i*****l Entry

I was awoken by a knock at the door and i though nothing of opening it as we lived in a very quiet neighourhood. The neighbours we very friendly and everyone knew everyone else. As it was way after midnight and i was already in bed wearing nothing but a tback and a camisole, i staggered to the door, d***k with sl**p.

As soon as i open the door, rough arms grip my mouth and around my waist. Five men proceed to push me aside like a rag doll and enter my house. I was mortified at the idea on inpending death as these men work ski mask. 'Take anything you want!' i cried through fingers clamped to my mouth.

I guess seeing me in a tank and tback turned them on because the focus was not on what was available to take but me. I was home alone that night as everyone else was wisiting f****y.

After closing the door behind them the one that had me holding push me roughly on the ground. 'if you scream ill cut your throat'he said gruffly. i began to back away, tears streaming down my face, shaking my head, trying not to scream for dear live. The first was on me in a second, ripping my camisole off to expose my breast. He handled them roughly, pinching and squeezing. he unzip his pants, freed his cock and roughly push in into my mouth. The rest of the gang followed suit and soon i was sucking five cocks. The all took turns jamming the shafts in my mouth. I had no choice but to comply. In all the madness of the cock sucking i felt hands trying to access my pussy and i instinctly closed my legs but that was futile over powerful hands. One chap held the left leg and one held the right spread eagle. One cut my panties off with his knife and my tight cunt was laying bare, oddly, slighty moist.
'look at this slut' one growled 'we about to **** her and she fucking wet.OK slut we will give you what you want'. But i didnt want any of it....i think. I tried to wriggle free but recieved a slap to my face for the effort. before long there was a cock in my pussy pounding away while my mouth was taking turns sucking cocks. one by one they took turns fucking my wet cunt and my mouth. dragging me like a rag doll to be on my all fours, one chap lied on the floor and insert his cock in my cunt. another position himself to enter my ass. Since i was a virgin in my asshole he met with a lot of resistance, but that didnt stop him. I felt his cock trying to nudge my asshole open and finally with one thrust he cock was inside my ass. I screamed but was soon silenced by a knife to my throat. He didnt care that he hurt me, he was intent on fucking my asshole and he did, pounding wildly and roughly and creampieing my tight viegin hole. They all took turns like this for over an hour. When they were done, the made me suck and clean they dicks. curled on the floor in a ball, with a knofe to my throat the went about the business of the invasion..the television, computer, wii, cellphone......all gone
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2 years ago
love your stories and your pictures what a
lovely dark black pussy you have...
love to cream all over you!
3 years ago
is this real r what fuck
3 years ago
damn tht made my cock rock hard
3 years ago
hmm hot!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
nice story