walk up and the guys move over to let me see and I couldn't believe my eyes. This businessman is undressing and laying his suit on the couch and he is completely naked. And he is horned out of his mind. This guy is sitting in the chair with his legs in the air and he is fingering his asshole. Shit is looking hot and my dick is getting hard. He is so into it that he doesn't notice the guys looking. Now nobody is moving they are all watching and rubbing their bulge. Now the guy see's us all watching and he starts moaning and fingering himself deeper and harder. This guy wants the dick bad. Now my dick is rock hard and I am just playing with the condoms in my pocket. I decide,"fuck this, I'm going to hit this ass". So, I grab the door to see if it's locked, it wasn't (basically means here is your invite). The guys sitting around me are looking in amazement but they aren't moving cause they anticipate a show about to begin. So, I walk through the door and the guy sits up out of the chair and looks happily horny. He runs over to me caressing my hard dick in my pants and he drops to his knees patiently waiting. So i whip out my dick and he starts sucking me off so intense and jacks his dick. He is moaning loud as hell as if this is the last dick on this earth.

I reach down and grab my condom and he jumps up and waits for me to put my condom on. I slide my condom on and sit on the chair and he runs to the front of me and sits on my dick. He was more eager than his ass was cause halfway on my dick he has to stop to brace my dick. The guys outside are smiling and rubbing their dicks so hard. Now this guy is riding my dick reverse cowgirl facing the big tv with gay porn on. Once he finally relaxes he is sliding up and down so I grab his hair and jerk it back to me with his ears next to my mouth and I tell him,"fuck that dick". Now I don't know if he knows english but he lets out a bitch moan and starts jumping faster on my dick just riding and moaning. Than I stand him up and grab him by his hair and we go behind the chair and he automatically assumes the position with his chest over the chair and his ass perked up for some standing doggystyle. I slide my dick in his ass and start pounding away and I'm pounding hard. I notice his shoulders are dipping low looking like he is about to cum. So I keep slamming him harder than he bust a nut so hard he fell over and nutted on the floor panting heavily and he looks at me and says,"sorry". So I pull my condom off and grab a tissue and finish in the kleenex and pull up my pants and walk out as he cleans up. As I'm walking out the guys are just smiling at me with a look like they wish they were next.
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6 months ago
well thatwas so erotic and so hot made me cum all over myself
7 months ago
Thanks,plenty more where that came from
7 months ago
awesome story very hot i love it