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[Story] Mutual fun

I had been hoping to try some MM mutual masturbation for ages. I last wanked a guy off when I was at school and that was a long time ago, believe me!!

I've had the usual array of time wasters make contact and I had began to think that nobody was interested until I was contacted by a guy who lived locally called Steve. He is about my age and said that he wanted to watch porn and wank and he was available most days.

I got him to pop round to my place and after exchanging pleasantries and having a glass or two of wine to lower the inhibitions, I showed him my extensive porn DVD selection a... Continue»
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Cum in face

I still enjoy a good hot wank even though I am now in my early 50's. There is nothing to beat taking yourself in hand and gradually bringing yourself off!

I have been wanking for as long as I had pubes and that is now a very long time.

I liked to experiment in my early years. One of my favourite times was always on a Saturday morning when I was home alone as my parents went shopping then.

I always slept naked. I would stay in bed until I heard them go out, then get some out of bed and put on a pair of nylon water proof trousers. The feel of the shiny material against my cock and ball... Continue»
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[Story] Sweaty shorts

We had been at the gym for an hour or so and had more or less finished what we wanted to do. I had been on the bike and Kim had spent sometime on the treadmill.

I loved watching her on the running machine. She's got a lovely arse and whilst she says it's too big, I don't think so. She looks great in her lycra shorts and as it was a warm day I could see the damp patch between her buttocks where she had been sweating.

We walked back to the car to go home and I could feel my cock starting to ooze a drop of precum. Watching Kim's arse in lycra always makes me horny.

As I was driving ho... Continue»
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[Story] Holiday fun

We were on holiday in the sun and had spent most of the day by the pool. A combination of the heat, loads of semi naked bodies and a few drinks was making both of us feel randy and I could resist feeling my wife's arse in the lift on the way up to our room. I pulled her bikini bottom to one side and fondled her bum.

As we got back to the room, we saw the maid's trolley outside our room. Great, I thought,as I opened the door to be greeted by the sight of the maid on the bed with her overalls up around her waist, her eyes closed and her hand down her knickers!!

She was probably in her ear... Continue»
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[Story] School gym

My school liked to send us on cross country runs in the winter and I hated them.

I was one of the last back to the changing room, but having some time to kill before my bus was due, I decided to take a hot shower to liven myself up. I thought I was the only person left in the changing room and so I sat on the bench that ran around the wall and began to rub my cock and balls through my nylon shorts. It didn't take long before I had a decent hard on and was making a nice bulge in my shorts.

I decided to finish myself off in the shower, so I stripped off and still holding my tool I walked... Continue»
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[Story] More uniform

We were in the loft sorting out the mess prior to moving house. There was all the usual stuff, old records, junk that there since the last move years ago and so on. In one of the cases was some of my wifes old clothes including her old school blazer which she took downstaires for a better look.

I should say at this stage, that she had lost a bit of weight recently and our sex life had improved because of it. Although, luckily (for me!) she still had nice big titties and a well rounded arse.

I carried on shifting stuff around the loft and I could here her downstairs shuffling about. Aft... Continue»
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[Story] Home alone

I woke with a start recently. My wife was away on business for a few days and I was at home on my own.

I had the house to myself and on the previous evening I had treated myself to a home cooked meal, a bottle of plonk and a good solid wank whilst wearing my wife's underwear.

I had put on a dvd of lesbian fucking and toying and once I was in the mood, I had put on my wifes pale blue stockings and suspenders with a matching pair of satin French knickers. I teased my cock and balls before I exploded into her pants.

When I woke up, I was still wearing her underwear which by now was st... Continue»
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[Story] Uniform

My first wife was a guide leader and I had asked her a couple of times if she would wear her uniform for me when we have sex. She refused saying that she didn't think it would be right.

I still fantasised about fucking her in her uniform but I thought that was no chance of my fantasy coming true.

She always went to guides on a Friday night, so I would stay in with a bottle of wine and a porno movie.

One particular Friday, she was later then usual. She had rung to say that she was going for a drink with a couple of the other guide leaders as it was one of the leaders birthday.

Wh... Continue»
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[Story] peeing

My girlfriend and I had cycled out to the pub on one of those rare warm summer's days. We had a lovely meal and several beers and then decided to cycle home.

After a couple of miles the beer wanted to reappear, so we stopped near some trees and I had a wee. Kim said she needed a wee as well she went deeper into the woods and slide down her cycling shorts, squatted down and let fly an enormous stream of pee as I watched her. I felt my cock stiffen. When she had finished she pulled he lycra shorts up nice and high to give herself a bit of a camel toe. I could see the outline of her gorgeous ... Continue»
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[Story] Softly, softly.

Not long after we got together, my girlfriend told me that she loved the feeling of my cock getting bigger in her mouth as I got a hard on.

I was in heaven. I love a bj, but the only problem was not getting an instant stiffy as soon as she started to ease my zip down!

We were in bed one morning and I was asl**p. Angela careful slid under the sheets and took my flaccid dick into her mouth, I woke when I realized what was going on. I pushed the sheets back and propped myself up on the pillows. By now I was semi hard and she was pulling my dick with her teeth. She looked up at me and wink... Continue»
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In the car

One of my school friends had access to his Dad's car and sometime he would take a group of use to the pub. He didn't mind not drinking. We had given each other a hand job in the past but we never discussed it and I thought that it was the end of the matter.

We left the pub and my friend took us to our different houses. As I lived the furthest away, I was the last one to be dropped off. We were taking a short cut down a country lane when he pulled over into a layby as he said he needed a wee. I sat in the car and when he came back he asked me if I would like a wank.

I was slightly taken... Continue»
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Boys together

During my last few years at school a group of us got into the habit of going out for a few beers on a Friday or Saturday night. As pubic transport wasn't very good in the area, we started staying at each others houses.

We had been out on a particular Saturday night and I was going to crash at Charlies house. His parents were away for the weekend and I was Charlies only guest. I was given the spare room.

I was getting myself ready for bed and needed the toilet so I went to the loo and off loaded several pints of beer.

As I stumbled back across the landing, I heard noises from Charlie... Continue»
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[Story] Dressed up

Like most men, I enjoy masturbation as well as full sex.

I like to put some time aside for myself, maybe watch a porno dvd or surf the net and have a long slow wank.

Many years ago, when I was still married to my first wife, I used to enjoy watching myself masturbate in front of the full length mirror that we had in our bedroom. I liked to take off my clothes and move the mirror so that I could see my dick whilst laying on the bed watching my dvds.

One day I was in the bedroom and I decided to try on some of her underwear. Initially I tried on some of her knickers. The feeling of t... Continue»
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[Story] Riding

My girlfriend and I used to enjoy long cycle rides in the countryside and almost always would end up at a country pub for lunch. After a very nice lunch and a couple of drinks,it was time to go home. The pub was at the bottom of a hill along a narrow lane. I let Angela go first, mostly so I could watch her broad, lycra clad arse as she cycled up the hill. I knew that she never wore knickers under her shorts and I'm sure that I could see the outline of her pussy through her short when she stood on the pedals.

It was only a couple of miles to our house and by the time we got home my cock was ... Continue»
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[Story] Shaving

I worked away most weeks and by the time I got home on a Friday night my balls where fit to burst. I admit to the occasional wank when I was away, but the relief was only short lived.

I got home early one Friday, and decided to have a shower and a shave before my girlfriend got home. I was just wiping my face after I had finished shaving when the door open and in walked Angela dressed only in a basque. She was quite a large lady with big titties and rather magnificent bottom. I looked round and immediately my cock started to twitch.

She said that now I had shaved my face perhaps I would... Continue»
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