My first wife was a guide leader and I had asked her a couple of times if she would wear her uniform for me when we have sex. She refused saying that she didn't think it would be right.

I still fantasised about fucking her in her uniform but I thought that was no chance of my fantasy coming true.

She always went to guides on a Friday night, so I would stay in with a bottle of wine and a porno movie.

One particular Friday, she was later then usual. She had rung to say that she was going for a drink with a couple of the other guide leaders as it was one of the leaders birthday.

When she got in she was laughing and smiling and obviously had more then a couple of drinks. She was still wearing her uniform. She had her blue shirt and tie and her below knee length A line skirt with flat shoes and what I thought were navy blue tights. I could feel my cock twitch in my pants. I pulled her close to me and began to kiss her and rub her bum.

I then started to rub her titties through her shirt. She was very proud of her 40" breasts and her nipples were soon beginning to strain through the material. I undid her blouse to get more up close and personal with those fine orbs. I tweaked her nipples and she began to moan. My cock was starting to swell and Angela was rubbing the front of my trousers. I pulled her bra up to expose her magnificent tits and started to suck her nipples. They were very hard and as I sucked her tits I began to pull her skirt up. She wasn't wearing tights, she was wearing stockings and suspenders. My cock was rock hard. I put a couple of cushions on the dining room table and she lay back on them with her skirt pulled up to her waist. I feasted myself between her ample thighs. I licked and nuzzled my face into the gusset of her knickers. I could smell her pussy and a hint of pee pong. She was giggling and moaning as I pulled her knickers to one side and started licking her hot pussy. She was soaking wet and my face was covered in her juice. I pushed two fingers into her hole aa I licked her clit and she had the most intense orgasm. My dick was crying out for relief, so I dropped my trousers and pants and carefully slipped my length into her wet cunt. I could feel her knickers on one side of my dick as I slid in and out of her hole. She wrapped her stocking clad legs round me as I rode her until I shot my wad into her. I stood for awhile as the world came back into focus and then let my cock go soft and flop out of her pussy. It looked fantastic. It was covered in her juice, very red after a good fucking and dripping with my spunk. I pulled her knickers back over her pussy and she sat up on the edge of the table looking very red and dishevelled. She looked me in the eye and said "was that it big boy?"

She slid off the table and reached down and grabbed my cock and pulled me towards the bedroom. She made me take my clothes off and lay on the bed. She took her clothes off apart from her soiled underwear and stockings and then got on the bed and sat on my face. The taste and smell of her gusset was gorgeous and soon my cock was starting to stir. She lent forward and began to suck my sperm and juice covered dick. I got her to take her knickers off and sit back on my face. I drove my tongue into her hole and greeted with the salty taste of my spunk and her juice. She was soon cuming again and grinding her pussy into my face. My dick was stiff again and wanted relief.

Angela got off my face and turned round. She rubbed some of her juice and spit around her arsehole. My heart was pounding as she got astride my dick and slowly took it in her lovely tight arse. I was soon balls deep in her arsehole and when she had regained her breath she began to ride me. She was soon sliding up and down my pole. She knew I was about to cum so she slowed down her strokes and with one final squeeze of her arse I let go a jet of sperm into her bumhole.
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1 year ago
just had a wank thinking of you and akaila in her uniform
2 years ago
Hot!! I'm hard as a rock now!!