Head with a twist

Back in 1972, my girl and I had just finished a long hot make out session on my water bed. All of our clothes were on the floor except for my briefs and her panties. My hard cock was straining in the tight whitie tidies as she grabbed the waist band and set my swollen cock free. She positioned her self between my legs and slowly suck my cock while her tongue worked back and forth on the sensitive area on the bottom of the bulbous head of my cock.

The sensation was intense causing my hips to try and f***e my cock deeper in her fantastic mouth but her hand around the base of my cock would not allow me to go deeper. She then moved down to my scrotum and gently sucked each testicle in her mouth and rolled them gently between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She skillfully moved back and forth between my balls and the head of my cock. Each time she saw that her cock head sucking was getting me close to cumming she would go back to my balls, teasing me until the urge to cum had settled down before she would ease my precum leaking cock back into her mouth.

I tried several times to pull her up on top of me so I could slide her panties to the side so I could slide in and fuck her so I could cum but she had different plans. We both enjoyed giving and receiving oral sex and cumming in her mouth was a common occurrence, but tonight was different. She was teasing me which was priming me for a extreme volume ejaculation. I was sweating and breathing hard but she skillfully kept bringing me to the edge and then let the urge to cum subside a bit before she would suck my quivering cock again.

Then it happened. She grabbed the base of my cock with both hands and then quickly sucked the head of my cock hard. I realized there was nothing going to stop me now as my hips lunged forward and a massive contraction sent a stream of my hot sticky cum in her warm wet mouth. It seemed like the contractions and the shooting cum would never stop in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced continued. Her lips were sealed tight around my cock and I could feel the pooled cum around my cock head. I could feel her sucking the last drops of my cum out of my cock and then her tight lips squeezed the last drop out as my cock slowly slid out of her mouth.

She came up and laid down beside me, cuddled up and began kissing me. She straddled me and parted her lips as I started to french kiss her. As our tongues became entwined I was started to find that she had not swallowed my cum like she had always done before. My cum was draining into my mouth as tongues twirled together in out co-joined mouths. After the initial shock, I found this french kissing with a mouth full of cum was actually quite erotic. We took turns rolling over so my cum kept passing back and forth from her mouth to mine and back.

I could tell she was also about to explode due to the teasing. I waited until she had drained all my cum back into my mouth. I closed my mouth and rolled her over on her back. I moved down between her legs and quickly removed her panties with the dripping wet crotch. I positioned my self between her thighs and spread her swollen wet pussy. My closed lips gently kissed her pussy lips and she almost immediately came, thrusting her wet clit and pussy against my face and lips as she moaned and gasped for air. After she had settled down I placed my lips tightly between her pussy lips and extended my tongue, which I had curled up like a little trough, and drained my mouthful of my cum inside her wet vagina. I continued eating her and each time she came and f***ed some of my cum out, I would push it back in with my tongue.

I continued to pleasure her orally until my cock had rested and became hard again. After I had rounded up all of my cum with my tongue and pushed it back inside her, I moved up and slid my cock inside her. Sloppy seconds and sometimes thirds was a favorite of ours but this was the first time we had sloppy seconds the first time we fucked during one of our frequent love making sessions. The urge to get off was gone so we had a long slow fuck with her cumming again and again before I came again, filling her with more of my hot sticky cum. Totally relaxed, we cuddled up and fell asl**p, resting up for our morning love making session the next day.

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Very hot!!!!!!! Thanks