Whore of the club

Working as a Sales associate by day and a stripper by night got the bills paid. living in upstate New York was not picnic neither was making sure im well dressed and can afford my BMW.

Lexi's was an upscale club which offers me some measure of comfort as hardly the rift raft could afford a cover charge of $200.00 every night.Booths for private dances, and any other business a girl choose to conduct off the books, peep and glory holes...the works

Tonight was a theme night and the club was packed. I was not ashamed to shake my tits and ass for strangers and let the occasional man or woman finger foop me before slipping a twenty in my tbacks. I rode those fingers like a pro

It was my turn to dance and i shaked my well toned ass to the beat of a sexy song. I was wearing a white thong and top with studs and my shoulder length black hair carassed my shoulders as i span around the pole and wiggled my ass. Removing my top i caressed my tits and sucked on them a little to get the attention of the crowd who was by now paying me all the attention, which i liked.

I could feel tonight was a money making night as men dressed in expensive suites and ties, in all shapes and sizes sstarted to occupy table near the front of the stage.

I got in the grove and as usual the top came off. I showed my ass to the men in the front row and allowed them to take a peep at my well shaved pussy. They took turns inserting one two three fingers in my cunt as i wiggled my ass. into my tback went fifties and hundreds. I knew if i kept it up i'll go home with about five thousand dollars tonight.
My set was over and i decided to cool my heels in on of the booths. I didnt want to see the other girls perform, i was not interested. i must have doozed off before being awaken by hands caressing my legs. I jumped up to see a group of ten persons both women and men in the booth with me. what the hell, i thought, i didnt arrange any 'extra' work.
"Tammy", one called out, take those fucking cloths off!" considering i was not tammy but i did as i was told as piles of money were placed on the table at the side of the booth. I stood naked in the booth. Void of any shame i began to walk around the room letting me and women pull my tits, slap my ass, rub my pussy..i was in heaven. One chap had his cock out and beconed me over. i knelt infront of him and began to suck his cock. He worked his hips so his cock moved in and out my mouth. I made sure my mouth was wet with spit so his cock was well lubed. Soon enough dicks began to appear and pussy as well. Hands were on my tits, in my cunt my ass, all over me. I raised myself from squatting to allow them to have un-inhibited access to my pussy and ass.By now my sweet pussy was dripping and someone began to suck it. i wiggled my ass as the sensation got more intensed. By this time i had two cocks in my hands vigorously jerking them. I felt something entered my pussy but it didnt feel like a cock. It didnt matter my pussy held on tight...it was a banana. Some one began to prime my ass with spit and inserted two three fingers to spread the tight hole open.i felt a cock slide in, then another....and they began ramming my asshole hard...two cocks in my ass and a banana in my pussy, a cock in my mouth and one in each hand...damn.....what fun..I dont know when i changed positions or which cock i had in my ass next but there was always one or two in my pussy or asshole at the same time. AS they fucked me with what ever they could find they called me a cum slut, a dickywhore, they spanked my ass and pulled my hair, squeeze my tits and passed me around like a joint.All the men and women took turns ramming my ass with strap-ons or real dicks, bananas, even the handle of a broom they found in the corner.....this went on for about an hour with each man fucking out my cunt and asshole,they creampied my ass and cunt and i guzzled some down my throat. When they were done they all left me alone in the booth. i began to bundled the money into my top which was discarded on the floor. As i was bending to pick up my top i was roughly showed against the wall. 'you little slut' came a deep voice ' you let all those men fuck you and you never gave me any of this pussy'? You is a real slut, i gine show you some fun.' With one swift movement his cock was inside my pussy, pounding away hard. i was pinned against the wall, he had all the control. One hand was against the back of my head and the other was holding onto my waist so i didnt move. 'Take this dicky bitch, take this cock you whore, i gine fuck you good'.He spanked my ass hard as he continued to ram my cunthole. He soon creampied my pussy. When he was done using my pussy he left and I didnt know who it was. I resumed gathering up my money and putting on my cloths. That night i made about $7000.00...not bad for a nights work....
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3 years ago
Great as usual.
3 years ago
lovely sound mind blowing put a nigga on that shit
3 years ago
very good needs details