M & J Part Three: Oral obsession

M led J to the bed and gently pushed him down to a seated position. “Dude…this is crazy!! What are you doing?” J asked. “I am about to blow your brains out, get ready…”

M popped a video into the VCR; a four hour epic of lesbian love. It depicted nothing but gorgeous busty women licking and sucking their lovers. Each scene started slow but reached a crescendo with the women sucking and fucking their partners to amazing orgasms. Something about lesbians appealed to both M and J, they loved the intimacy and romantic interaction, they wanted to be lesbians. For today, it would provide the backdrop and motivation for the one of the most erotic encounters that either has ever experienced.

J was sitting on the edge of the bed as the video started to play, M gently spread J’s legs apart to make room for himself. He sat down and began to gently fondle and tickle J’s legs and tummy as they talked--J leaned backed comfortably. “Do you think about me when you jerk off?” M asked. Two youngish teens were on the screen and began to kiss gently.

“Once in a while,” J said nervously as M began to gently caress his balls. He looked at M staring at the thing, M seemed mesmerized. Every now and again, M would look up and their eyes would meet. As M did this, he would bite his lower lip playfully or lick his lips in anticipation. The girls on the video were now making out and sucking tongues, J was watching the movie, they could both hear the moaning and it drove them crazy.

“What kind of things do you think about us doing?” M asked, watching J tense up as he ran his fingertips gently over his best friend’s legs and thighs.

“Well, blowjobs…handjobs…different stuff. I really liked it when you talked dirty and sucked my cock. When I saw how much you liked it, it made it even better. How about you? Do you think about me?” J asked.

“Yeah…kind of...a lot, really. It probably started a few months ago…” J watched his friend begin to handle and caress his stiff cock and rub it on his lips; J’s heart felt like it was beating out of his chest. The girls on screen were now sucking each others' necks and tits and grinding.

“Ohmigod, really?!?!” J exclaimed, “I had no idea you were thinking about it for that long. What kinds of things do you imagine us doing?” he asked.
J was fully hard now as he alternated watching the girls making out and M playfully teasing his throbbing cock. As M worshipped J’s cock, he began to touch himself, his cock felt fuller and the head larger than it ever was. His cock was never as hard as when he was with J—it felt like another man’s cock in his hand. He really seemed to LOVE looking at J’s cock, “You’re cock-no-tized!” J joked.

“Well, I started by jerking off while looking at cocks in mags. Then I started wondering what yours looked like. I really wanted to touch it and stroke it. When I watched girls giving blowjobs I would think about it A LOT…like…I was giving the BJ. I am pretty sure I have an oral fixation. When you had me touch your cock, I was SO excited!!” M said as he began to gently tongue J’s fat, pulsating head. J grabbed his own cock and swelled it for M’s tongue. M slobbered all over it, they were both moaning and panting along with the licking lesbians on screen.

J ran his finger up his shaft and playfully began probing M’s eager mouth and lips. “Like I am fingering a girl, heheh,” M began tonguing his finger like it was J’s cock. J grabbed and played with M’s tongue a bit while he flickered it playfully, “Great tongue action!! I LIKE!”

“I probably like it more,” M said as J began to crawl back away from M as if playing hard to get. J had a big dirty smile on his face. M, knowing exactly what he wanted, crawled toward him wantonly, staring at the cock he was about to devour. J came to rest seated against some pillows with his legs spread wide and his knees up, feeling very relaxed and happy. M laid his head on J’s tummy and gave it little flirty kisses. His face was now an inch or so from J’s cock, and began to blow gently on the tip, alternating this with gentle wet kisses on the frenulum. The girl on screen was now licking her girlfriend’s ass and seemed like she was trying to eat her alive—it was so sexy; J felt like he was being eaten alive too and HE LOVED IT!!!

“When I saw your gorgeous cock for the first time.” M said, his voice shaking and full of excitement, “I wanted to put it in my mouth,” as he said this he explored the head with his tongue. M felt himself starting to cum and held back. He couldn’t believe it!!! He was worried that he would cum as soon as J’s cock crossed his lips!

“It really turns me on when you talk dirty.” J said, as M explored the hole at the tip of J’s cock with his tongue. J rose to his knees on the bed and M laid down, looking up past his new obsession. J rubbed and slapped his wet cock all over M’s face. M chased it a bit, then put it in his mouth. As he did this, M tasted a tiny bit of J’s salty precum and it got him really horny. J was now gently holding M’s head while being teased and tasted. J playfully rubbed his cock all over M’s face. As he did this, M moaned and panted—it was very clear this was turning him on. M grabbed J's hard shaft, gripped it, and took control—the massive hot cock swelled and pulsated in his hand. He was now punctuating every compliment with a little kiss or suck as J began to quiver and shake. J was holding back as much as he could, taking huge breaths and trying to relax his overexcited cock. He relaxed back on the pillows so he could watch M work him over.

“You have a beautiful cock…It’s so big…” M said, as he gave the bulging head a gentle kiss.
“…it smells nice too when it’s all clean…” kissing the base of the cock and rubbing J’s full 9” across his nose and face.
“It’s so heavy...and powerful…” He said as he planted a slightly bigger and wetter kiss on the head and slapped it carelessly across his nose. J’s whole body shivered as he did this.
“…I like the way it tastes…” sucking down the side of the shaft to J’s balls and feeling the veins on his tongue.
“…I like your balls…” His tongue washing all over the swollen sack. M looked up and they made eye contact, M laid the cock straight up across his nose and forehead and pressed the balls into his mouth while probing his tongue firmly against the back of J’s heavy, loaded nuts. J shuddered and let out a loud “OHMIGOD!” M paused for a moment to savor the experience and control while staring into his friends eyes.
“…I love the shape of your head…it’s perfect…” sucking from the back of J’s balls, up the giant vein...slurping with his lips and tongue and working his way back up to the head as J’s cock danced and flailed away. The girl on the screen was now having and assgasm and was rubbing her sloppy wet ass all over her friend’s face.

”…I would do this for you any time you asked…mmnnnggghhmmmnnnn” M said as he took J’s fat cockhead lovingly into his mouth, he swore that if he even touched himself he’d cum when the cock plunged in.

“ Mmmmm…J…this is great.” M exclaimed while sucking and slurping J’s giant dick. “I really like doing this for you. Does it feel good? M didn’t even need to ask, J had been clutching the sheets and pillows, his cheeks puffing for air and trying to hold on. His butt jumped off of the bed and his back arched. M let up a bit, allowing his friend to relax.

J’s mind was going a million miles a minute…he wasn’t supposed to like this but REALLY did, M seemed to really be enjoying himself as well. M’s technique was amazing. He would use his teeth ever so gently and then open wide to allow the head to pulse and explode. He loved to make eye contact on occasion to demonstrate his passion, but not so much that it made his subject feel uncomfortable. He was much stronger than J and capable of enforcing his will at any time. He chose to be submissive, the subtleties of this role reversal turned them both on. When he really wanted to get J excited, he would cup the balls with one hand and work a perfect amount of sloppy spit down the shaft, stroking and sucking. He knew the perfect time to alternate his technique and loved to lick all over J’s cock playfully. It was very feminine and submissive, but M allowed no confusion that he was in charge tonight. To J, the feeling was amazing, he was paralyzed with pleasure.

“HOLY SHIT, how the fuck did you get so good at that?” He asked breathlessly while forcing M’s mouth away from his cock.

“Watching pornos, I just act like the girls do. I figured that’s how I’d want it done to me, so that’s how I try to do it.” M said.

J stood up now, stroking his giant erect cock. “Fuuuuucccck, M…you’re amazing…really intense!” M stood up, looked J in the eyes and stepped toward him powerfully. Just as J was about to step back, M dropped to his knees, mouth open and eyes closed as if simulating that he wanted to receive a massive facial. J gently pushed his cock into M’s mouth. M submitted willingly to his new master.

“Like this?” M asked as he held the erect shaft against J’s tummy and slathered his balls in spit. Licking, sucking, and doing everything he could to give his best friend pleasure. “Mmmmm-----slurp----slurp. I LOVE doing this for you!” M grabbed the shaft with two hands and put the head into his mouth “It’s so goddamned big!” M proclaimed. He alternated direction with his hands as if wringing a towel and slurped all over the big bulging head passionately. It took seconds for the cum to begin burning in J's balls.

“DUDE, Duuuu-UUDE!!! I am GONna cu-UM!!!” J said, legs shaking. M stopped, and watched--his friend’s face a mix of pleasure and pain. J tried to jerk his own cock, M grabbed his hands and prevented it, pulling him backward f***efully onto the bed. They both paused, J’s cock was now bobbing up and down struggling to release cum as M waited an inch away for his reward, holding his friend down as he did. A huge shot of J’s jism began to bubble and drip out of the tip. M gripped the base and held it back, then rubbed the huge oozing head on his forehead. J tensed up and another hot jet gushed out onto M’s wet lips. M licked his lips greedily and then he waited a few moments for the waves of J’s orgasm to subside. He released the base of J's cock and pushed the massive cum soaked head into his mouth just in time to receive a small salty/sweet burst. J groaned loudly. M was barely touching himself and now felt like he would cum. He stopped just in time, but cum began to drip out as J began gentle greedy humping motions and probing his mouth. “AH, fuck, FUCK! M! Ohmigod…I need to CUM!!! Pleeeease???” M squeezed the base of J's cock again. This time, he put the full throbbing cock down in his mouth but didn't move a muscle--he could feel J’s heartbeat through his cock and it was so sexy, they stopped for a moment and stared at each other.

M was now jerking J's head with a mix of spit and cum, it grew huge and he really enjoyed it. M felt the cum erupt from J’s heaving balls, and finally decided to allow his friend to pop.

M aimed his best friend’s dick a bit too high and it missed his face completely, shooting across the room. M could hear the crackling sound and a large SPLAT as it hit one of his posters. “Mmmmm, holy shit! M moaned as he began to lick J’s frenulum, looking up to watch several jets of warm white liquid arc across his nose and forehead, leaving thin white trails in their wake. M was so excited at being covered in cum that he had begun to cum too, he was now humping J’s leg like a horny dog while receiving his gift.

“Mmmmnggguhhh, slurp slurp” he got too eager and a big salty sweet gob ejected right down his throat and made his mouth sticky--he had to swallow it. He began to choke and pulled back, startled. SPLOOSH, a giant cannonball of cum exploded over his cheek and pooled up over his left eye, forcing him to close it shut. “Ooooh, SUCK me dry…M…lick it…you LIKE? mmmmmmuuuhhhh…..mmmmhhuuuuuhhh? HUH?”

J stared at M, almost embarrassed at the humiliation he was issuing forth, but M was moaning and saying things like “I FUCKING LOVE IT” and "CUM ALL OVER MY FACE!" moaning and begging greedily—even though his eye was all glued shut. It was SO FUCKING HOT, he had only seen blowjobs like this in movies. 'This is MUCH better than jerking off,' he thought. He couldn’t stand it anymore as his oversensitive cock had finally had enough. Just as he began to try to crawl away, he heard M say “Please, not yet…I’m CUMming….I’m CUMming, put it in my mou-OUTH…PLLLLEAAAASSEEE”, as he laid back on the bed. J straddled his friend’s face and placed his cock gently down into M’s mouth. M exploded instantly and was shooting cum all over himself, J reached down and grabbed his friend's fat, exploding dick. J almost felt a bit selfish, getting all this pleasure but M really wanted this--after all, he was begging him for it. “No mas,” J giggled as M fought through the last few spasms of his orgasm and while licking J's cock and balls.

M paused for a second and smiled at J tenderly, then ran to the bathroom to clean up-he seemed embarrassed at what he had just done. J wiped off his hands, looked down and said out loud to himself: “Wow, he literally sucked me dry.” He pulled on his bikini briefs and laid on the lower bunk. M came back in after cleaning up. He laid down next J, pulled on his boxers and they began to reflect on what had just happened.

“Holeee shit, that was…INSANE!” J said.
“Uh yeah, didn’t expect that at all, I have to clean that poster” M said chuckling.
“Haha, yeah…overshot the shot on that one. I never thought a blowjob from a guy could feel so amazing. I still can’t believe how many times I came today! You…uh…really seem to like sucking cocks.”
“Not cock(S) plural...Just yours. Your thing makes me excited…there’s something about YOU that makes it special, I can’t explain it. When I am around you, I just want to suck it” M explained.
“Yeah, I know...there’s a certain electricity when you’re around me...like magnetism. It’s going to be very hard to control. I am getting hard again just thinking about it and I already came three times today. I just feel really gay,” worried J

“Well, gay people do what we do, but I’m not gay for sure. I think we’re bi…you said you 'go both ways’…I still love women and could never give up tits and pussy…EVER. It just seems that I want cock sometimes. Besides, who says we have to control it? Let’s just go with it and have some fun. We can experiment and have a good time and be safe about things,” said M

“Agreed,” said J, adding “What other kinds of things are you into anyway?" J added.

They talked for hours that night and kept getting horny and excited. As they talked, one would slowly stroke himself and open up about his fantasies as the other would caress and touch his best friend--helping him to reach soft, relaxing orgasms. Their dicks really hurt, so they took things slowly: exploring and getting to know their bodies together. Every now and again, they would stop and smoke a bit, play some music and it felt like old times again.

In the coming weeks, M&J will share a number of amazing experiences and explore the depths of their intimacy together, hopefully you'll be there with them.

Please comment if you enjoyed this or have had similar experiences. If you are looking for a similar experience, please feel free to send me a private message.

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