I have always had this fantacy about being gangbang but was to afraid to follow through. Everyday i watch porn with woman taking two and more men in their cunts and asshole and i would get soaking wet. I usually have to fuck myself up the ass with my big black cock dildo and finger fuck my pussy to satisfy this craving. Eatting away at my very soul, daily.

One day i was invited to a party and was feeling rather frisky. Wearing a short skirt, see-through top with black braw underneath and a barely there t-back panties. As i walkinto the house it was lively, women and men moving around, drinking, music pumping and i was in the mood for a stiff vodka.

Half way throught the party i went on the balcony overlooking a beautlful view of the country side and took a look at the breath taking sceanery. I felt a hand on the small of my back but paid it no mind as i was sure it was a friend coming to say hello.
"Hello there beautiful" said a husky voice, almost a drawl. Not caring at the moment i returned the salutation. Turning around slightly to see his face he was the most amazing man i have ever seen. I smiled and returned to the dark but beautiful view. I felt his hands sliding down my ass, and under my skirt as he made polite conversation. His touch was so warm as his fingers found the croutch of my panties with the lips hanging out. He slid his fingers inside me and i gasp at the feeling. I didnt stop his as my pussy was juicing and began to twitch on his fingers. He pump harder and faster in my wet pussy and i push my ass back so he could ram my pussy some more.
In an instant his cock was out and in my pussy. i moaned and 'wuk up' on his hard cock. He thrust into me hard and fast and i moved to him. Feeling hands on my breast i realised we were joined by four of his friends, oh what a dream come through. They undressed me after undressing themselves and took turns plowing my asshole and cunt and manhandeling me. At one point i had two in my ass and one in my pussy and mouth. I moaned and they rammed, felt, poked and proded me with they cock, in my asshole pussy and mouth. When it was all ocer i drank they cum, everylast drop. My juice was all over their cock. i think ill attend this party next year...
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3 years ago
that was great
3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
3 years ago
that's more like it. Am jerking
3 years ago
very good