A visit to Tom's house

'So are you coming over'? tom asked. We had met some moons ago in smutvibes and had steamy conversations about how we would fuck if we ever met, our fantacies, role playing and the whole spectrum of naughty ideas.
I was feeling expecially horny that night after watching porn all day. Fucking myself with my 'friend' only left me wanting some real dicky.

'Sure' i said, but only for a drink. 'No problem' said Tom."I'll be here" After taking a shower i jumped into a tank top and a short jeans skirt. I wore me most sexy panties with all my pussy lips hanging out. I was sliming already just imagining his huge cock inside me.

Tom greeted me at the door of my car as i rolled up. I am sure that as i stepped out of the car he saw my pussy hanging out and i pretended not to notice. We exchanged pleasantries and he e****ted me inside. I sat on the sofa opposite Tom as we became more aquainted with each other. I could see his eyes wondering to my croutch an his cock swelled inside his pants.

He got up poured me a drink and sat beside me on the sofa. We talked somemore about how we met and he suggested since it was a porn site if i would mind watching some porn. I didnt object and he put on an orgy.

My panties began to get soaked watching women get fucked up the ass and cunt but still pretended i was to cool to be aroused. I guessed he smell my juices because the next thing i knew Tom had my legs spread and fingers in my pussy. I brushed his hands away and tried to look startled by his actions.
'You know you want this'! he said grabbing his engorged cock. 'No i dont' i replied.
before i could say another word, in one swift movement i was lying on the couch, legs spread and being finger foop. i began to move my hips to welcome his fingers. Tom ripped off my panties and began to suck my cunt. I was so wet his fingers began making a sploshing sound as i moaned with pleasure. Just as swiftly as i was on my back on the couch his cock was out of his pants and rubbing on my clit. How can something be so hard and soft at the same time.He rammed all nine inches deep inside me as i gasp from the sheer length of it. He fucked my pussy vigorously and i spread my legs wider so he could plow my pussy harder and faster. Tom them put both legs above my head and my pussy camel-toed as he put a finger in my ass while still plowing my pussy. After my asshole readily accepted one two then three of his fingers, tom slid his cock out my pussy and into my ass. He did not let up, he pounded my asshole with the same vigor as my pussy, my asshole holding his cock for dear life as i moan and wiggled in delight. After some time and a lot ramming, with one big thrust Tom came in my asshole. I could feel his hot sperm spouting in my ass, then oozing out and down to the couch. Tom slowed his movements as his cum emptied into my asshole. i could feel it pulsating as my tight asshole milked it of all its goodness
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3 years ago
u want fucking
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3 years ago
very good
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great story!
3 years ago
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