A day of dreams - Part 1

A day of dreams

I just couldn't believe where I was and what was happening. My emotions were a whirlwind of nervousness, confusion and yet also excitement. To say that I felt totally unsettled and out of my depth would be an understatement. I was way out of my normally controlled comfort zone and couldn't think straight. This was so foreign and yet I couldn't stop it and truth be told, I didn't want to stop it. This wasn't me.
It was as if I was a different person...a completely different person with a different personality, emotions and identity. Would this end? Would I suddenly feel normal again and feel like myself? Oh please no don't let it end. As unsettled as I was feeling, I didn't want it to end. Something had changed inside my being and I loved it; wanted it. This is what I'm meant to be, how I'm meant to feel.

How did I get here? That's a long story. Or actually, it's not such a long story when I now think back to it.

Let me start at the beginning.

The story begins....

“David darling, we've got such an exciting day planned and we've all agreed that you absolutely must must come with us!”. Penny’s excitement was palpable as she spoke to me, leaning forward and her hand touching mine. The three other woman giggled and all spoke at the same time, equally excited, as they confirmed that I “absolutely must come with them”.

“You'll love it babe, and we are going to have just the best day ever!”, said Angela. I looked at Penny, Angela and Susan. A small smile on my lips and a flutter of excitement inside me. I was blushing and I didn't even know why I was blushing. Well, that's not quite true. I knew why I was excited and blushing. My three friends had decided announced that they we taking the day off from work for a "girls’ day" and they wanted me to join them seeing as I was "one of the girls".

For several weeks now I'd been working closely with all three of them and from early on they decided that I wasn't like the usual guys who they worked with. No, they said it was like I was "one of the girls". I took that as a compliment and they meant it as a compliment. I've never been a typical type-A alpha male. It wasn't a choice or a decision I made, it simply just was as it was. That was me. I enjoyed the company of women and in fact preferred the company of women. My best friends had always been women. The conversations and open emotions of female friends have always felt comforting to me. Not that my interests were particularly feminine, but I loved the close friendships and sharing of ones life that occurred between women.

My three colleagues had obviously noticed that when I joined their team at work and they included me in all conversations during breaks from our busy schedule. We'd been working closely and intensely on a major marketing project for several weeks and the long hours meant that we'd take work breaks together and often end a long day at a local cocktail lounge unwinding with a few cocktails or glasses of wine. They genuinely accepted me into their circle as one of the girls. The intimate stories they shared of their love lives sometimes...no, often...made me blush. Sometimes I think they told stories just to make me blush. They'd giggle as I'd uncomfortably squirm in my seat as I listened to another story of how a boyfriend slid his fingers into a wet pussy and made her moan with desire. Every now and then they'd want to hear my stories, but I had none. My life was definitely boring compared to theirs. I worked, cleaned my apartment on weekends, worked some more and spent most of my time alone. There was no lover on the scene. They'd jokingly tell me that one of these days they'd have to find me a lover so that they can hear my intimate and sexy secrets as well. “Yeah yeah, sure girls...I know you just want to hear naughty stories of me moaning and having orgasms, but at least one of us needs to have a non-sexual boring life. At least that balances out with your many sexual escapades”, was my regular response.

But I digress...back to the moment.

“We're all going off to a wonderful new resort today” said Penny. “You know my client, One Woman, the new women's magazine. They've invited me and three friends to spend a day of total indulgence at the new resort hotel at the casino. It's going to be amazing!” Penny was gushing with excitement. Angela and Susan were just as excited and could hardly stir still as the literally bounced in their seats, all three leaning forward and touching my arms and hands as they excited implored me to come with.”It's going to be fantastic, babes!”, said Susan. “A few hours in the day spa and then they apparently have a whole heap of other things planned for the rest of the day, ending with a cocktail party for their investors and the media. Ooooo, so exciting!". Angela chimed in...and said what had remained unsaid until that moment...”Come on David darling, you're one of us girls remember, and this is going to be just the most perfect girls' day and night out, so you have to have to have to come with us!”.

“Ok, I'll come with. But I just know I'm going to regret this. There's a hell of a big difference between me "being one of the girls", as you call it, here at work when we can joke about it and going and spending a day at a resort and spa pretending to be one of the girls", I responded. “Oh babes, you'll love it! Won't he, girls?” Penny looked at the other two and winked. They laughed, not in a horrible mocking way, but in a natural playful way. “Yes you will love it David”. Susan touched my hand affectionately as she smiled at me. “A day of girlie indulgence is just the most wonderful experience and if you've never done it, you just don't know what you're missing. A day of relaxing, being looked after, pampered...just the best way to relax and forget about work. And darling, you work way too hard. You do need a day of relaxing and forgetting all about work”.

The spa

Our taxi pulled up outside the resort. And what amazing resort it was. The architecture can only be described as "awesome"! Stylish luxury, understated extravagance and sublime beauty! “Oh my god, this place is amazing!” I exclaimed excitedly. My friends laughed excitedly. “Oh my god, you sound like an excited girl” was Penny's response. “Go girl, you're getting into the right mood. Perfect!”.

An immaculately groomed and dressed woman came to greet us as we got out of the taxi. “Welcome to The Palace ladies....um...and gentleman?”. She stuttered and did a double take as I stepped out of the taxi. Her carefully prepared welcoming speech was thrown of track by me,a male, in what she though was a group of four women coming to the resort for the day.

Penny took control of the situation. Penny always took control of every situation. She was such an impressive decisive strong person. I really admired her strength and decisiveness. In fact, I adored her...and she knew it and secretly loved the adoration. She also loved the control she knew she had over me. She knew I'd do whatever she wanted me to do.

“Hi there, you must be Michelle”. Penny stepped forward and shook hands with the lady. “I'm Penny and this is Susan, Angela and David.” The lady, Michelle, smiled and shook hands with each of us. “As for David...the gentleman as you called him...for today we're a group of four girls as arranged. As far as we're concerned David is and has always been one of the girls so please don't change any of the plans for the day. Whatever is planned for us girls can stay exactly as is and David is to get the same treatment and goodies and activities.” Penny smiles at me, “Isn't that so, babes”. That wasn't a question. Penny looked at me and cocked her head to the side provocatively. I sighed in an exaggerated pretend way. “Michelle, as you can see Penny has makes all the decisions and she's decided that I'm one of the girls for the day, so yes, I just have to do what I'm told.”

Michelle giggled and smiled at Penny and then at me. “Ok darling, well that makes it easier if you're one of the girls and we won't change any of the exciting plans we've made for the day...and evening. Mmmm...this is going to be interesting...definitely an unexpected twist. I was looking forward to the day, but this makes it just that bit more interesting. Definitely a first for me, but I love a challenge and having a male as "one of the girls" has got my creative mind racing with some thoughts. This will be a day to remember for all of you, and I suspect a very unique day for you, David.” Michelle paused with a pensive look as she frowned for a moment. “Mmmm...Penny, we can't have a girl called David, can we now?” Penny giggled..and her giggles were joined by Susan, Angela and Michelle. They suddenly all looked at me, smiling wickedly. I blushed and cringed. “Nothing wrong with David!”, I exclaimed. I looked at them, pretending to be indignant. The blush that appeared on my face however gave me away. The blush clearly showed that I was embarrassed and not indignant. Penny giggled and looked at the other women. “Michelle, you have a very valid point.” Penny looked at me, excitement bubbling out of her. “Sooooo...mmmmm...I think your name is Didi. Yes, yes perfect! Didi it is! And for today, you're a "her" and not a "he", ok babes?!” The women whooped and laughed, “oh yes, perfect” they shouted in unison. All I could do was smile shyly and blush.

“Ok ladies, all settled. Now after that bit of excitement, let's head inside and I will get you settled and the show on the road”, Michelle said, still laughing softly with a wicked glint in her eyes as she glanced at me...and fluttered her eyelashes in a sensual flirting way that only women can do.

In no time we had fruit juices in our hands and were ushered into the day spa. “Welcome ladies” a beautiful young woman said as she walked into the spa reception area. “I've been briefed on today's activities for you ladies, so from here on please relax, stop thinking and enjoy the indulgences that we have planned for you.” We all smiled happily as the tension of weeks of hard work were forgotten and we got into the swing of a relaxing day of no work and, as instructed, no thought. “Okie dokie, first thing is for you ladies to get out your work clothes and into some beautiful soft silk gowns. W have cubicles here for you. Just take everything off...and I mean everything, undies as well...and slip into the gown. Then come back out here and we'll take it from there.

Oh my god...horror...everything off! Including my undies! And that with women around! This was definitely not what I had expected! What had I expected? I have no idea. I hadn't been thinking at all when my friends said I was coming with for a girls' day out. Silly me had just obediently followed Penny's plan with no further thought of the implications.

Angela could see my sudden discomfort. She burst out in a loud giggle (can one "burst out in a giggle"? I'm not sure one can, but that's exactly what Angela did). The others turned around and looked at Angela, and then looked at me and spontaneously burst out laughing when they saw the absolutely look of horror and fright on my face.

“Oh you poor darling”, Penny said as she affectionately touched my arm. “Don't worry baby, you will get used to it. Just remember, we're all girls here including you. You will be fine. Think of yourself as Didi, as a girl...because for now you are a girl and us girls love being at a spa in our silk gowns, relaxing and giving in to the sensual treatments. Ok, babes?”. I swallowed nervously, and nodded. What else could I do? I could bail out and run away, but that would be even more embarrassing. No best thing to do is to try and relax and go with the flow. What will be will be. Besides, it could be fun. And another "besides"... if they get glimpses of me semi-naked...or naked...it means I also get to see them in the same state of nakedness and that would be fun. I giggled. “What you giggling about, Didi? That sounded like a naughty giggle!”, Penny admonished me. “Mmm, maybe it was a naughty giggle”, I laughed.

Penny smiled back at me in a very knowing way. “Well darling Didi, I think today may turn out to be a very naughty day.” I smiled back and giggled, not that I wanted to giggle, but there was an excitement in me...in fact there was a level of excitement amongst all of us that was quite palpable. “Good girl”, Penny said with a happy smile, “you're getting into the right mood and frame of mind. Perfect! We are going to have soooo much fun, aren't we girls!” And with that we...all four of us girls...whooped and hollered with agreement!

In no time at all I was lying back on a therapy table receiving a wonderfully blissful relaxing facial from a beautician. My friends were also receiving facials...all four of us in the same beautiful therapy room. Soft lighting, gentle sounds from the water fountain and heavenly aromatic and sensual smells. While receiving the facials each of us also had another beautician working on our hands. First the most delightful hand massages and followed by manicures. I couldn't see what was happening because my eyes were closed for my facial. But it felt wonderful. So relaxing having two people pamper you. In fact, I fell asl**p. Such indulgence and relaxation after weeks of work made the adrenalin dropped and exhaustion took over. I could feel that I was falling into a deep sl**p and I gave into it...totally and completely. Wonderful happy dreams filled my mind as I drifted deeper and deeper.

“Nice legs, babes.” I woke with a start. Someone stroking my smooth hairless legs. “And smooth and hairless all the way to your chinnie-chin-chin I see!”. What! My gown was open and Penny was running her hands up my legs and over my body! “I like it”, she giggled. “Very feminine and smooth just like a girl needs to be.” I couldn't talk. I was swallowing nervously. “But babes, I have a bone to pick with you! All of these weeks when the rest of us spoke about our Brazilian waxes and beauty treatments, you never..NEVER...said anything about your smooth body and Brazilian wax! That's not fair. We tell you and you don't tell us about your waxing! Naughty Didi! No more secrets from you, ok! I think you deserve a punishment for keeping such delicious secrets from us! Maybe I should let you parade and pose naked for us! Or, no...even better...pose for us and our boyfriends! Show them what a good girl you are!” I blushed...and then I heard Penny giggle. “Ooooo, I think our good girl likes that suggestion!” I suddenly became aware of the fact that my gown was still open, that I was totally exposed...and that I was getting an erection! I quickly grabbed the gown and wrapped it over me, covering my embarrassing and in opportune erection! Penny leant forward and gently kissed my lips. It was a kind and friendly kiss. “Don't worry baby, I've seen erections before and a very pretty erection it was too. I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you. I didn't mean to. But you did look so sexy all smooth, waxed and hairless. It's very sexy...such a beautiful combination of male genitals with a smooth lean and quite feminine body with small titties.” I touched her arm to show her it was ok. I was still too embarrassed to speak, but she was so kind and gentle now that I had to show her it was ok between us.

Penny's voice was still soft and kind as she continued to speak to me. “Susan and Angela have gone to get their hair done. You were sl**ping so deeply that we didn't want to disturb you. I came back to get you so that you can get your hair done as well. We're getting all dolled up and styled for the cocktail party. And off course you're also getting beautifully dolled up. Oh by the way,” and she giggled, “while you were sl**ping so beautifully and deeply, we accessorised you just a teensy bit.” I looked at her quizzically. Her eyes moved to my hands. I looked down. Long red fingernails! I lifted my hands and looked at them...admiringly! I just couldn't help the admiring feeling! “We had the beautician put beautiful long fingernails on for you. Do you like them?” I nodded...yes, I did like them. I've always admired women's beautiful painted and long fingernails and now I also had beautiful long painted fingernails. Penny smiled. It was a happy and very relieved smile. “I'm glad you're happy with them. I was a bit worried. I thought maybe we'd gone too far, but now I know we didn't. Now I know my instincts were right. You love it don't you? You love being a girl.” I nodded...blushed a little, but couldn't stop my happy smile. “Good girl, I love seeing you transform bit by bit into a girl. "One of the girls", right?” Again I smiled and nodded. “Well girl friend, you're going to love the whole package then, the complete package that we've got planned for you.” She again leant forward and gently and affectionately kissed my lips. “Ummm, one other thing. We also had your ears pierced while you slept.” Penny giggled, a little nervously. I raised my hand to my one ear, and sure enough, there was a dangly set of long earrings hanging from my earlobe. “Wow!” is all I could say. “They look gorgeous on you babes, and they'll look even more amazing once your hair is done and the rest.” I didn't want to ask what "the rest" meant. I was too nervous, slightly confused...and embarrassed to ask what else was in store for me. And excited. Embarrassingly excited and Penny's eyes were on my embarrassing excitement...my erection.

Penny smiled. “I can see you like your transformation” and she touched my erection clearly showing under the gown. “Would you like me to...ummm...take care of this for you? Would you like me to suck you?” I cringed, “no please, no. That would be too weird. You're my friend, I can't have you do that to me!”. “Ok darling. I agree that would be a bit weird. Do you want me to leave you for a little while and you can masturbate?”. “No!”, I almost shouted. “God, this is so humiliating and embarrassing!”. Penny's voice was soft and gentle as she touched my arm. “No my darling girl friend, don't feel embarrassed. Being aroused is nothing to be embarrassed about. God, I was so excited when I watched them do your long fingernails and earrings that I was wet and had to go off to the loo to masturbate. So darling, you've already had that reaction on me, so it's normal for you to have that reaction on yourself!”.

I was blushing like I've never blushed before. “Yeah, we'll it feels weird to me to get an erection in front of you. God, you're a work colleague and friend!” Penny giggled. “Baby, don't even think about us being work colleagues. I can assure you, before the evening is out, or at least by tomorrow morning, us girls will have seen each other do wonderfully erotic naughty sexual things. This is going to be one sexy horny night! There are going to be a big group of horny alpha males at tonight's cocktail party and the four of us are going to fuck our brains out, that I can promise you. And then at breakfast or in the cab on our way home we're going to share all the gory sexy erotic details! So be prepared!” Penny gave a sexy laugh. “You ain't heard nothing yet, s****r!”.

“Ok, Didi girl. Now back to this male erection. If you don't want me to take care of it for you, and you don't want to take care of it yourself, then we have to make another plan. We can't have a girl walking around with a raging hard-on. Let me see. I think I have a plan. Give me a few minutes” and with that she disappeared from the room. I looked admiringly at my fingernails again. And touched the dangly earrings hanging from my ears. I glanced at my feet and saw that my toenails were painted the same colour as my fingernails. The vision was all "girl"...other than the erection still poking a tent in the front of the gown.

In no time Penny was back. “Ok babes, I have a solution.” Se was carrying a little spray bottle. “This is a special spray I've heard about. Male models sometimes need this and I'd guessed that the magazine folks would have some here...and viola, they did!”. I was puzzled. “What is it?”. Penny giggled. “It's a spray to sort out pesky erections that are threatening to spoil a photo shoot. Ok babes, open the kimono!” Penny didn't wait for me to open the gown. She whipped it open, "opening the kimono" is sooo many ways. “Spritz”...she sprayed a freezing cold liquid on my erection. I gasped in surprise and shock. For a moment I thought my erection was going to explode, but the next moment I felt a shrinking feeling. Penny sprayed again. “Open your legs, babe”. She giggled. “Oh my god, that sounded deliciously naughty. I'm sure you'll hear that command later tonight!”, Penny laughed wickedly, “but for now opening your legs is for a different purpose!” I obediently...and yes, submissively, complied. She spritzed again, this time on my testicles. Damn, that was cold! I could feel my genitals shrinking. My penis was shrunken and tiny and my ball bag tightened...it was like I'd gone for a swim in Arctic waters! Penny ran her fingers over my shrunken cock and balls. “There we go. Nice and teeny and under control.” I looked down. If I'd been an alpha male I would now have been horrified and furious. My cock and balls had shrunk down to almost nothing. My ball bag was so shrunken and tight that my balls had disappeared into the hollows in my groin. Those hollows from which they'd descended when I reached puberty. It was now almost smooth down there between my legs. Balls disappeared, ball bag tight and flat against my groin and my cock the tiniest little thing. “Good girl”, Penny said as she pushed my cock into my body. “See, now you're almost like a girl down there. Once we put your panties on, no-one will even know that there's a cockie down there. You will have a flat pussy with a slightly larger clit than most girls have.” She giggled. “God I love it. It's is just so much fucking fun!”

“Ok Didi darling, time for your hair and the rest. But first put these on.” With that she handed me a tiny...the tiniest...pair of turquoise lace panties. “Slip them on baby. It will make you feel even more girlie and will help to get your mind totally into feminine girlie mode.” They were gorgeous. If I hadn't been thoroughly sprayed into oblivion, I would have had the biggest raging hard-on as I slipped them on and pulled them up to my waist. God they were tiny..and gorgeous. The panties just covered my now shrunken and hidden cockie and hardly covered my backside. To sexy for words! “Oh my god, you look yummy in those!”, Penny squealed. “Every guy in the room is going to want to get his hands into those panties!” I blushed bright red...as red as my fingernails. “Oh stop it Penny. You can sometimes talk such rubbish.” She laughed. “Oh no, just you wait. You'll see. You will be fighting off pesky horny hands all night!” Penny was still laughing...and I was now also laughing...when she handed me a pair of stilettos with the highest heels you can imagine. “You're Louboutins my princess”, she said as she held up the shoes dangling from her hands. “And these? Why? What are they for?” I gasped incredulously. “Well these are for you off course babe! You didn't think you'd be wearing those ugly guy shoes you arrived in did you? And you need practice walking in them. It's only a few hours before the cocktail party and by then we have to have you comfortable in these and walking with the sexiest hip sway imaginable. So quit arguing and get them on, babe! Come on, chop chop. There's a hairstylist, makeup artist and personal dress stylist waiting to get their hands on you. Everyone is excited about this little project of transforming you into the sexiest girl, so let's not keep them waiting.” “Oh yes, and”, Penny giggled, “we've got a betting book running amongst the resort staff as to how many handsome straight guys are going to get into your panties tonight! So we and they all of have an incentive to getting you to be the most gorgeous sexy girl tonight. We're counting on you making the men so horny that all the rest of us girls will get the kind of attention that always comes when men get as aroused as male peacocks. Don't worry, we won't steal your admirers. There will be plenty of guys to go around! Lots of wealthy investors, sheiks and the like. Mmmm...the rest of us girls will focus on the poor male models who won't dare to compete for your attention...and pussy!” Penny was laughing as she hugged me and then patted my bum. “Come sexy, time for your hair and makeup.”

I was speechless as we walked towards the hair salon, teetering on my new high heeled stilettos. My hips and bum swaying sexily...which was impossible to stop because the high heels just naturally made me walk that way.

To be continued......
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starting off really good
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cant say i fancy that kind of treatment at the spa.