My special day

Mistress Beth comes to me late in the morning and wakes me. She has let me sl**p in as today is my special day.
She takes me to the bathroom and there is already a feminine smelling bubble bath waiting for me with candles and rose petals on the bubbles.
She bathes me and gently washes my hair and whispers gently to me, converting my mindset from masculine to feminine as we talk about clothes and perfume and makeup.
She makes me stand in the middle of the room and raise my arms, proceeding to lather me all over and shave all my body hair, until my skin is smooth. Mistress Beth moisturises my skin with a gold flecked moisturiser and wraps me in a silk dressing gown, black, land soft like her words.
She takes me to the makeup room, where she begins with foundation, then mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick, all the time talking quietly and gently.
My wig is auburn and she fits it perfectly, tying it loosely at the back.
We admire my reflection. " you are beautiful, and you are mine" she says, my nipples tingle and what I must refer to now as my clit hardens.
She dresses me in fine silk panties, bra filled with the most realistic of false breasts (DD as I am a slut after all) stockings , then a tight fitting skirt, and white blouse.
She admires her handiwork as I slip into 3" heels and spin to admire my reflection once more.
She tells me softly to kneel before her, which I do and she collars me gently, before lifting my head and smiling . " I have a surprise for you my love, come with me.
She leads me to our master bedroom, which we usually share, and where all our adventures take place, and in it are 3 women and 3 Transexual girls. Hey are all in underwear and are talking excitedly and sipping wine.
As I enter behind mistress Beth the room goes quiet.
" your feast for tonight is my slut sissy Jess, she will take all you can give her and more"
I am walked to what looks like an upholstered table, curved so when I am laid face down on it my feet touch the floor, my ass is in the air and my head is down.
I realise I feel quite relaxed and turned on and the colours are a little brighter than usual, Mistress had slipped me some E in my drink earlier, to heighten my senses.
I lie down on the velvet surface, my breasts push into my. My skirt is rolled back, my panties pulled down my ankles and I feel the end of a douche go into my asspussy and lube fill my sissy cunt.
I smell feminine perfume and see a beautiful transgirl before me. She unleashes her cock and moves towards my face.
It tastes of coconut moisturiser as it slides into my mouth and feels wonderful, silky and smooth.
I hear Mistress Beth tell one of the women to fuck me and feel a dildo attached to a garter belt slide effortlessly into my asspussy. Mistress has stretched me well over the time I have been hers and I feel nothing but pleasure when I am penetrated.
I moan but it I am gagged by beautiful trans cock. I move my hands to cup the transgirls ass and pull her towards me enjoying the feeling of the movement of her muscles moving as she finds her rhythm and her balls begin to fill.
I can feel her begin to lose control and she pulls out and spurts a fountain of cum onto my carefully made up face. It drips slowly down towards my chin via my mouth, which hungrily sips a few tasty mouthfuls.
The dildo in my asspussy is replaced by a warm cock. It is a beautiful feeling and I realise that the women in the room have been working on each other as cum shoots into me coating my walls then dripping salaciously out as the cock is withdrawn.
I am made to lick her cock clean before my mouth is gagged with a dildo and fucked. I am gagging and my mascara is running, my lipstick mixed with cum is smeared across my mouth.
The night continues with me being fucked hen allowed to rest as I watch the orgy before me, tied lightly to a chair, unable to touch my clit, which is aching to be relieved.
Mistress Beth then milks me by massaging my prostate and pumping my clit, collecting my juices in a glass. I am milked until I can cum no more, then face fucked roughly by everyone.
After 3 hours I am a spunk covered slut, leaking cum from my asspussy, my face shiny with cum, my clothes rumpled and wet.
The final act of the night is for all the women to be assfucked and then they squirt on me, like a bukkake.
I am soaked.
Mistress Beth then takes her turn with me, fucking my slippery asspussy whilst my nipples are pinched and bitten by her friends.
The evening is over. Mistress takes me to bathe me and she talks me down from the sexual overload I have received.
She slips me into a negligee and we slide between clean sheets.
I fall asl**p in her arms.
I am Hers.
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