Fun InFront Of The Computer

One day I was just chillin on myspace and doing whatever on the comp yeah probably lookin up some hot porn sites or something lol but the was a knock at the door so I went to go see who it was it was kyle. The same kyle whos dick was the first I ever got to suck. Whats up he said I said nothing chillin on the comp hes like cool u on myspace? Yeah I said we went back to the computer and he asked if I played any of the games on it I said no I think their really retarded

( I always had lol) and he said nah their actrually kinda cool, well ok their kinda boring. But come on so he applied or whatever me to one of the games he also wasted all my energy and money but whatever I never played it til this day again lol. But he got me up a few levels and then we had to wait for a while to get more energy to keep doing more of it wow so this is it I said? Hes like yeah pretty much this Is actraully what I do all day. wow that sounds really boring lol.

We sat in silence for a while cuz we never really have anything to say to each other, which is why hes more my b*****rs friend. Lol but anyways I was back thinking about one of the previous time he had called me out said in the middle of the night or something to f***efully deep throat his dick. I was starting to get hard so I thought id take a chance and see if I could suck some more dick. I reached my hand up to his dick area but pushed my hand away. Soooo we sat in sinlence for some more while wow this game is really boring kyle I know he said I tried to grab his junk again and this time he let me do it.

I love having a man’s cock in my hands, although I so much rather my mouth instead. We sat there him just relaxing in the computer chair and me rubbing his continously harding dick through this jeans, basketball shorts and boxer briefs. He stood up and I could see this rock hard man meat through his pants pulsating just waiting for me to release it. My dick on the other hand was harder than believe bulging quiet nicely if I do say so myself through the reallly right jeans I was wearing. ( size 2 in chick jeans so u can imagine how skinny I am and my ass is just as tight as those jeans ;) he stood infront of the door way reached up and grabbed the door frame from it looked like he was stretching but all that it seemed like he was doing was showing off his blue basket ball shorts and black boxer briefs which contained his man meat. I had to get his dick out of them. I walk up behind him I reach around him and grab his hot cock and starting stroking. After a few strokes from the jeans I unzipped his pants and started playing with his marvelous man cum filled balls then I pushed my big hard cock against his ass and slowly thrusted. After about 5 months after suckin his dick he still didn’t know how hung I was. I got his dick out of the puzzle between boxer briefs and an extra pair of shorts but I got it out. Make me suck your cock or im going to fuck you in the ass I whispered in his breathing heavily. He turn around with mastevious smile of his face, he grabbed me by the shoulder and pushed me down on my knees. If u want it so badly suck my cock bitch. ( after sucking his dick so many time he knows what I like lol) he pulled down his jeans and shorts to his knees to were only his boxer briefs were still on.

I reached in his boxers and pulled out his balls. I started massaging is balls and rubbing them in my hand what are u waiting for??? He demanded and pushed half his cock in my mouth. I pulled it out and started licking it and getting it all nice and wet I sucked just on the head of his dick. He pulled it and started dick slapping me. You like suckin htat big cock don’t ya? After he slapped me a couple of times I said yeah I fuckin love It then take it all. And I did. I took all six inches of his dick straight down to the base of his cock. I deep throat fucked him for a few seconds and pull his dick back out I started stroking it full on from head to to balls. I got both of his nuts in my mouth and he let out a loud moan of fuck yeah that feels so good u cock suckin bitch.

I went back to massaging his balls and suckin his dick. Then he pulled it and slapped me a few more times with it and shove it back in I I sucked as hard as I could on his head a little of his dick I could feel he was about to cum and I wanted to swallow all of his man juice. He grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me hard core IM A BOUT TO CUM!!! And next I knew three huge shoots of kyle cum exploded in the back of my mouth. I took all his dick and squeeze his nuts to get all his cum I could. He had finished I stood up and licked my lips to get a little cum that came out. He put his junk away and every. He logged out of his myspace. Later he said peace said I. he left and I bet u can guess what I did. ; ) yupp I busted a some pretty good nuts of my own.

95% (12/1)
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2 years ago
Going down like a PRO! Very hot!!
3 years ago
Keep these stories cumming ;)
3 years ago
wonderful story ^^
4 years ago
Another great story the next time you can fuck my ass while you suck Kyles cock thanks