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I had seen enough porn for years (gay,straight,lesbian). I actually enjoyed beating off more than wanting actual sex. A few cities from where I lived there was a porn store which was one of the biggest in the area. I never really went in there but I saw the traffic going in and out. So my first time going in I saw the video section for the first time. I causally walked over and saw the list of dvd's on the wall but could hear the grunts, groans and moans of guys fooling around with each other. I was intrigued but nervous as a guy whispered to for me to come over so I walked back to the video section and browsed all the porn. So I decided to buy a video and went home to beat off.

After beating off more and more I started to crave the real thing plus my curiosity grew more and more by the day. So one night while I was driving around I decided to drive by the store and see what the traffic looked like. The place had a few cars so I went to the backside and parked and walked in. This time I was going to browse the booth sections more in depth. So I bought some lube to use to beat off in the booth. I went back to the first area I saw the last time and it was too cold and the smell was horrible so I went to the other side of the store and sat in those booths which were nicer. I picked a nice booth and started watching the movies and my dick grew so fast. I was hornier than ever and I would see guys come by but I was still nervous so I would wave them off. One guy stayed persistent by coming by every 5 minutes telling me,"I want you to fuck me". So I said,"ok, later not right now". I am a young black male with a high sex drive so I could beat 4-5 times a day. So after touching my dick it gets a little boring. One guy comes up and see's me jackin off and he reaches in and strokes me slowly while looking around. The feeling was so intense and this just made me want to fuck but he walked away briefly. So after beating off in random booths I was ready to commit to fucking. As I walk past the videos I see the guy who wants me to fuck. He was a short hispanic guy, a lil overweight but not bad. He whispers for me to come over so I go back to the cold booth with nobody else around. He puts $5 in the booth and turns into a power bottom. He pushes me back against the wall and starts rubbing on my chest and whispers,"I want your black dick in me now". He then pulls my pants down and starts taking my dick all inside of his mouth just sucking away and making me hard as a rock. Well when he does this I start to try to reach for the condom in my pocket but he jumps up and turns around and throws his raw ass on my dick. He is grabbing his ankles and slamming his ass on my dick fast and he's screaming fuck me, fuck me. I'm not even touching him, my hands are over my head and he starts jackin his dick and says,"I want us to cum at the same time,let me know when you cum I wanna taste it". Soon as he hears me let out a big moan he jumps off and throws my dick in his mouth and he swallows all my cum as I'm just twitching. And as soon as he takes the last drop of cum he throws his pants on and leaves.

I pull my pants up feeling exhausted. I go to the bathroom to clean up and hop into my car driving home thinking what the hell just happened?
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