My Neighbor-Chapter 5

The next morning I went to the gym, but this time I didn't hesitate at all. I wanted to see Seth! I hoped that he would let me suck his beautiful hard cock again!

Seth's car was already there and I changed and went to the work out area. Seth was working out with another guy over in a corner, the one that tried to get me into the sauna the day before. He waved me over.

"Hey Mike," Seth started, "What happened yesterday?"

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"I set it up with Mark here so that you could give him some of your special service but he says that you didn't. What gives?" Seth replied.

"My God!" I thought to myself, "He told this guy that I had sucked his cock and this guy was expecting the same!"

"This is a little new to me Seth." I responded.

"I know that but remember that video of you wife when she was blind folded? Mark here was one of the other guys. He wants to help you both out just like I do. Now lets all go down to the sauna and finish this off." Seth said as he and Mark turned and headed to the sauna.

My mind was whirling! They expected me to go down to the sauna right now and suck both of their cocks!

For some reason, I can't explain, I started to follow them. Knowing that I would be sucking their cocks in just a minute. And I knew that I wanted to! My mind kept picturing me on my knees with Seth's big hard cock going in and out of my mouth.

They were both already in the sauna when I got there and they both were already naked, laughing and stroking their cocks as I walked in.

"Go ahead, get down on your knees and show Mark here what you can do!" Seth said as he walked up to me.

"It's just not that easy Seth, you are the only guy I've ever done this with. I'm not sure I want to do this anymore." I replied.

Seth grabbed my hand and put it on his hard cock saying, "Hey look man, your wife sucks dick and you suck dick. Your wife has already suck mine and Mark's and you've already sucked mine also. I could tell when you were sucking my cock that you really got in to it, that you really liked it. Now, just get down there on your cocksucking knees and lets get started."

He was right, I WANTED TO SUCK DICK! I slowly sank to my knees. As I did I also pulled my pants down.

"What did I tell ya Mark, the boy is a cocksucker just like his pretty little cocksuckin wife." Seth said as I slowly opened my mouth and he guided his hard cock in.

"That's a pretty boy!" Seth said, "Suck that cock! Make that cock feel good with your little pretty boy mouth!"

"A fuckin pretty boy cocksucker here in the gym again." Mark said, "It's been to long since we've had one of those. This is great! Now we have someone to suck dick when our wives don't put out in the mornings. Does the pretty boy fuck also?"

"Not yet." Seth replied as he held the sides of head and started to fuck my mouth a little harder, "But he will soon. He's got a nice ass! Have you noticed in the showers?"

"Yeah I've noticed that he had a cute little bubble butt. I can't wait to get into that." Mark said as he knelt down beside me and started to squeeze my ass.

He got close to my ear and said, "Soon I'm gonna be fuckin that little ass of yours pretty boy and I'm also going to be fuckin your wife's sweet ass! She needs it! She needs some real man cock in her instead of your little cocksuckin dick!" They then both laughed!

I knew that Christy would never allow someone to put their cock up her asshole, much less fuck her pussy!

"Well get up and get ready for a good blowjob buddy. I swear this cocksucker is better than his wife. I'm getting ready to cum in this cocksuckin mouth of his." Seth said as he pushed the head of his hard cock into my throat and started to cum.

I felt his hot cum start to squirt into my throat and I started to swallow it. I realized then than my cock was hard! It was harder than it had ever been!

Then Seth was done cuming in my mouth and slowly pulled his hard cock out. As he did I KNEW I wanted to suck Mark's cock also. I knew I just wanted another hard cock, anyone's cock! I reached down and started to stroke my cock hard as Mark moved in front of me.

Mark looked down at me and asked, "You wanta suck my cock now pretty boy? You wanta suck it just like your wife did?"

I nodded my head yes. I wanted it and I wanted it bad!

"That's not good enough." Mark said, "Stop playing with your little dicky and tell me that you want it. Tell me that you want to suck a real man's cock!"

"I want to suck your cock! I want to suck a real man's cock!" I replied as I took my hand off mine.

"That's a good boy." Mark said, "Now I want you to take a deep breath of this and hold it in for a second. Then open wide you little cocksucker!"

He placed a little bottle under my nose and I did as I was told. Then he told me to breath it deep again and hold it and I did. I would later learn that it was a thing called poppers.

I opened my mouth wide and Mark slowly pushed his hard cock into my mouth! The second man in my life had his hard cock in my mouth. I was so excited! My head was whirling! I felt like I was d***k or something! I was truly horny! Hotter than I had ever been in my life!

I wanted his hard cock as deep in my mouth as it would go! I reached around, grabbed his ass and tried to pull it deeper into my mouth. My cock sucking mouth!

"Damn!" Mark said, "He's a horny little cocksuckin faggot isn't he?" As both he and Seth laughed.

I continued to bob my head back and forth on Mark's big hard cock and then I felt it! I was cuming and I wasn't even touching my cock!

Soon Mark said, "Drink it up cocksucker!" as he erupted in the back of my throat and I swallowed his load!

Mark started to pull his cock out of my mouth and I tried hard to keep it in. I wanted to suck more cock!

"That's enough for now you horny cocksucker. I gotta go to work. But you can have some more every morning!" Mark replied as he pushed my head back and took his cock out of my mouth.

They both walked out of the sauna laughing.

I pulled my pants up and went out and got dressed and left for work. I thought on the way to work that I was now a cocksucker! I loved cock and wanted all the cock I could get!

At work I started to watch not only the women, but I was also looking at the other men's crotches, wondering how big they were…wondering if they also let other men give them blowjobs.
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