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We were in the loft sorting out the mess prior to moving house. There was all the usual stuff, old records, junk that there since the last move years ago and so on. In one of the cases was some of my wifes old clothes including her old school blazer which she took downstaires for a better look.

I should say at this stage, that she had lost a bit of weight recently and our sex life had improved because of it. Although, luckily (for me!) she still had nice big titties and a well rounded arse.

I carried on shifting stuff around the loft and I could here her downstairs shuffling about. After a while she called me down to our room.

She stood in front of me wearing her dark green school blazer, with a white blouse underneath, a knee length green skirt, her old school tie and a smile. Her ample breasts pressed against her blouse and her nipples were clearly visable. My cock twitched!!

I began to unbutton her blouse to expose her glorious breasts and pert erect nipples. I tweaked each one in turn and then sucked them until her tits were covered in my saliva. She sat on the edge of the bed and lifted her legs slightly as I put my hand up her skirt. I rubbed her ample thighs and as I got higher up her legs I could feel her slightly sweaty, sticky inner thighs. I was rock hard by this time and Angela was rubbing the front of my trousers.

I was in heaven as I reached her pussy. She was wearing open crutch knickers which allowed easy access to her freshly shaved pussy lips and her stiff clit. I rubbed her bud and slid a couple of fingers into her moist hole and she undid my trousers and pulled my pants down. My boner was aching as she bent down and took my helmet in her mouth. I had to return the compliment and so I straddled her face, pulled her skirt up around her waist and went down on her beautiful wet hole. I parted her knickers and love lips and drove my tongue into gash. She was dripping juice and my face was soon covered. My tool was begging for relief and as I licked her hole and clit I shot my wad deep into Angela's throat.

Angela carried on sucking my tool and until I went soft. I lay back on the bed to recover and she slid off the bed and went to her bedside cabinet. She took out her favourite vibrator and smoothered her arse and pussy with lube. My cock was starting to show signs of life again as I gently pulled my foreskin backwards and forwards over my helmet. Angela got onto all fours and pulled her skirt up again to expose her hot pussy framed by her split crutch pants. She parted her legs and rubbed her vibrating toy against her clit and love lips. She was soon ready to cum again, and she slipped the powerful dong in and out of her pussy she arched her back and let out a squirt of juice as she reached her orgasm. I was rock hard and needed more relief. I positioned myself behind her. She held the vibrator deep in her pussy and I nudged her well lubed arsehole with my cock. She pushed back and I slipped in, slowly at first then as she became used to having her ring stretched, deeper and faster, until I was balls deep in her puckered hole and ready to shoot another load. She had switched the vibrator in her cunt to high speed so my dick was getting vibrations from her cunt and arse. I grabbed her bum cheeks and drove deep into her dirt box as I emptied my balls for the second time that afternoon. She moaned as she had yet another orgasm. We both collapsed into a heap and she pulled the toy from her twat as she let out a spunky fart.

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