Chess And A Black Stud

We'd been married about a year and a half. I knew Chess was hot for black dick (she'd gotten knocked up by a much older black man when she was 16.) But in the time we'd been married, there'd been no black lovers. We'd swung a couple of times with white couples but for the most part it was just Chess and I. Our sex life was great, her f****y was happy she'd married a white man and at night in our bedroom all was well.
When we fantasized we talked about her being used by a group of blacks, sometimes ****d, sometimes a nasty black stud who used her and passed her around to his friends. It made us both hot and little did I know our fantasy was closer than I would have thought.

A few months later we found ourselves in Las Vegas. I was looking for work and Chess was dancing at a little club called the Shadow Box. Money was lean and it seemed like I couldn't buy a job. To this point in the story, I've tried to explain things in a quick manner to catch you up to what really happened. I should tell you that most of the girls dancing at the Shadow Box fucked for money. I refused to let Chess do the same. Net result was she made about $40.00 a shift while they made about $300.00.

When I came to pick her up one night she told me she'd had enough and had made plans to meet with a regular customer who'd promised her $700.00 dollars if she'd fuck his friend then suck him off. He'd agreed to me being there watching but he'd call all the shots. I could tell she meant to do it, so at 10.00 I took her to Ray's place.

Ray was a white guy maybe 50. I've got to admit he was a great host and a real nice guy. He explained that Vince (the stud to fuck Chess) would be there by 11:00. Things were going well then Vince showed up. I knew he was supposed to be well endowed but no-one said anything about him being black. My god was he black! 6-4 maybe 6-6 and he was black as night. When he saw Chess his hands were all over her, I watched their first kiss and saw her take tongue. She seemed to melt at his touch.

Ray had his cock out and was talking to me. "Your slut has a good time ahead of her," he said. "They always get off with Vince."

Things were going too fast for me. After all, this was the first time I'd seen Chess with a black stud. I was turned on, jealous, and wired out all at the same time. Chess was clawing at his pants and I saw an enormous lump in the front of his boxers. Ray was telling me, "Oh shit, he likes her. Watch what he does to her!"

Vince's pants slid down his legs and he stepped out of them. His own hand had been busy working off Chessie's top and skirt. Her tiny white hand found its way into the front slit of his boxers and I thought I saw her jump at the touch of his black manhood. Vince had begun kneading her large white tits and I found myself looking at the size of his hands. Her dark nipples were swelling between his black fingers and as he bent forward to kiss her deeply I realized what was about to happen. Part of me was ready to tell her to get her shit cause we were leaving and another part of me knew she was right and we did need the money. Another part wondered if she'd even go with me if I told her to. And lastly way deep down inside me I knew I wanted to see it. His hot black cock in my wife's pussy, working deeper and deeper into her.

My own cock was betraying me as I felt it begin to grow. When he slid his boxers down it was a done deal. Chess moaned when she saw it then began nursing on the lumpy black foreskin that covered a swelling cockhead. I sat back alongside Ray who was jacking his own dick for all he was worth.

Vince's cock was black as midnight and looked to be 10 maybe 12 inches long semi hard. It was fat and shaped like a club. Chess was now working the foreskin back and I saw a pink tip slip out. His cock was swelling and growing in her hands and mouth and his balls looked swollen and bloated. They were low hangers and really large. Vince pulled away from Chess and slid between her thighs. As he began rubbing his cock head on her slippery pussy lips he looked deeply into her eyes. It was then I saw how lost she was, her eyes were glassed over with lust and she began begging Vince for it.

The head of his big black pussywrecker was against her hole. He pushed forward and slipped the head in. He really didn't pull back out just stopped pushing for a second then pushed another inch or so in. Chess was beside herself bucking and fucking towards him trying to get more cock inside. She was moaning and groaning and begging for it when Vince began to pull out and slam back into her. 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, he was begining to pound his cock into her! The first few strokes went slow but went faster as her pussy creamed around her ebony invader. Vince was down on her whispering things in her ear as he did his best to bust her white cunt wide open! She kept saying "I will" and in between moans and groans and little screams begging for more.

Vince had about 3/4 of his cock buried inside Chess when he hit bottom and every thrust made her jump as he drove his cock against her cervix. She seemed to be having a rollercoaster of orgasms one after another. Ray said "it won't be long now, look at his balls." They were tightening and his cock was swelling even bigger. He was close to cumming and it struck me then he wasn't wearing a condom. I've had a vasectomy so Chess doesn't use birth control. Even more, Chess gets pregnant at the drop of a hat. Vince grunted his first wad into her pussy then a third and a fourth at least. HE KEPT POUNDING INTO HER and I saw his balls jump with every spurt. Chess was grinding against him taking it all and as they slumped together in another deep kiss I knew her pussy was milking his black cock for all the cum she could get.

After a few minutes of love play Vince slid his deflating cock from her well worn fuckhole. Ray had straddled her face and she was sucking him off as promised. I looked between her thighs and saw her hole was gaping open. A ropey white stream of sperm was leaking down her ass and puddling under her asscheeks. Ray grabbed the back of her head and began blowing his hot wad down her throat. As Vince dressed, I slid my own cock into her pussy. The lips were swollen and red and I found her to be wet and sloppy inside, hot from another man's cum. A few strokes and I was done.

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Did she get knocked up ,,,,again?