Seriously! I went for Salt!

I woke up so horny this morning, thinking about having some cock in my pussy. I layed on the bed watching some 'blues' on this site, of woman being fucked in the pussy and ass by strangers, their br0thers, fath3rs and any man with a cock who comes along.....damn i want that to be me.

It was an expecially vivid one that i really enjoyed: a girl getting a bottle rammed up her pussy and ass. Hummmmmmm...I wouldnt mind getting that done to me today!

After watching about four of my favorites and ramming my dildo in my pussy, i was creaming, feeling good, ready to start the day. I showered tank top and barely there skirt and went about my daily chores as per panties

Started to cook and realised i was running low on salt, but being me and too lazy to run to the store i pop around to a neighbours house to 'borrow' a teaspoon or two.
Shawn was dressed in only his boxer briefs as he had not to long ago woken up from sl**ping. His cock made a good impression and I adverted my eyes before he caught me staring at his huge bulge
'can i borrow some salt?' i cood, as i entered the door. 'I dont want to drive to the store for salt, somehow $0.65 isant worth the effort,' i said matter-of-factly.
'You are a lazy bitch!' he retorted
'Fuck you', i snapped
'You want fucking, he replied, and we both burst out into a fit of laughter.
'What have you got on under there?' he said, noticing my skirt
'Nothing', i replied
'You lie!, How can you leave home like that? Did your mother ever tell you to dress properly when you are leaving home?'
'Yesssssssssss, but im not leaving home.....technically' i said with a grin
'let me see, 'cause knowing you, you are lying'.
'Hell no!' i shot back, leaning against the counter
'Here is your salt mam'he said as he placed the salt in front of me, with one hand and with the other was holding up my skirt to really see if i had on underpants or not.
'Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy', i said, but made no attempt to stop him from exploring further; and that he did.
By this time my ass was exposed and he began to caress my butt cheeks.'You have a nice ass girl' he drawled, as he continued to caress the mounds of flesh that made up my ass cheeks. By this time both hands were on my cheeks, pulling, feeling and doing as he pleased with them. My pussy began to twitch as it felt sooo good being manhandled. His finger slid between my legs and i flenched as he touched my aching pussy. He rubbed it slow and deliberate and the most tiny audiable moan excaped my lips. i moved my legs apart a bit so he could mol3st my pussy to his hearts contend. By this time i was bending over slighty so my ass stuck out, he took the hint and continued his assault on my pussy.My pussy was dripping by this time and it was quite easy for him to slide a finger in; which he did, while bending his head so he could see it slide in and out my wet pussy. I was sliming in a hurry knowing he was watching as he assaulted my pussy. by this time he was driving his finger rapidly in and out my pokey, enjoying the feel of the wetness around it. I moaned with pleasure as he invaded my soppy hole with his finger, all the while caressing my ass cheeks.
'You are such a slut, letting me finger fuck you. You know you want it!' he whispered in my ear; and i did want it.Him talking dirty to me, made me buck my hips even more. 'You fucking slut, like getting your pokey played with.' I nodded my head in agreement.
When i was good and wet, he knelt down and nuzzle his head between my legs, making me open them wider and began to eat my pussy. I grinded my cunt into his face as the juices coat his face and he laped and lick my dripping pussy. By now he had placed a second finger in my slimy pussy and lapping all the pussy necter that flowed out. i spread my legs as wide as i could to allow him to mol3st my pussy as he saw fit. He ate my pussy until i came in a frenzy of torrid estacy. Before the feeling abated, and in one swift motion shawn got to his feet, released his now hard cock from his boxer briefs and rammed it in my pussy. There was no time to think about what was going on, or what was coming next as he pumped his cock hard in my wet sopping cunt. He was like a tiger, he knew he wanted my pussy and he knew exactly how to bait me and get it. I didnt stop him as he stroked my slutty cunthole and wishpered nasty things in my ears.
Shawn:'I gine fuck this pussy good. You slut, you know you want this dicky and playing 'round all the fucking time. Teck this dicky hey!'
He forc3d his huge cock further up my soppy pussy with every stroke.His balls slapping on my ass as he fucked my wanting hole.His cock felt so good in my pussy after having him ravage me with his fingers.
Shawn:'I gine fuck you like you want me to fuck you.You come here fa dicky not salt. You gine teck what i give you now.Ya nasty slut. You like that?'You like that dicky up in you cunt?Horny rasshole slut. I gine juck out this pokey fa you!'
He released my tits from my tank top and cup them in his hands pinching and pulling the nipples hard. Rolling them between his fingers and making them stand at attention to his command.
Shawn:'You like nuff doggy nah? Let me fuck this pussy, ya fucking bitch!You bring this pussy fa me to fuck?'
I let him pumped my horny pokey for about a good fifteen minutes and i moved my hips to meet his every stroke. Harder and faster as the sound of my juices as he rammed his cock in my pussy and the smell of us fucking filled the air.
With one final thrust he emptied his cum into my yearning pussy. He left his cock inside my cum filled hole until it became flacid.He pulled his soked filled dicky out and put it back in his boxer briefs.
Shawn:'There you go madam, you got what you came for...and dont forget your salt!' We both burst into a fit of laughter and i left to finish my cooking.
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1 year ago
wow...trying not to blow my own trumpet but actually reading this story has my pussy sliming
1 year ago
Why don't I have a neighbor like you?:)
1 year ago
great stroy, I've got a bottle of red for your arse
1 year ago
great stuff
1 year ago
another great story babes keep them cumminig xxx
1 year ago
Love your stories keep them coming if am ever in bim again I will message u
1 year ago
Great, awesome
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
What a way to start the day.
1 year ago
Nice. Short and sweet... Or salty as it happens