My Neighbor-Chapter 3

The next day was uneventful, but the following evening Amanda and Christy again went out.

Seth called me as soon as they left and said, "Come on over Mike. I want to show you some of the other video's of your wife." I wanted to see them so I agreed.

When I got to Seth's place we again went into the f****y Room and went over to where he keeps his video tapes. He pulled out the tape marked "Christy #2". Seth loaded it up and turned on the TV. We sat down on the sofa and Seth said, "Just wait to you see this one buddy."

I watched as on the screen I saw my wife Christy already down on her knees. However this time she didn't have a top on! Her cute naked tits were sticking out in full view of Seth and Amanda and she was looking up at Seth who was standing in front of her. Amanda was kneeling behind her.

"Pull my zipper down Christy and take my cock out!" Seth ordered.

I watched as my wife slowly reached up and started to pull Seth's zipper down. Then she dropped her hands to her sides.

"Come on sweetheart," Seth said to my wife, "Reach in and take my cock out."

I watched as Christy slowly reached into Seth's pants and finally pulled out his cock.

Christy gasped as it came into view as if she had never seen it before. But I had to admit it looked even bigger than I had remembered.

Just then Amanda grabbed both of Christy's hands and pulled them behind her back and put handcuff's on her.

Christy started to struggle and said, "What the hell is going on! Take them off Amanda!"

"Now Christy," Seth said, "You are the one that wanted to become a good cocksucker and good cocksuckers know how to suck dick without using their hands. And they also know how to do it in the dark, without being able to see."

With that Amanda put a blindfold over my wife's eyes. Christy struggled a little again but stopped.

Then Amanda moved around and grabbed Seth's now hard cock.

"Now open your little mouth cocksucker!" Amanda said.

Christy slowly opened her mouth as Amanda guided Seth's cock in. Then Seth grabbed both sides of Christy's head and started to slowly fuck her mouth!

Seth then got up off the couch next to me and stood beside where I was sitting. I looked up at him and he smiled and pointed to the floor.

I knew what he wanted and I, for some reason, wanted to jerk off his cock again. I slowly sank to my knees in front of him.

"Take it out little buddy. Take that cock out just like your wife did!"

I reached up and pulled down his zipper. Then I put my hand in his pants and grabbed a hold of his cock and slowly pulled it out.

Seth unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor as I started to jerk his cock off with one hand and play with his balls with the other one.

"That's it little buddy." Seth said, "You and your wife both know how to make ole Seth's cock feel good. Jerk on it while we watch your wife suck my cock!"

"Seth," I stated, "Please don't cum on me again, ok?" I noted.

"I won't cum on you if you don't want me to." He replied.

I kept glancing between my wife sucking Seth's cock on the screen and at Seth's cock in my hand. But I must admit that I was paying more attention to what I had in my hands than what was on the screen.

Then Seth said, "You need to watch the tape for a minute. There is a big surprise on there for you."

As I watched I noticed that Seth pulled his cock out of Christy's mouth. She looked so HOT kneeling there with her tittys hanging out, her blindfold and her mouth wide open.

"Do you want some more cock to suck Christy?" Seth asked her.

"Yes." Was all Christy relied.

"That's not good enough. If you really want it then make it sound like you do." Seth stated.

"My God," Christy replied, "Please give me some more hard cock to suck!"

"Are you going to suck it good my little cocksucker?" Seth asked.

"YES! I'll suck it good!" Christy replied.

"What are you Christy? What have you become?" Seth asked.

"I've become a cocksucker, your cocksucker!" Christy replied.

I was stunned to here the words come out of my wife's mouth. She very rarely said anything about anything sexual.

"And you're gonna suck cock as much as I want you to aren't you?" Seth asked.

"Yes," Christy replied, "I'll suck cock as much as you want me too. I'll always be your little cocksucker!"

"That's a good little cocksucker!" Seth stated, "Now, open up that slutty little cocksucking mouth of your so you can suck some more cock!"

Christy obediently opened her mouth wide.

Then I got a total surprise! Another guy walked into the picture and slowly slid his big hard cock, which was as big as Seth's, into Christy's mouth!

"My God!" I stated, "What's going on? Who is that? Whose cock is Christy sucking? Does she know she is sucking someone else's cock?"

"She didn't know it then." Seth replied, "But she soon found out. Now start jerking my cock off some more while your wife sucks off the second dick of her new cocksucking life."

I started to slowly jerk Seth's cock off as on the TV I watched as this stranger grabbed my wife's head and started to slowly fuck her mouth with his cock.

I watched as this new guy finally came, shooting his cum in my wife's mouth. Then another guy appeared, put his cock in my wife's mouth and also started to fuck her face.

I looked up at Seth and he smiled down at me and said, "Just think, all three of us guys have fucked your wife's mouth. All three of us have also cum in her mouth. Then when she came home to you at night, you kissed her. That's almost the same as if you sucked all three cocks yourself."

My mind was whirling as what he said sunk into my mind. I remember one night as Christy and I french kissed that her mouth tasted different. I wondered if that was the night that this had happened.

I looked up at Seth and he smiled and said, "You can suck it if you want. I know you want to. I really don't mind at all and I would never tell anyone you did."

I quickly looked back at the TV as I heard my wife moaning as she continued sucking this new guy's cock! She was really getting into it now and seemed to be really enjoying herself.

Seth grabbed his cock and pushed it up against my lips and said, "Give it a little kiss first just like your wife does!"

My mind was whirling! I felt like I wanted to kiss Seth's cock, like I wanted to suck his cock!

I slowly gave his hard cock a couple of kisses, realizing just how hot his cock was.

"Now lick it a little bit!" Seth stated. And I started to lick his cock with my tongue. The whole time all I could smell was his manly oder, my mouth was watering.

"That's it," Seth moaned as his head went back, "Give it a little licking with that nice tongue of yours! Lick it just like your wife does!"

Then after licking Seth's cock for a minute, he grabbed his cock and pushed it up against my lips. I again looked up at him and he smiled, nodded and said, "Go ahead, suck it. Suck it just like your sweet little cocksucking wife does. We'll both enjoy it!"

I looked back at the TV where my wife was really getting into sucking Seth's beautiful cock now! The other guy must have already cum in her mouth and moved away. She was sucking like she was possessed! She was trying hard to use her hands but couldn't. As I looked at the TV I slowly opened my mouth a little, resigning myself to the fact that I wanted to suck Seth's cock just like my wife had.

Seth saw his opening and took it! He pushed his hard cock into my mouth and moaned saying, "YEAH! THAT'S IT! SUCK IT FOR ME!"

My mind was whirling! I was on my knees sucking another man's hard cock! I couldn't believe I was doing this!

Seth grabbed the sides of my head and started to slowly pump his hard cock into my mouth. My mouth watered at the smell of his maleness! I wanted this! I wanted to suck his cock!

"Suck that big hard cock you little cocksucker!" Seth said at almost the same time as he said it to my wife on the TV. I was going crazy! I was sucking the same cock that my wife was sucking!

I grabbed Seth's ass and tried my best to pull his hard cock deeper into my sucking mouth. It hit the back of my throat and I gagged.

"You'll get use to that soon and stop gagging…just like your wife has when she sucks it!" Seth said.


I was soon rewarded for my efforts as Seth said, "That's it you little cocksucker, now drink up my cum! Drink down Seth's cum just like your sweet little cocksucking wife does!"

And for the first time I felt another man shoot his hot, sticky, juicy cum in my mouth and I swallowed it greedily. I loved it, I loved the taste of his cum. I LOVED SUCKING COCK!

I sat back up on the sofa as Seth put his cock back in his pants and sat down beside me. I wanted more! I wanted to suck his big hard cock some more.

And he must have read my mind because he put his hand on my knee and said, "Don't worry little buddy. You'll have plenty of time to suck my cock from now on. In fact I'll set it up so you can have some more guys to suck off now and then. And soon I'll teach you what it's like to have ole Seth's cock up your ass, fucking you! You'll really love that! But right now I need to save some for your wife. I'm sure she'll want to suck my cock when her and Amanda come back."

As I walked home my mind was whirling…I couldn't believe that I had just sucked another man's cock, that I had just let him cum in my mouth!

After I go back home I quickly started to jerked off thinking about Seth's beautiful big hard cock, about my wife sucking it, about me sucking it! I later saw my wife and Amanda going into Amanda's house. It was another hour before she came home. Her face all flushed again. I knew she had sucked Seth's cock again.

We went to our bedroom and again I fucked Christy like there was no tomorrow! We were both going crazy, but when I came inside of her the only thing on my mind was me, down on my knees, sucking Seth's beautiful, huge hard cock!
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