M & J Part One: Innocence lost

My story starts innocently enough with two friends that were chronic masturbators and loved watching porn together. Although they never openly discussed their tendencies, M and J fantasized privately about what another cock felt like but neither acted on it. One day, while looking at videos together, M looked over and saw J adjusting his bulge-on occasion, taking a bit longer than usual and stopping to hold it tightly. M saw the size of the bulge and wondered what lurked behind J's straining zipper. J saw M looking and they made eye contact, M's mouth went dry, his heart raced, and he began licking his lips. Just then J asked, "Have you ever been with a guy?
"No," M responded flatly, a bit shy and nervous.
"You know, I go both ways" J said
"Really? What's it like?" M asked, curious.
"Well, kinda fun. Like jerking off but you don't have to do the work yourself."

M's heart was pounding, here it was...the opening he had been waiting for. The last few weeks of his life were leading to this point. He was nervous and went to the bedroom telling J he needed some privacy. He went to the bedroom and laid down on the lower bunk, his mind racing over all the fantasies he had about J recently. 'How big was it? What did it feel like to have a head gently rubbed across his face? What did J's balls look like? What kind of underwear was he wearing?'

M had occasionally looked at cocks in magazines and once in a blue moon he would stare at one while he came. 'What did it feel like to touch another man? What did it feel like when the cock pulsed and gushed while gripping it tightly? What did it taste like?' M tasted his own cum a few times, but really wondered what it felt like when a hard cock bursted in his mouth. M has resigned himself to not acting on these impulses, keeping his fetish a secret. He began slowly stroking his cock and thinking about a cock being gently slid into his mouth. Just then, the door opened...J knew what M was doing, but played it off. He climbed up to the top bunk grabbed a dirty mag and M could hear him flipping through the pages. Every now and again, the flipping stopped and M heard nothing. His cock was rock hard and he really wanted to touch J.

"Check this out," J said from the top bunk.
"What?" M asked
"Give me your hand, you have to see this."
M slid his arm up to the top bunk and let it wander around a bit, it came to rest on J's cock, J let out a little groan.
"Is that what I think it is?" M asked but there was no answer just soft moans.

He caressed it a bit--it was hot and very hard, giant veins bulged out of the sides when he squeezed it. It was huge, much bigger than his own--at least 8 inches, rod straight and capped with a huge mushroom head. He gripped the base tightly and held it, feeling J's pulse quicken as he did. M began rubbing J's balls. J began to writhe and groan. J's hand reached down from the top bunk and M pressed his rock hard cock into the palm. He looked down and watched J work the shaft and the head. J's arm disappeared, M heard him spit--the arm came down and began to work a lather of spit all over M's head and he began twitching, the cum starting boiling in his balls and he really wanted to let it out. He pulled J's hand away at the last second, just enough to watch a tiny spurt of precum jet down his shaft and hit his balls. J persisted, and began rubbing the cum up and down the shaft. Before he knew it, M had lost control. His belly convulsed, his back arched off the bed. Subtle moans began to sound more like labored heavy breathing. He was fighting it but the pleasure was too much and J had every intention of extracting M's load, he gripped tighter. Just as M was about to pop, J began rubbing the glistening precum across M's head like he was polishing an apple. SPLAT! The first jet of hot cum blasted across J's forearm and hit the wall, the load began flinging and flying everywhere. "OH my GOD. I'm CUM-ming, J...I'M cum-MING!" The cum began to pool up on his tummy and drip down his balls. J didn't stop. M was spent and covered in his load. J began to run the sticky cum on M's balls and went right back to milking the shaft. Pleasure turned to pain and M couldn't stand it, he pulled J's hand off his cock and fell back onto the bed, exhausted.
"Oh my god, that was amazing," M said, letting out a huge sigh, 'What do we do next?"
"Want to watch me jerk off?" J asked
"Sure, c'mon down here," M said.

J climbed down from the top bunk and laid across the foot of the bed, legs spread. His one hand cupped and still holding M's load. M now saw the full beauty of J's perfect cock, he really wanted to touch it but resisted. "Um, your cock is huge"
"You like it?"
"No, I don't like it. I LOVE IT!"
J began lubing up with M's spent wad and M watched as J's balls heaved. J was rubbing the cum all over his head and down his shaft. His immense head had swelled up even further, now looking like an overripe plum. M stared at the shaft and he could see the main vein pulse just as J gripped the head very tight to prevent himself cumming. "NoT YEt!" They stared into each others eyes as J began to cum, M watched the vein pulsate as J leaned back and spread his legs further. M wanted to see the cum, "Please, come for me." He said playfully as he leaned forward and lay facing it to see the massive tool up close, he could smell the cum and it turned him on. He was now only a few inches from J's cock as it began to explode, he watched the hole open up as J convulsed, J aimed his cock high--he was aiming for M's face. The first shot hit M right across the nose and forehead and parted his hair, he jumped back a bit startled. J laughed and said "Haha, racing stripe" M touched the hot sticky load that now had started to drip off his nose and decided to taste it--it was bitter and the most salty thing he'd ever tasted, but he really liked it. He started licking his fingers and sat back to watch the show. J clearly had some pressure built up and some of the shots began to fall on M's legs, tummy, and chest--a few missed and hit the walls. M began to rub the cum all over his face and this excited J to the point where he got up on his knees to finish. M watched the gobs drip and leak onto the bed and it got him even hornier. There was cum everywhere, the taste in his mouth, the smell of it...M was hooked on the experience and wanted to do it again.

J fell back on the bed and they began to talk about what transpired. They admitted to feeling a bit embarrassed, but they both really enjoyed themselves and wanted to do it again.
"Did you like my cum" J asked.
"Yeah, that was...interesting." M said
J asked, "Would you do it again?"
"Sure, but that was a bit intense. Maybe we should slow things down a bit next time."

Over the next few days, M couldn't think of anything else more than what that cock would feel like when it popped into his mouth. He fantasized about having a hot cock and balls rubbed and slapped on his face while came, he imagined working over J slowly and watching the cum explode. For his part, J couldn't shake the image of that handsome face, getting splashed with his load and seeing how much M was enjoying the taste of it. Each time J masturbated alone, he would envision locking eyes with M, holding his head, and rubbing it all over M's face while he got sucked dry.

There would be no slowing them down this was a perfect match. Tune in for the next story, we'll pick up with M and J a few days later when they experience frotting for the first time.
38% (6/10)
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29 days ago
great story, i'm still hard going to part two
2 years ago
Very hot