A great day at the Park

I was getting very frustrated with my local xhamster contacts trying to set up a meet. No takers! Today was beautiful and warm, so I decided to go to the park where I've seen action before. It's about an hour's drive from my home, but I was wanting to at least jack off with another man outdoors. The park is very large, but has a secluded area at the far end. Not very many people go there, except for (mostly) lonely men. I've never seen cops there.

When I drove in there was only one car there. A middle aged man was lying on a blanket getting some sun. He is quite good looking, slim and with a lot of gray chest hair, which I love. He was only wearing some loose shorts. I was wearing a tee shirt and shorts. I slowly approached him. He smiled and said hello. I ask if I could lie down near him, he said sure. We chatted awhile and then he said he needed to pee. He headed for the woods and looked back at me, so I followed. As he pulled his long limp cock out and started peeing, I got on my knees and took his cock in my hand to direct the stream for him. He started getting hard and then I put it in my mouth, getting the last few drops of his nectar. I then slowly sucked him and squeezed his low hanging balls. I eventually got a mouthful of warm cum which I swallowed. We walked back to our blankets, lied down and embraced with deep kisses. We layed there for about an hour and no body else came along. So he suggested we could get naked right there, which we did, then he ask if he could make love to me. I was so turned on by his gentle manner, as well as by his long hard cock, I rolled on my stomach. He then started kissing and licking my ass, getting to my pucker and inserting his tongue. I told him to hurry up and get inside me, which he did, while pulling a blanket over him to mostly conceal what we were doing. I was in heaven, as he slowly worked his penis in and out of my love tunnel.

Eventually another car drove in and stopped. I glanced at the driver, a man, but he stayed in his car and just watched us for a while. I'll bet he was wanking along as we kept going at it. My new friend has amazing stamina, and would pump away for a while then stop, as if he was peaking, like you do so much. I was just very happy to lie there impaled on his long cock and with his body lying on my back. I lost track of time, but at some point I received his second load, deep in my bowels.

He then gently pulled out, turned me over and gave me another deep kiss. Then he walked to his car, naked, as the other man watched, and he drove off.

I didn't get his name! He said he'd be back to the park next week at the same time.

Well I gathered my things and started walking to my car. The other man got out of his and walked up to me and said he enjoyed the show, then asked if I had cum yet. I said yes, but a long time ago. He then offered to suck me, if I'd let him do it in my car. He said he wasn't as brave as we were, so I said OK. I got in the drivers seat and he on the other side. He immediately went down on me and sucked away. I was slow to build up a second load, but enjoyed his mouth very much. Then another car drove in, and I realized it was a cop! I held my friends head down in my lap, and the cop just drove by and didn't stop. WHEW! That was exciting and lead me to cum right away, on my friends face. We both laughed, and I licked his face clean. This guy wasn't as attractive as the first guy, but friendly and asked to exchange phone numbers. We did. I told him he could come to my house sometime, for uninhibited fun. He said he'd call soon.

So, I await the second guy's call, but will definetly be back at the park next Thursday.
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2 years ago
a good story to cummmmmmmmmmmmm with thanks
2 years ago
love your storie
2 years ago
nice story