Dick Dick and more Dick

Bordom on a friday night is a bitch. After a hard week at work of paper pushing a girl needs to unwine.
Some weed, wine: perfect way to unwine.....It was a holiday weekend so i can afford to kick back, let loose and enjoy the night. After a glass of white wine and a soak in the tub I got dressed in a short black dress, black clutch and a pair of guess black and white pumps with five inch heels..damn i was on. Got in my BMW coupe ride about eleven pm and headed up the coast the the happening spot.

The place was packed, people liming on the outside, music banging on the inside. I parked my car and walked half a block to the night club. The salt air caress my face and bare legs, the crashing of the waves against the shore and two glasses of wine had put me in the mood to get down and dirty.
The line into the club was not long so in a short while i was wiggling my hips to the sweet sound of soca mucic and sipping on some wine. I scanned the club for signs of friendly faces and gave up due to the darkness. Im sure i comman so much attention that anyone who knew me would not hesitate to say hi.

I had had about four glasses of wine and was really in the mood for a bathroom break.
'Dammit', ladies room was loaded so i decided what the hell, the gents would be a good place as any to 'let it all out'

Not in the least bit inhibited i strolled into the lou. Two guys were at the eurinal 'unloading' and were rather suprised that is took such liberties to be in their 'spot'.
I ignored then as i scamper for a cubicle as there was so much a small bladder can take.
'Oh' i moan as that was all over, now lets get back to the party!!!!!!!!!!!
I cleaned up,left the stall, headed to the sink totally oblivious to the fact that the same two men who i had seem before were not standing by the door. I washed my hands and headed in that direction, wiggling my hips to the pulsating sound, eager to get back to the party.
I was not prepared for what happened next. The guys had blocked my path to getting my party on.... 'Excuse', i cooed, looking each one in the eye, reafirming my desire to leave, but they just stood there looking at each other.
In a louder voice i yelled 'excuse'....that really didnt work as the two gentlemen began walking towards me.
in one swift move they were upon me, one with hiss tongue down my throat and the other's hand was under my dress....surfice to say i wasnt wearing any panties so it was not hard for him to squeeze my ass hard. Something in my head didnt take over like it should and i felt strangely empowered to fuck them both (if it came to that). I didnt put up any resistance and the manhandeling contunued. My breast we set free from my dress with one roughly sucking on it after devouring my mouth and the other had slid two fingers in my wet pussy. I wasnt aware of the time it got wet but i know it felt damn good. i wiggled my hips now in sync to his thrusting in and out and spreading my hole open, i moan in delight as erotic passions engulfed me. i was not aware of when dicks were freed form pants but i felt one inside my pussy which made me moan louder. They spun me around to face the sink and hiked my dress around my waist. As my pussy was being drilled by one cock, fingers we in my ass spreading it open. I somehow found myself on all fours on the hard tile floor and without hesitation a cock was in my ass and one in my pussy, pounding away at both holes. It felt good. After ten minutes i feel their cocks begin to expand and they both blew their nut in my holes. They cleaned up and left me there on the floor with cum juice in my ass and cunt. i quickly cleaned up and left. Another glass of wine at the bar was in order and i leaned against the counter savoring the rich texture of the chardonney i had just ordered and enjoying the lingering feel of the cock that had just violated me in the mens room. It was more crowded in the bar than i remembered so there was always someone brushing pass or being pressed against you. Engaged with my wine i vagely became aware of hands caressing my tights. maybe if it didnt look it would go away. Slowly the invading hand began a steady climb under my barely there dress until it reached the warm centre of my womanhood. damn that felt good as prying unknown fingers began a steady thrusting in and out of my cum soaked pussy. i spread my legs a little wider to allow the invading fingers to work their magic. I began to move my hips to urge the owner of the prying fingers to continue. To other around me i was just enjoying a glass of wine and some sweet music but only the stranger and i knew what pleasure was being enjoyed at that moment. He finger fooped me until he was satisfied. After that and until i left there was a steady stream for fingers invading my wet sopping cunt but i didnt care. i loved all the attention. I think ill try that again next friday
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1 year ago
I'd love to finger your cum filled cunt too
2 years ago
2 years ago
Damn girl. You should write more often
2 years ago
lol nice