How my wife got pregnant

Hello again for those who know me, been asked to write again about our sex life so this one seems fitting! The ones who do know us know we have a very open relationship (I even first met my wife while she was getting fucked by several men at a party) and many partners. Anyway some months ago we started talking about getting pregnant and i told her how turned on I would be if we didn't know who the actual father was, in fact it would be amazing if the father was a black guy. That way it would be obvious to everyone that my wife slept around and was a slut. To my delight she agreed, so we decided that anyone she was with (including myself) would wear a condom unless they were black. Well she has a few regular guys who visit often and two of them are black, we told them all what we were planning and everyone was happy to go along with it. The two black guys even said they could probably get friend of there's to help out!

So that's just what we did, we still had our normal routine with meeting guys but only black guys were allowed to fucked her bareback. She did still let other guys fuck her up the arse bareback but cant get pregnant that way right lol. She came off the pill right away and it took several months to get pregnant but now she is and I just cant wait. Anyway you what more than that don't ya.

I don't think we can narrow it down to the exact date and sex session but i'll let you know of one time in particular that is around the right time frame. It was a Friday night and Lee (one of her regular black guys) was coming over and told us he was going to bring two friends with him, of course we were over the moon. I think at this point I better tell you about my wife for those who haven't read our stories or seen our profile, she isn't pretty lol. im not being nasty, she just isn't. she is happy in the fact that she is a fat ugly woman, this has never stopped her having a very full sex life. She found out early on that it doesn't matter what you look like, if your a dirty nasty slut that will do pretty much any sexual act then guys will be interested. Believe me when I say it wasn't her looks that attracted me but the fact that she was such a slut, I love her to bits but a looker she isn't.

So Lee and his two mates turned up and she was ready for action in her stockings, suspenders and high heels. There really wasn't much of the introduction as everyone knew why they were there so Lee got his huge cock out right away and pushed my wife down to her knees and told her to start sucking. One of the other guys said 'Fuck me, the fat bitch really is as nasty as you said' high fiving each other. With that they too got there cocks out, to which see was very pleased to see were as thick and long as Lee's. She moved round to take one cock in her mouth and the other two in each hand. God I love seeing my wife being such a slut, especially for hung black guys! I had my own cock out and I was wanking, I was trying to go slow because I didn't want to cum too soon but it was hard work.

The guys were talking to each other as my wife went from one cock to the other sucking then wanking, saying things like 'Boy can this bitch suck cock' and 'Im really going to plough that ass'. I was loving it and it was very clear that my wife was also, she came up for breath and shouted 'one of you get your cock in my pussy for fuck sake!'. One of the new guy said he would go first so she got her bum on the sofa and lifted her legs up to let him get a full view. 'Damn your an ugly bitch but pussy is pussy' and one of the guys got on his knees and rammed his huge black cock right into my wife, she let out a loud scream but he just started pumping away at her. she was moaning and groaning like crazy, her breathing was very fast and laboured. lee and the other guy sat either side of her and played with her big saggy tits while there mate fucked her for all he was worth, the pinched and pulled her nipples. She hadn't been fucked like this for a while and she was loving every minute. She was making so much noise lee sais to his mate 'Put your cock in her mouth and shut her up for fuck sake!' so he stood up on the sofa with his cock and balls hanging down into my wife's face, with one hand he grabbed the hair at the back of her head and pushed his cock into her open mouth, she was gagging but he was not going to let her take it out. She looked gorgeous with her legs spread wide, a cock in her cunt and another face fucking her.

She was still making a lot of noise and her mouth was dribbling like crazy but she never used her hands to push them away, she just took whatever they wanted to give her, like I said before she is an amazing woman and a total slut. The guy in her pussy said he was going to cum, Lee said 'Fill that pussy, this bitch wants a black baby' so that's just what he did, he pumped his cum as far into my wife's pussy as he could. Once his balls were empty its high fived lee and said 'Who's next' The guy in her mouth said 'Im going to cum soon so I better fuck the slut'. He climbed down and got between her legs, before he shoved his cock into her I could see cum dribbling out of her cunt, mmmmm what a site. So now the second guy was fucking her and the moaning started again. To my surprise and joy the guy who had just fucked her looked at me and said 'So are you going to lick my cock clean after fucking the fat bitch or what' I was down on my knees in a second flat, sucking and licking his cock clean. A dream come true and a totally surprise, Lee never lets me near him but this guy was happy to let me clean his cum and my wife's juice of his cock.

By now the other guy was cumming in my wife's well fucked cunt while being cheered on my lee. My wife was in complete heaven, I could tell by the look on her face! Then he emptied this load along side his mates and before he even took his cock out cum was dribbling out of her cunt and along the side of his cock. I was hoping for a second cleaning job but this guys wasn't having it. Now it was lee's turn on my wife. He flipped her over so he could do her doggy style saying 'Fuck me that cunt's so loose I better fuck that ass first' My wife braced as her rubbed some cum juice on her arse hole and then he push his cock in. I thought she had been noisy before but with this huge black cock pushing into her arse she was screaming the place down. If the neighbours didn't know what we were like im sure they would of called the police lol

Lee only managed to fuck her arse for a few minutes before saying he was going to cum, he pulled out of her arse and shoved his cock into her pussy with ease. He pumped her for a bit and her cunt was making fart noises as her did. Then I was time for him to empty his balls into her gapping and very well fucked pussy. He pulled out and looked down at my wives used body saying 'I told you she was a good fuck didn't I lads' and they all agreed while getting dressed and leaving. My wife couldn't move for about half and hour after that and I was thinking I had never been more in love with her then I was right then. So that's the time I think she got pregnant, plz comment or even add us to friends list x
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Damn I wish I could have participated good story