Sarah's Accidental Show

My name is Sarah and this is my story of how an accidental exposure turned into a horrifying experience, or was it? I'll give a quick background so you get the idea where it all started.

It all really started about 7 years ago. My son Mike was 13 and he and his best friend Chris had come home from school and were playing video games when I came home. I am a grade school teacher and had them both in my class when they were 6, they've been best friends ever since. I went to my room to change into my sweats as usual and closed the door behind me like I always do, not tight but pretty close. As I took off my blouse and skirt I saw the door move from my dresser mirror. I slowly moved out of eye view and put on my robe, then snuck around and swung the door open to find Chris peeking in. He turned beet red but I thought quickly and said it's not polite to spy on people like that. I could see he was shaking at being caught but I assured him it would not go any further as long as I never catch him doing this again.

I did tell Rick my husband what happened when he got home and instead of being upset he just kind of laughed and said "I don't blame him, you are kind of hot you know."

I don't consider myself hot, just average mom, wife and teacher. I am a bit tall at 5'7" and a little bigger in the butt than I'd like to be, but I guess proportionate. I have brown eyes and brown hair a bit over shoulder length. My bra size is 34C but around the hips am 36, a little bigger in the butt. I do keep my waist down though with walking, biking and yoga.

Well all seemed to pass ok until about two weeks later on a Saturday when I came home from a bike ride and was a bit sweaty. Mike and Chris were playing basketball in the park behind the apartments we lived in at the time and I told them I was going to take a shower and then make lunch for us. No problems there. While I was showering I thought I heard the door open and close when I looked there was no one there. Mike and Chris were in Mike's room when I got out and started to make some lunch. I realized I left my undies in the bathroom and went to get them to put in my room, when I opened the door I saw Chris kneeling by the toilet with his pants down staring at my undies. I just shut the door and went back into the kitchen, a bit flushed and embarrassed for him and myself. He must have heard me because when he came out he looked all red and wouldn't make eye contact all day. I let Rick know when he came home but told him not to say or do anything. He laughed so loud and looked right at Chris, he must have known I ratted him out.

Rick made a point of caressing me when he knew Chris was looking, I told him to stop but he kept it up. I felt so bad for Chris, he was just a normal teenaged boy but being picked on by my husband must have been hard on him. A couple times Rick would pat my ass or hug me from behind and lift my chest with his arms crossed and I'd pushed him away, he never did these things in front of the k**s before. Chris didn't come around for a month after that and I was worried we may have damaged him but things came around as normal.

On to what has happened more recently. Well Mike is 20 now and in college in a neighboring state. Chris is going to a community college and Rick is long gone. The asshole thought his co-worker was a little hotter than me and left, good riddance. I am now 40 and assistant Principle at the school. I have dated a few times but not really caring too much about that right now.

One weekend at spring break Mike came home and hung out with all his buddies. They were playing some ball at the park when I went into the shower for along bath. I heard the door open and the T.V. go on so I figured they were back and decided to get out of the tub so the bathroom would be available.

Before I got up I heard Mike at the door knocking. I said I was in there and he said he knew but just wanted to tell me, "We are going to the store to get some drinks and snacks, do you want anything?" I said I didn't and thought it was just as good a time to get out and change.

Although I had my robe in there I figured no one was home so I toweled off and wrapped my hair up in the towel and went toward my room. I heard the T.V. still on and figured Mike left it on so I went in to turn it off. That's when I realized the room wasn't empty! Chris and another guy was sitting on the couch!

Chris said, "Hey, we're watching that!" I jumped and spun around so quickly and for a split second just looked at them. I realized I was stark naked except for the towel on my head and covered up what I could with my hands and ran to my room. I could hear them saying, "Damn that was hot!" and laughing.

I felt so embarrassed! I got dressed and was afraid to go out there but thought I'd better talk to Chris, I didn't want Mike to find out I exposed myself to his friends.

Chris said, "It's kind of funny how things turn around isn't it Mrs. H?" Now he had something on me. He said not to worry he would talk to his friend, I found later was named Terry, and make sure he doesn't say anything. I did feel better for a while but still a bit nervous, I knew the boys would be drinking and afraid something might slip. I stayed mostly out of site but would go in the kitchen from time to time to make sure they had snacks around and just see how the conversations were going.

About 11:00 Chris came to my bedroom door and knocked, I was just reading and came to see what he wanted. He said, "Mike's going back to school on Tuesday right?"

I said "yes, why?"

He said he talked to Terry and they both think I should stop by their apartment on Friday to work out the details of their silence. I was shocked!

I said "What are you talking about?"

He said they thought "To keep Mike from finding out I strolled around naked in front of them should be worth something!"

I said "Are you blackmailing me?"

He said "Call it what you like Mrs. H, after what you did to me when I was 13 I consider it justice."

I couldn't think, I said "This is a one time only thing right?"

He said "yes."

I didn't know what to do, I hung my head in shame and stood there. He said he'd call me Wednesday or Thursday to finalize plans.

Wednesday came and Chris called about 9:00. I was so nervous I didn't know what to expect. He asked what time I get done at school Fridays and I said about 4:00 to 4:30. He said that would be fine and to come right after school. He lives about 20 minutes from my school but in the opposite direction from my house. I asked what he expected and why he was doing this. He said to just wear my regular school teacher outfit and he expected to humiliate me like I did him 7 years ago, but not to worry because he won't tell anyone like I did.

Thursday night around 9:30 Chris called and said he wanted me there at 5:00 sharp! I said I'd try but couldn't guarantee it with traffic and all on Fridays.

He just said, "Don't be tardy!" and hung up.

I didn't know what to expect but figured it wasn't going to be too good. For some reason those two days were filled with angst and some strange feeling of excitement. I felt in some way I was going to be exposed in front of Chris and Terry so decided to prepare for that. I normally leave myself untrimmed specially in the winter/spring time, but decided if I was to be exposed I'd better look more appropriate. When the boys saw me I was in full bush mode. I shaved most of my pussy but left and small patch above like I would for summer swimsuits only made sure to really clean close around my lips. The excitement and feel of the air hitting my fresh shave gave me a tingle and I felt kind of dirty about it. I did it Thursday and Friday morning too to make sure it was clean.

Then I decided if I had to give a show I'd dress for it. For some reason as Thursday night and Friday morning came around I actually was getting aroused along with ashamed on what was going to happen. I decided instead of wearing my regular hose with my navy blue skirt I'd wear dark blue stockings and a garter belt. I hadn't worn it in years, since before Rick left and although it was a bit tight it seemed better that way. To match that, I put on some lacy skimpy panties. Under my navy blazer and light blue blouse I wore a matching half bra. I knew as long as I kept my blazer on no one would notice. I think now, in doing this, I was trying to take control of the situation as much as I could, but at the time wasn't sure what I was doing.

I got out of school a little early and without anyone the wiser as to my wardrobe as far as I could tell. I decided if I were to be humiliated I might as well get in the mood a little and stopped at a bar about half way to Chris's. I don't normally drink too often but ordered a scotch on the rocks. The bar tender looked at me a bit strange but served it up. I downed it two gulps and asked for another. He said to be careful and I assured him I would, it took at least three or four gulps for that one with a little time in between. He offered to buy me a third so I took it. As I was sipping it I wondered just what all was planned for me. Was it just going to be me exposed to Chris and Terry or did they have something more in mind? What would I do? I couldn't back out now anyway. I had to go it was about 4:50 and I wasn't supposed to be tardy!

The traffic was terrible and I did get there about 5 minutes late. Chris opened up the door and said "Your tardy you know!" kind of stern.

I laughed a little and said "sorry!"

He just said "you'll probably have to do a bit of detention later" and let me in.

His room was set up with a desk facing away from a window that was looking out at a sort of playground, there were basketball and tennis courts out there. There were three chairs set up across from the desk with TV trays in front like a sort of classroom. There was a couch next to the side wall. Sitting there was Terry and another younger looking man.

I said kind of shocked, "who is that, you said you and Terry, now there's more? What is going on?"

Chris said he didn't know about him until today, Terry opened his mouth to his younger b*****r and he threatened to tell if he wasn't included. I objected and said I wasn't going to jail for something like this. He assured me he was over 18 and I wasn't in much of a position to negotiate.

I looked at them, then him and said, "What do you want me to do?"

Chris pointed to the desk and said its right there, you're the teacher here to give us the lesson.

"What lesson?" I asked.

He said there are q-cards, use them to guide you, then go with the theme from there.

I looked at the desk and window, I went to close the shades as there were about 6 guys playing out there and they all said "Leave them open, we like the light from out there." So I took the cards and sat down.

The first one read, "Today's lesson is sex education!" It figured. I was a bit nervous but the drinks did help some. The card read, "Since I only have you boys here today I will gear my lesson toward you." As I flipped through the card I got the idea of it all, I was to talk about the female anatomy and demonstrate for them as I had forgotten my hand outs.

I started out saying "As you know one of the most obvious differences between men and women is the breasts, where men have strong muscular chests women have softer curvy breasts." I paused for a second and said "I seemed to have forgotten my hand outs." I paused again a bit nervous and said, "Well let me show you what I mean." I stood up, took off my blazer and put it on my chair back, then undid one, then another button on my blouse showing quite a bit of cleavage and part of my bra and said "see?"

Chris said "It's hard to see so well from over here can you come and give a closer look?" I walked over to him and bent over putting my hands on his TV tray. With one quick movement he ripped open my blouse popping the rest of the buttons off. My half bra pushing up my tits and the top of my areola showing.

Terry said "Yeah I see what you mean, they are nicer to look at." With that I stood back a bit and my eyes widened, they were all smiling big grins now.

I said "I guess I don't need this any more." And took my blouse off and laid it on the desk.

Then I said "Another difference is a woman can produce milk from her nipples when feeding a c***d!"

Terry's b*****r Nick asked "Do yours do that too?"

I said "No I'm not pregnant or just had a c***d so there is no milk in here." With that I gave a little squeeze of them.

He asked "Are your nipples the same as ours otherwise?" and pulled up his t-shirt to show me his.

I said "No silly" and walked over next to him to show him the difference. I pulled down one side so only he could see my nipple and the others objected saying; what about us? So I unhooked my bra and slipped it off laying it on Nick's head, exposing myself fully to him then turned around so the others could see. I leaned back on the desk looking at them looking at me. Nick took my bra and held it to his face to smell. I still felt nervous but started feeling aroused and empowered.

Then Chris shouted "Snack time!"

I looked surprised and said "What?"

He said its snack time, we get a snack and juice.

I said "I didn't bring anything!"

He said "its ok we got it back here" and pointed to the fridge.

With that they got up and went to the kitchen area and got out some cranberry juice and vodka and mixed up some drinks. They called to me to come get mine, so I walked right in not even trying to cover up.

Terry handed me a drink and said "here teach this is just for you." It was very strong! We stood in the kitchen drinking for a few minutes as they tried to chat a bit as they stared at my tits, then they all poured a second drink.

I was only half done when Terry said "Bottoms up break is almost over." I gulped it down and he refilled it.

I really started feeling relaxed standing half naked in front of these three young men half my age. I tried to remember the only time Rick and I had gone to a nude beach and that seemed to help. I thought, this isn't so bad, maybe that's all they wanted.

Chris said "time to get back to school." I asked to use the rest room and he pointed it out and said to hurry.

When I came back they were all in there seats waiting and Chris was sticking his cell phone in his pocket.

I said "Let's see what's next on the agenda."

Chris said "It's in the top drawer."

I looked out the window and saw it was just getting dark but the boys were still playing ball. I quickly turned my back to the window and opened the top drawer and took the notes out. I came back around the front of the desk looking at the guys stare back at me as I looked at the cards. My eyes lit up as the top card said EXPLAIN VAGINA! I guess my tits weren't going to be enough.

"Well, probably the most important difference between men and women is the reproductive area."

"What is that?" Terry asked.

"Well you know you have a penis, women have a vagina."

"What's the difference?" asked Nick.

I said "You know what a penis looks like, well a vagina is like a hole, and it's made to fit a penis in for sex and for babies to come out of after its time."

"Can I see yours?" they all said at once.

I said "Well it is kind of a private area but you have been good students so far." I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Chris said "Damn Mrs. H you look better than I imagined!"

I just said thanks. Then I turned sideways slowly lowering my lace panties to my belt snaps undoing one, sliding the panty out and re-snapping until they were free. I stepped one foot out and turned to Chris with my hands in front of my pussy and kicked my panties at him. He caught them, smelled them and put them on his head. I took one hand off then the other, their mouths all dropped open.

Terry said "I wish you were my teacher." I told him I was for today. There I stood with just a garter belt and stockings on in front of three horny young men, I could feel a warm tingling building stronger in me now.

Nick asked if that was it there, pointing at my pussy.

"Well" I said "it's down there, let me show you." I sat on the desk and opened my legs to show better, spreading my lips for them. "There, that's it."

Terry said "You're still too far to get a good look."

I suggested they come closer if they wanted too. That's all it took and they were on their knees in front of me.

"Can I touch it?" asked Nick.

I said ok, but one at a time, I leaned back putting my hands on the desk behind me for support and so he could have easier access. He stood up and reached out with one hand rubbing gently with his finger tips but just for a couple seconds then sat back down. Terry did the same thing. Chris got up and rubbed gently then turned one finger and slid it in my waiting pussy. I started breathing heavy as he worked it in further. The other two sat there in their chairs almost drooling, and then Chris pulled his finger out and licked it off, smiling.

I tried to regain my senses and asked, "Ok, what's on the next card?" When I picked it up my mouth dropped open.

Chris asked laughing "What does it say?"

I looked up and said "FUCK ME!"

All there hands went up asking "Me first, me first?"

I looked at Chris a bit in shock and he reached in his pocket and pulled out a personal recorder and hit the button. It was my voice saying "I'll do anything you want to keep this from Mike."

He said "guys?" they all said, they would never talk about it, EVER!

Nick asked "Is there different ways to do it?" I looked at him figuring he was the least experienced, although I figured they all knew their way around.

I stepped over to Nick's chair and said "Well, when your first dating and you really like someone and are ready to go further first be gentle." I sat on his lap sideways facing the others, took one hand and placed it on one of my tits, moving it around a little then let go and let him do it. "Kiss her softly while caressing her" I said and kissed him gently on the lips. This went on for a minute or so and I took his other hand and placed it between my legs, opening them enough for him to have access. Nick rubbed it gently then he too slipped a finger inside and stroked it in and out for at least a few minutes. I was getting real wet now and thought to collect myself.

I stood back up and stepped to Terry. I stopped right in front of him and said "then when you've been together for a while it gets more open and less formal less delicate." I straddled his lap and gave him a big wet kiss putting my tongue deep in his mouth and sucking his tongue into mine. I started rubbing my pussy on the bulge in his pants. Terry reached up and started playing with my tits with both hands, pinching and pulling my nipples. After a couple minutes one hand slid down and started frigging my soaking pussy. We kept kissing while he worked me over for a few minutes, then I had to break away before I lost it.

I slowly got up and stepped to Chris. I straddled his lap also and kissed him. He said "wait!"

I asked "What? Isn't this what you want?"

He said "Yes, but I have one question!" "What if it's not a girlfriend?

What if it's a cock tease teacher walking around naked in front of her class saying 'FUCK ME'?"

I said "Well then, I guess you should have your way with her!"

With that he lifted me up with my legs still around him and undid his pants dropping them to the floor. I instantly felt his penis against my bottom, he lifted me up a little more with my help and slid easily into my pussy. I started working myself up and down on his shaft, the weight must have gotten to him a bit as he tried to sit down. I slid out on the way but quickly remounted and rode him as our lips locked.

Chris said "not so fast" and held me still for a few seconds. I looked at the others and they were sitting in their chairs now with no pants on and their boners sticking straight up. Chris said I needed to teach them too.

I moved to Terry and mounted his shaft. He is a bit thicker than Chris but not as long. We kissed and I rode him for a couple minutes, he reached for my tits and started kissing and sucking on them.

This went on for a couple minutes then he said "don't forget the k**." I slid off of Terry and stepped over to Nick. He too grabbed my tits as I slid onto his cock. For the youngest he was the most hung. It must have been 8" and as thick as Terry's. I slid down slowly until it was all the way in, then up and down slowly as he kissed me deeply. This felt so good I didn't want to stop. After a few minutes Nick asked if he could lay me on the couch and do it, I agreed and got up. My juices were flowing and glistening on his cock.

Chris got up and took me to the couch sitting on one side and Terry sat on the other. Nick got down on his knees to enter me.

I said "You did bring condoms didn't you Chris?"

He smiled and said "Dang, I knew I was forgetting something!" then let out a laugh.

He said go Nick, and grabbed one of my tits as did Terry. Nick entered me slowly at first then thrust in hard and I shook. The others held on tight as Nick pounded me hard! I wrapped my legs around him and started cumming, and Nick tensed up and shot his load deep inside me.

I said "Oh god no!"

Chris said "You didn't?"

Nick said "I couldn't help it!"

Chris said we all got to use it you know, and they all laughed.

Then Terry and Nick changed positions and Terry said "Oh sloppy seconds again!" then he laughed and rammed his cock in me. Terry worked it in out fast and hard and I started to climax again, this time he pulled out and Chris moved out of the way as Terry came up and shot his load on my tits.

Chris wasted no time entering me and frigging my hole for all it was worth. I played with the cum on my tits and rubbed it in and around as he pounded away. Soon he started to tense up too, he pulled me toward him off the edge of the couch lay my butt down as he pulled out and came on my tits too. It was hot and all over from my neck to the bottom of my tits.

I asked for a towel and Chris said "Not yet."

Nick asked "Mrs. H what's the next lesson?"

I looked up and Chris handed me a card, it was blank, I thought good it might be over, then he said turn it over. It read "ORAL SEX".

"What does it say Mrs. H.?" asked Nick.

"It says 'oral sex'" I replied.

"Is that where you talk a lot about it?" he said with a shit eating grin.

I said "No, it's either when I guy takes his tongue and licks out a woman's vagina or a woman takes a man's penis in her mouth and licks and sucks it."

"Well, you got cum in there now, and this ain't for your pleasure it's for ours" Chris chimed in.

"Does he cum in her mouth?" Nick asked.

"Sometimes" I replied.

"Does she swallow it?" he asked again.

"Sometimes" I answered looking at his stiffening cock with each question.

"Do you swallow it Mrs. H?" he asked with his cock now inches from my face.

"I have" I said quietly.

"Show me, show me!" he commanded.

"Yeah show us" said Terry.

I got on my knees and they turned me so I was facing slightly away from the window. I took Nick's cock in my hand and started to lick the head, I could taste my juice and his still on it. I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it gently trying to take in as much as I could a little at a time. Terry said we were going too slow and put his hand on the back of my head and started moving me back and forth on his little b*****r's shaft. Nick got the idea and started fucking my mouth harder. I was feeling so dirty and excited at the same time, I took one hand and started frigging my pulsing pussy and the other stroking Terry's swelling cock. Nick grunted and started shooting into my throat, I swallowed as much as I could but some squirted out of my mouth and dripped down my chin. Nick pulled out and squeezed the last of it on my face. It was running down my nose and cheeks when Terry popped his dick in my mouth before I could catch my breath.

Chris was still standing next to me so I switched hands on my pussy and started stroking Chris's already hard cock. He tried to slide his in my mouth with Terry's but they both wouldn't fit, so I went back and forth for a while then Terry said "it's close." I took his as deep as I could and started choking when he erupted in my mouth, the first three gulps went down and he pulled out and sprayed my face with a huge load. It went in my eyes and hair and I felt a hand on the back of my head as Chris started face fucking me. I had both hands working my pussy now as Chris started moaning and shot a hot stream down my throat. He pulled out quickly and sprayed my face as well. I opened my mouth to catch what I could, but he hit my forehead, eyes and nose mostly. He rubbed his cock on my face like wiping up some of the cum hanging on it then put it back in my mouth for me to clean off.

I started cumming hard and the guys stood and watched kind of cheering me on.

Terry said "when is it coming?"

Chris said "should be any minute now."

I thought they were talking about me while I began to come down a bit. Just then his door buzzed, he went to the intercom and asked who it was. All I heard was pizza and thought I had better get out of view but found it hard to gather myself to move. As I was trying to get myself up Chris went into the kitchen and came back to me handing me a $20 bill. I looked at him like this was my payment for the night?

He said "Here this is for the pizza guy."

I said "You can't, I can't, no, not like this, please don't!" and started getting very nervous and a bit shaky. Then there was a knock on the door.

They all stood there with their pants off and their limp dicks saying "go on now we're hungry."

I couldn't move, the door knocked again, I slowly walked over and opened it to see a guy holding a pizza and staring in shock at me. I was standing there in just my garter belt and stockings, with cum all over my face and tits. I handed him the money.

Chris took the pizza and said "Hi Pete." Then Chris said "What about his tip?"

I put my head down in shame and stepped back.

Chris said "I think a blow job should do well."

Pete said "Cool with me after you stiffed me last time."

Chris said "Not from me dummy, from her!"

I had lost all dignity by now and just got on my knees and undid Pete's zipper and pulled out his cock and started sucking on it. It started growing fast in my mouth and he started picking up the rhythm with my head bobbing. It only took a couple minutes when I felt him tense up. He pulled out and started stroking at my face. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out as he sprayed his hot cum. The first couple shots hit me right in the forehead and started dripping down my nose then he laid his cock head on my tongue and pumped the rest into my open mouth. I held it there until he was done and backed up then with one big gulp swallowed the whole thing. I felt so humiliated and so much like a slut but felt a swelling build in my pussy I never felt before. Just as I started to reach for my pussy again I saw Chris point to the window and laugh.

I looked over and saw at least 5 or 6 guys staring in applauding, they started shouting "Yeah, you the man Chris! Fucking hot! Awesome!"

I lost all control! I was totally exposed, not just to Chris, Terry and Nick, but to the pizza guy and all these guys outside, covered in cum and used like a fucking whore. I started shaking uncontrollably. I lay back on my knees with my legs still under me grabbed my pussy and started rubbing as hard as I could, I couldn't stop! I began to convulse, my pussy started squirt, I had never experienced anything like this before. It seemed to have shot 2 or 3 feet into the air and kept going a few times. Finally it subsided and I just collapsed.

Chris went to the window and said "Ok, it's over, we're settled" and pulled the curtains.

He handed me a towel and said to take my time as he and the other three went to the kitchen to eat the pizza. After I lay there a few minutes I toweled off and went in to shower. I came out not saying a word and looking for my clothes. I could only find my blouse and skirt.

I asked Chris where the rest was and he said "Well you gave Nick your bra and me your panties but I thought it was too warm for a jacket so I had Pete take it to goodwill."

I pulled on my skirt and put my blouse on but it only had the two buttons left Chris hadn't ripped off earlier, it was open from about mid breast down.

He said he liked the look, then said it be best if they made sure I got to my car safely with those other horny guys lurking around.

Terry said "Yeah I pity the girl or girls they do find tonight." I got in my car and cried all the way home and all night.

I don't know how it all got out of hand like this but it did stir some sl**pless nights and lots of wondering if it was somehow all my fault, or was I just a victim of my own deep desires, or maybe just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I knew I'd ponder this for some time. If you want to know which way I went, please give me feedback or emails and I'll send what happened next.
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hot and slutty!
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Great story,,well written and believable,,,hope there's more
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I loved the story and I can hardly wait to read more! It was well written and easy to follow. It is so nice to read a story that is properly proofread prior to posting! Great job!!! Keep it up.
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Well that was quite a story. Was it really true or one you made up? Being and assistant principle you should have had better sense. that is unless it was really lust on your part. Well how did you want to finish this story? I'd like to know
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Great story wish I could have been part of that fun!!
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Great story. I had the hots for a few of my younger teachers back in the day. Lol
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its a rip of a literotica story under the same title
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definitely a great read, i loved every bit of it, all up to the end where you weren't sure if you liked it or not
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