School gym

My school liked to send us on cross country runs in the winter and I hated them.

I was one of the last back to the changing room, but having some time to kill before my bus was due, I decided to take a hot shower to liven myself up. I thought I was the only person left in the changing room and so I sat on the bench that ran around the wall and began to rub my cock and balls through my nylon shorts. It didn't take long before I had a decent hard on and was making a nice bulge in my shorts.

I decided to finish myself off in the shower, so I stripped off and still holding my tool I walked to the shower. As I turned round the corner of the room I saw one of the other guys. He looked up and saw me dick in hand and smiled. He was wearing nothing but his underpants and seemed to have and impressive bulge on show. There was that embarressing moment when neither of us knew what to say and then I blurted out that I was going to the shower. Alex said that he was just about to do the same and then stood up and took down his pants. His dick was hard and his foreskin was back exposing his purple helmet.

He followed me into the shower and I turned the hot water on. My heart was racing, I'd never seen another guy with a hard on, and certainly didn't think I was gay.

I soaped myself and Alex did the same. My dick was still hard and I knew that I had to relieve myself as it felt like my balls were going to explode.

I soaped my dick and nuts and began to rub my shaft. Alex was watching and started to do the same. He then said that perhaps he should wash my back and got some soap and a sponge and began to soap my back. My hard on was throbbing and I could feel Alex's dick nudging my back and bottom as he scrubbed my back. I reached behind me and wrapped my hand round his tool and gently began to wank him off. He then leaned forward and took hold of my tool and started to pull my foreskin backwards and forwards over my aching knob.

I turned round so that we were facing each other and carried on our mutual masturbation until we both exploded. My spunk hit him on the stomach and his landed on the back of my hand and on the floor. Our dicks softened and we stood under the showers and washed the soap and sperm off our bodies.

We went back to the changing room to dry off and as we talked I noticed that Alex was still looking at my tool. He said that he wanted to say something. I said that he should fire away and then he blurted out that he wanted to suck my cock!!

I sat on the bench and Alex knelt in front of me and took my soft tool into his mouth. He gently rubbed my balls and it wasn't long before I had another hard on. My dick is around 6" long but nice and thick.

Alex had his hand between his thighs and was playing with his dick. I told him to lay down on the bench so that I could see his cock. It was very hard and oozing precum. I lent forward and took his salty tasting knob into my mouth. I had never sucked cock before but I was soon exploring it with my tongue and touching his hairy balls. My dick was aching for relief again and Alex suggested that we should try a 69. I put my dick in his mouth and lent forward to take his length in my mouth. The feeling of having my cock sucked whilst sucking a throbbing dick was fantastic and as we had both shot our loads earlier, neither of us was about to cum so we could enjoy the sensations. Alex had slipped a finger between my bum cheeks and began to probe my dirt box. It was very tight but with some of Alex's spit on his fingers, he managed to slip one of his fingers into my ring up to the knuckle. My dick was throbbing hard and my head was spinning. I pulled Alex's cheeks apart and gently massged his tight little hole. He was soon moaning.

I clambered off Alex and the bench and stood up. My dick was rock hard and I wanted to feel Alex's dick in my arse. I threw a towel on the floor and got onto all fours. Alex didn't need to be told what to do. He got behind me and probed my ring with his fingers. As I relaxed he managed to get one then two fingers into my bottom. He pulled them out and with only spit for lubrication he began to push his dick into my arsehole. Initially it hurt but very quickly the pain became pleasure. He was soon deep in my arse and I could feel his dick throbbing. I knew he was close and it didn't take long before he exploded in my bum. I let him slip out and could feel his sperm running out of my anus and down my balls. My dick was aching and Alex knew that it was his turn to be fucked. He bent forward until he was on all fours and I massaged his ring with a mixture of my spit and his cum until I could get a couple of fingers into him. I tooked them out and placed my dick against his puckered ring. He pushed back as I pushed forward. My helmet disappeared into his secret hole and I carried on riding him until I couldn't get any more of my dick into him. His hole was amazingly tight and it wasn't long before I shot a monster load into him. I let my tool flop out of his pink stretched ring and Alex let go a post shag fart and some of my sperm leaked from his ring.
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21 days ago
Smoking hot!!
9 months ago
A hot story!
2 years ago
i love locker room adventures!
2 years ago
Great story; i loved it!
2 years ago