Coming of Age

Sharon was very quiet at school. you would never knew she existed. Plain Jane type with 'not one ass' to worry about.
As she grew into a woman and her body became supple, breast filled out, nice round ass and long red hair...suddenly the boys took notice. 'None of these ass lickers for me!' sharon thought to herself.Boys from the block was never her thing.

Sharon moved away from the country and went to live in Boston. Will only a few hundred dollars to her name and a scholarship, Sharon was determined to make it in the 'big city'. No more country bumpkin, she was 21 now will all the assets of a woman.

As the months went by and money began to dwindle Sharon became desperate to find a job to 'tide her over' until she completed her degree. So far there were slim pickings and Sharon needed to keep up the facade.

In tears she called her bestfriend was was able to afford designer handbags at $600.00 a pop. Sharon always wondered how she could afford it, them being from the same 'side of the street'.

Sharon:'Fay im so much in debt and so broke i dont know what to do!'
Fay:'Girl!, why are you crying didnt i tell you ill look out for you?'
Sharon:'Yes but you know i dont want to depend on you'
Fay: 'Thats OK, i have an audition today why dont you come along and maybe there is a part for you!'
Sharon got all excited and couldnt wait as acting was always her passion
Sharon and Fay met up and headed off to the audition together. When they arrived they were greated by 10 other male actors and a producer. Sharon felt uneasy but Fay nudged her on.
'I dont like this Fay,'lamented Sharon, 'I thought it was only going to be us?'
'Seriously Sharon, how nieve can you be!' fay puffed becoming more annoyed.'Do you want real money or dont you!'
Sharon thought for a moment as they entered the studio.Fay seem so at ease as they were introduced to the director by his assistant.
Ralph the director greated them warmly
Sharon wanted to run for dear life but with the rent due in a couple of days and a box of cornflakes in the cupboard, something had to give.
After pleasentries, the two girls were e****ted to another room with a bed and a table.
The directors instructed the men and the two girls how the scene was to be played out.
Fay sat on the bed flanked by all ten guys and Sharon sat on the table.
The guys began to grope and prod and poke Fay who seem to be enjoying the attention. One guy had her blouse off in a hurry and was sucking her luscious tits, one had her skirt above her waist and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. This was anyones game!
Soon all the guys had there dicks out and fay was sucking one after the other. One of the guys drag Fay by her feet so his cock was alinged with her pussy. With one quick stroke he was inside her pounding her pink cunt hard. They all took turns pounding Fay in the mouth and cunthole. Flipping her over on all fours someone began to pound Fay's asshole. She moan with delight. One cock in her pussy, one in her cunt and one in her mouth, Fay was in heaven.
See all this action made Sharon begin to play with her pussy before her cue. She was so wet and wanted some of that cock that was waving around. Without anymore hesitation she joined Fay on the bed. As soon as she got there one of the guys bend her over and ram his cock hard up her pussy, which began to pulsate and grab his cock. He rammed her hard without mercy and she moaned with pain and pleasure.Taking his cock out he f***ed it in her asshole and met with little resistance.Soon he was pounding her ass hard too. Sharon was like a pro. She enjoyed all those hands groping her hot little body, finger fucking her pussy and asshole and then being drilled by cock after cock after cock....
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2 years ago
I liked your story.
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Enjoyable, thanks x
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks