The dream

We made love showered and went to bed I wake up in the early mornin hours and watch you sl**p smiling that I'm beside you I kiss your lips tenderly then lick down to your breast sucking and nibbling on each nipple you moan my name softly still sl**ping thinking your dreaming I move lower my lips kissing down your belly softly stopping to lick around yor belly button kissin softly. Lower gently spreading your legs apart still sl**ping you moan and open up my tongue brushes your clit before moving up and down between the folds of your lips going inside you before moving lower to tease your tight little ass before licking back up and sucking your clit into my mouth running my tongue over it while gently working two fingers in and out of your wet pussy and one in and out of your ass sucking harder movin faster in and out your breathing coming faster and moaning louder you wake up all at once grabbing my head and pushing it into you you explode in orgasm soaking my face and the bed before even realizing it wasn't a dream:*
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