My Neighbor

My name is Mike and this is a story about some new neighbors that moved in two doors down from my wife Christy and I. First off I must confess that my wife Christy is a BEAUTIFUL LADY to say the least. When she walks by EVERY man's head turns just to check her out! It makes me jealous at times but Christy makes up for it by being the most wonderful lover a man could have. When we make love, which is just about whenever I want, Christy really gets into it. She is one noisy, hot lady when it comes to our bedroom activities. Sometimes I worry that the neighbor's will hear her and call the police just from the noise!

However for as great a lover as she is there are two things she won't do, she will not give me a blow job and will not take it up her cute little ass! She has said that she has never done those thing's before and never will!

Anyway, we had these two new neighbor's move in named Seth and Amanda. Christy and I quickly became friends with them. Seth and I even joined a gym together and started meeting there in the mornings before work. We slowly became great friends.

After becoming great friends I shared with Seth about Christy's reluctance to give me head one night while we were in his f****y room. I also confessed to him that I had never had a blowjob in my life. And that is where my story starts.

"Hey Amanda," Seth hollered, "Will you come down here a minute?"

Amanda came down right away. Amanda, by the way, was also a very pretty lady like my wife. I had to wonder why he called her all of a sudden just after my confession.

"Hey Mandy," Seth started, "you will never guess what Mike here just told me." I couldn't believe that he was going to tell his wife what I had just confessed!

"He say's that not only has Christy never given him a blowjob but that he's never had one in his life." Seth stated.

"Awwwwlllllll," Mandy moaned, "That's a shame Mike. I love given Seth a blowjob whenever he wants one. I love sucking my man, feeling his big hard cock pumping in my little mouth!"

I was stunned by just how open both of them were. Plus I was a little embarrassed by Seth telling Mandy such an intimate thing.

"Honey," Seth continued, "Why don't you give Mike here a blowjob so he can see what it's like?"

"If you really want me to I will Seth. You know I'd do anything for my man!" Amanda responded. And with that she walked over in front of me, dropped to her knees and started to unzip my pants.

"HOLY SHIT!" was all I could say as she reached in and pulled out my hardening cock.

Within seconds my cock was in her mouth and she was sucking me just like she was born for it.

"Hold her head Mike," Seth said, "fuck her mouth good and hard. She loves being a cocksucker!"

I grabbed Amanda's head and started to fuck her mouth good and hard as she moaned in pleasure. But it only took a minute and I hollered "I'm cuming!" and had one of the best orgasms of my life! Amanda swallowed every drop of my cum as she looked up at me! Then she took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face.

The next thing I knew Seth had his cock out of his pants, waving it at Amanda.

HE WAS HUGE! And that is an understatement! His cock was easily twice as long and twice as thick as mine! For some reason it even made my mouth water just looking at it!

Amanda quickly crawled over to Seth and took his big hard cock in her mouth and started to suck it!

"That's it you little fuckin cocksucker!" Seth stated, "Suck my hard cock you cocksuckin slut!"

I watched in amazement as Amanda not only sucked her husband's cock, but she actually swallowed the entire thing! Also I couldn't believe the way he was talking to his wife. Christy absolutely hated dirty talk!

"That's it," Seth said, "Let me fuck that tight throat of your's you little cocksucker! I saw you suckin that other man's little cock. Now I gonna give you a good throat fuckin like you deserve you fuckin cheatin whore! Your gonna take all of my hard cock down your fuckin throat!"

Amanda continued greedily sucking Seth's huge cock like she couldn't get enough of it! Before long Seth hollered out, "Drink it up you nasty little cocksucker!" as he apparently unloaded in her throat. Then he slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and put it back into his pants.

Seth looked at me and asked, "Now that there is a great little cocksucker don't ya think?" I had to agree with him.

"Tell ya what." Seth continued, "How about if Amanda here teaches your Christy how to suck dick?"

"I don't think that will happen." I responded.

"Well if you work on her and we work on her I'm sure she will come around." Amanda added, "She just doesn't realize how great it feels to suck a cock but I'm sure we can convince her."

I left after that and during the next week or so I talked with Christy some but to no avail. I also know that her and Amanda were talking a lot.

Then one night Christy told me that she was going shopping with Amanda. Not having much to do after she left I called Seth to see if he wanted to get together while the girls were out. But he told me that he was to busy so I stayed home and watched some TV. Christy didn't get home until 11:30 which was late for her.

The next day at work Amanda gave me a call.

"Hi Mike. Guess what?" she asked.

"Hi Amanda," I responded, "What's up?"

"Christy is coming over tonight and I think I've got her convinced to suck some cock." She replied.

"Great we will both come down." I said.

"If you come down it will spoil it. I think if she watches me sucking Seth's beautiful cock off she just might join in. If you're there I don't think it will happen." She replied.

"But I can't let my wife come down and suck another man's cock!" I stated.

"Why not?" she replied, "You didn't have a problem with me sucking your cock and Seth didn't either."

I finally agreed and hung up.

When Christy got home from work she told me she was going down to Amanda's for a while. I asked her if anything was up and she told me that there wasn't and that they just wanted to talk some and she left.

It was hard sitting there wondering if my wife was actually sucking another man's cock or not. I had visions of my sweet little Christy with Seth's hard cock going in and out of her mouth and throat. I stayed hard the entire evening and Christy didn't come home for 4 hours.

When she got home her face was flushed and I asked her what was wrong. She told me nothing. We went to bed and had some terrific sex! Christy acted like she couldn't get enough of it! I tried to get her to suck my cock but she wouldn't so I assumed Seth and Amanda also had no luck. But I was wrong!

The next day Seth didn't show up at the gym, but while I was at work Amanda called me again.

"Guess what Mike?" she said, "Christy was sucking Seth's hard cock like a pro last night. She sucked that thing longer than I ever have. It was like she couldn't get enough of it or something. She looked so cute down on her knees sucking the first cock of her life and when Seth came the first time she swallowed it all! Then she continued to lick his cock until she got it hard again and took his second load also! She is coming over tonight again she said for some more."

"This time I'm coming with her!" I stated.

"No!" Amanda responded, "If you do you might still mess this all up. Let us give her a few more lessons and then see what happens."

I agreed again and we hung up.

The next morning at the gym I asked Seth about what was going on but he said he didn't want to kiss and tell and that I'd find out as time went on.

For the next two weeks Christy was going over to Seth's and Amanda's every other night or so. When she came back we always had terrific sex! But I was quickly getting jealous that she still wouldn't suck my cock like she apparently was Seth's. Seth also continued to not tell me anything at all at the gym when I questioned him.

Then one night Christy and Amanda did go out shopping and Seth invited me down to watch TV with him. What I heard and saw that night were amazing! Plus I learned things about myself that I never knew!
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