My Neighbor- Final Chapter

Seth told me to follow him to the next room and I did.

"When we go back in there," Seth started, "one of two things are gonna happen. Either you are going to get down on those cock suckin knees of yours for me and all the other guys that want it or when Amanda and Christy get back we are all gonna gang **** that pretty little wife of yours. Now which will it be? We all gang fuck your wife or are you suckin dick?"

I didn't know what to say! I was stunned!

"First off Seth I can't let all those guys know that I did that to you and secondly if you guys try to gang **** my wife I'll just call the police on you." I finally said.

"You think so huh?" Seth questioned, "Well let me ask you a question. Do you want to lose your wife?"

"I don't think that will happen." I stated.

"Well if she finds out that her sweet little hubby is a cocksuckin faggot she just might not want to be around you. Plus since she's already had a taste of a real man's cock instead of that puny little thing you got and the fact that you are a cocksucker just might do the trick." Seth said.

"Even if you told her that I did that she wouldn't believe you. So go ahead and try." I replied defensively.

"I think I could convince her without any problem." Seth replied as he walked back into the room where all the guys were. I followed him in. I thought about leaving but I wanted to be there when Christy got back so I couldn't.

"I've got another tape for you guys to watch." Seth stated as he walked to the VCR and loaded another tape. I guess at that point I didn't have much choice but to let him show the tapes he had of my wife.

On the screen came a scene of me on my knees in front of Seth! My God I didn't even realize that he was taping what I had done to him. One of the guys said, "Holy Shit, looks like Mike is a cocksucker after all!"

On the screen I saw myself look up at Seth and heard him say, "You can suck it if you want. I know you want to. I really don't mind at all and I would never tell anyone you did."

I saw myself on the screen looking at the TV as my hand continued to jerk on Seth's big cock. Then I saw Seth grab his cock and turn my head towards it and say, "Give it a little kiss first just like your wife does!" as he pressed his hard cock against my lips.

I watched in horror as I started to kiss Seth's cock! I realized that all the guys were also watching me do this now. I heard Roy say, "Looks like they are both cocksuckers to me." And then all the other guys laughed.

On the screen I heard Seth say, "Now lick it a little bit!" and I watched myself stick my tongue out and start to lick his cock! Then I watched as I slowly opened my mouth and Seth pushed it in!

The guys all knew it now! I was a cock sucker!

Seth walked over to me with his cock still sticking out of his pants and said, "Think I can convince her now?" He had me! If Christy saw this tape my marriage would be over for sure.

I slowly sank to my knees before him, knowing now that I had to do this, I had to suck his cock!

I reached up and grabbed his cock with my hand and then I heard him command, "Kiss it and lick it first. You need to show my cock some proper respect for what it has done for you!" The guys all started to laugh and say things like, "He's gonna do it! The little faggot is gonna suck Seth's cock! He's gonna suck my cock next!"

I slowly started to kiss and lick Seth's cock as he rubbed it all over my face.

Then he finally commanded, "Now open up wide and show these guys that you can suck dick as good as your wife!" I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in!

The guys all hooted and hollered as I started to suck his cock.

"That's a good boy, Suck that cock!" Seth started as he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth, "Make that cock feel good just like you have before, just like your sweet little cunt does with her mouth and pussy!"

Soon I noticed that Sam was standing next to Seth with his cock out stroking it. "I'm next in that little cocksucker's mouth!" he stated. "I can't wait to cum down his throat!"

"Be my guest!" Seth said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Sam immediately stepped in front of me and said, "Suck it faggot! Suck it good!" and I took his cock in my hand and put it in my mouth and started to suck it.

"Does the little faggot like to get fucked too?" I heard Roy ask, "I'd like to at least fuck him since his slutty wife isn't here!"

"I've never fucked the little faggot before but I'm sure he'd like it if you want to do it to him." Seth stated.

"MY GOD!" I thought to myself, "These guys are thinking about fucking me, fucking me up the ass like some girl! I didn't want that to happen, I couldn't let that happen!"

Sam looked down at me and said, "Get up faggot and get your clothes off. I wanta see your little ass. I wanta see if its worth fuckin!"

I started to hesitate as he pulled his cock out of my mouth with a pop. Then I heard Seth say, "You know you don't want EVERYBODY to see this tape now do you? So you better do what you are told! And take them all off cocksucker!"

I slowly got up and started to take my clothes off. Soon I was naked and for that matter so were all the other guys.

"I thought of it first." Roy stated, "So I get to fuck him first." And with that the guys all started to grab my ass and say what a nice ass I had and that they all couldn't wait until it was their turn.

"You got any fuckin lube Seth?" Roy asked. Seth said that he did and went to get it.

"Lean face down over the arm of that couch boy!" Roy commanded as I slowly obeyed. Sam then moved so that my face was even with his cock and said, "Suck it cocksucker!" and I took his cock in my mouth.

Then I felt something wet being put on my asshole and I knew that it was coming. I was going to be fucked up the ass and I couldn't stop it. I heard someone say, "My God the little faggot is going to let Roy fuck him!"

Soon I felt Roy's cock start to push against my asshole. He pushed a little harder and the head of his cock went into my ass as I continued to suck Sam! It hurt, it hurt like hell but I didn't move. Slowly but surely I felt his cock sink deeper and deeper into my ass until I finally felt the hair of his cock make contact with my ass. Then I knew he was all the way in me! Another guy had his cock up my ass!

Roy started to slowly move his hard cock in and out of my ass, fucking me just like I was some girl! I continued to suck on Sam's cock as the pain in my ass started to go away.

Roy grabbed my hips and started to fuck me harder and faster as all the guys cheered him on!

"Take it you fuckin little faggot! Take some cock just like your sweet little wife does!" Roy hollered out.

Then at about the same time I felt Roy's cock shoot up my ass and Sam came in my mouth. They both moved and were replaced by two others. Harry moved under me and I took his cock in my mouth. Seth, with that monster cock of his, moved behind me to take Roy's place. I was scared...I didn't see how his cock, as big as it was, would ever go up my asshole.

"Holy Shit Seth!", one of the guys said, "You don't think that cock of yours will ever go up his ass do you?"

"No problem." Seth responded, "It went up his wife's ass just fine the other day so I'm sure her cocksuckin husband can take it also!"

My mind was whirling..."Christy let Seth fuck her up the ass? That was hard to believe!"

Seth stopped and said, "Let me show you." He moved from behind me and inserted another tape into the VCR. On the screen was Christy, laying over the couch in the same position I was now in.

Just then Harry's cock exploded in my mouth as we all watched the TV. "Seth," Christy said, "I don't think I can do this. Won't it hurt?"

"If it does it will only be for a few seconds. Amanda takes it up the ass all the time so I not only know it fits but also how to do it the right way."

We could all see Christy's face as he got between her legs. She looked scared. Just then Seth got back between my legs also as Harry got up.

"I'm gonna fuck you up the ass just the same way I fucked your slutty little wife's ass! And we are all gonna watch her take it at the same time that you do." Seth said to me.

On the screen Seth grabbed my wife's ass cheeks as he slowly moved his cock toward her asshole. At the same time he was doing it to me also.

On the screen Seth said, "Here is comes girl. I'm gonna just stick the head of my cock in there first. Then slowly move the rest of it in. Relax your asshole, it will make it all better."

On the screen I saw Christy's face screw up as the head of Seth's cock went into her virgin ass. At the same time I felt the head of his cock go into mine.

Seth was doing to me live exactly what he had done to Christy The things he said on the TV to her was exactly what he was doing to me.

"Relax your asshole Christy." Seth said as he slowly slid his cock up her ass and mine.

"MY GOD IT HURTS TO MUCH TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT PLEASE!" Christy screamed as she struggled to get up.

"Can't do that Christy." Seth said, "You are going to learn to take it. Your husband wanted me to teach you how to suck cock and take it up the ass and you are gonna learn for sure!""

Christy again screamed out, "IT HURTS, PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!"

"Shut the fuck up and take it you fuckin married bitch!" Seth hollered back at her.

Christy was crying now as Seth's cock went deeper and deeper into her once virgin asshole! Then he was not only all the way inside of my wife, but in me also!

He grabbed both of our hips and started to fuck us. It was hurting me also but I assumed that Roy's cock had loosened me up some.

After a minute the pain in my ass went away and I noticed that Christy also had stopped struggling. In fact Seth fucking me started to actually feel good.

"You like that cock up your little ass now"? Seth asked Christy on the screen. She didn't answer.

"Do you like that big hard cock up your ass now slut?" Seth again asked.

"YES!" Christy hollered, "YES I LIKE IT!"

"I told you that you would you fucking whore! Now I gonna fuck your ass good and hard!" Seth stated as he started to fuck Christy's ass and mine harder.

"MY GOD YES!" Christy hollered out as Seth started to fuck her ass harder, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME UP MY ASS! FUCK ME HARDER!" She started to holler and moan as Seth continued to fuck her once virgin asshole!

I realized that Seth was also now fucking me harder and faster and that it was really starting to feel good!

"How's it feel boy?" Seth asked me, "How does it feel to get fucked by a real man?" But I didn't answer him as he continued to fuck my ass harder.

Seth shoved his cock into my ass as deep as it would go and then he grabbed my hair and pulled back my head and said, "I asked you a question faggot! How does it feel to be fucked by a real man?"

"Good." Was all that I could say.

"You like dick up your little faggot ass?" Seth questioned.

"Yes," I replied, "I like it!"

"You want me to fuck you some more? You want some of the other guys here to fuck you also?" He asked.

I wanted it! I wanted to be fucked by all the guys! I wanted to suck all their cocks! I wanted them all to use my ass and mouth!

"I asked you a fuckin question faggot, now answer me!" Seth stated.


I heard some of the guys laughing and calling me a queer, faggot and sissy boy as Seth started to fuck me hard up my asshole!

"You ain't a fuckin man anymore! Now you are just a little sissy boy, a little pussy boy for real men to fuck just like your fuckin wife! A fuckin whore for hard cock!"

Soon Seth hollered and I felt his cum gush into my ass! He slowly pulled out and I heard myself say, "Someone please fuck me! I need more cock!"

One of the guys got behind me and shoved his hard cock up my ass and started to fuck me. Another guy shoved his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my face.

Whoever was fucking me fucked me hard and the guy with his cock in my mouth was doing the same and kept saying, "SUCK THAT DICK YOU FUCKIN COCKSUCKIN FAGGOT!"

Then the guy whose cock I was sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to jerk on it. Then I heard him say, "TAKE IT YOU FUCKIN FAGGOT!" and his cock started to shot it's cum all over my face.

The guy fucking me pulled his cock out also and then he came around in front of me and said, "TAKE MINE TO COCKSUCKER!" and also shot his cum on my face as I heard some of the guys laughing and another cock go up my asshole!

I just laid there as all the guys continued to fuck me until it was finally over.

"You better get cleaned up and dressed pretty boy. Your wife will be here soon." Seth said.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower and got dressed. When I came out Christy and Amanda were both there but all the other guys were gone.

Christy was sitting on the couch with her eyes shut and her legs wide open. I noticed right away that her panties were gone and her naked cunt was showing.

I tried to wake her up but it wasn't working.

"Go home little buddy." Seth said, "We'll take good care of her won't we Amanda?"

"We sure will!" Amanda said with a smile.

I got dressed and reluctantly went home.
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2 years ago
Excellent writing man. HOT.
2 years ago
Great series, I really enjoyed them.