Being Johnny's Bitch

Being johnny’s bitch
it was a little before dusk and i was just walking around the desert city i call home and i was on the other side of the city. i said fuck it and started walkin back home i had gotten about a block and a half before a blue car had pulled up and stopped next to me with the window it was Johnny. the "foot ball star" of my hight school. more like super dick head.

you headed home he asked?

yeah i replied

wanna ride?

sure i said. why not right? i technically know the guy hes not going to kill me or anything.

so i get in and we get going on the way there i was gettin fuckin HARD!!! i was checkin him out hardcore! he was wearing an exteremly tight tank top showing off his HUGE arms god sculpted pecs and drop dead ripped six pack. he was saggin his pants a little and showing off his yellow and green plaid boxers.

we get on my road and we go straight pasted my house and start heading in to the desert.

uhhh johny u just pasted my---

shut up bitch i know we're going he said back

we kept going deeper into the desert were no one could see us or the car from the distance and the bushes

what are we doing out here i asked

well i gave u a ride home so u need to pay me.

i dont have any money i told him

well u know what they say gas grass or ass

im broke i dont smoke weed and im not fuckin no dude.

good cuz ur dick aint gettin no where near my ass but since u dont have any weed or gas i guess ur suckin my dick as he said that he grabbed his junk and pulled and rubbed on it a little bit

look i aint suckin your dick either (althrough i SO would we had gym class together and yeah u best believe i was checkin him out and so ya he was packin NICE meat and yeah i had jacked off thinkin of suckin his dick a good amount of times lol)

the fuck u aint bitch i want some kind of payment (after all of this dick suckin talk i was starting to get a hard on in my trip pants and its VERY hard to hide any size boner let alone my 10.5 inch cock)

i dont care im still not suckin ur dick i said

yeah u are i know u like suckin dick i can see u gettin a hardon in ur pants just slide over here take as much of my monster cock as u can make me cum and bitch u better swallow and ill take u home.

even if i wanted to suck ur cock i couldnt cuz i dont have a magnafying glass to fing it with.

bitch u think i have a small dick???

yeah i do i said

bitch then u have another thing coming

at that he started to unbotton his pants and un zip his zipper he pulled down his pants to about his knees his bulge was fuckin mouth watering!!! i proceeded on putting all of his hand into his boxers to grab the head of his dick and started pullin it out

he must have been a little excited too cuz he a had a nice semi going on. he pulled out his nuts too which were all hot and hanging away from his body they would only take about half the room of my hands though

u still think my cocks small bitch?

well i have to admitt it is certainly bigger than what i guessed it would be your body is so huge and muscular i always though that u used steriods and thought that ur dick only came up to here i said as i reached over with my left hand and wrapped it around his dick about 3 inches from the base my thumb finger could reach over my middle fingernail and that was the thickness of his dick semi

I wrapped the rest of my hand around his hardening cock and moved up a little bit on his cock inbetween the base and the bead and started stroking

Bitch I said u were suckin on my cock I can jack off by myself he said as he pushed the back of my head balls deep onto his 7 inch semi hard cock
When I was down there I sucked hard as I could as I slowly came back up the length of his ever hardening man meat
I got back up to the head of his dick
8 inches
Itook all of his dick again and did the same hard suckin pull
When I got back to the head of his dick I took it out of my mouth
His 9 ½ cock was rock hard and I could only make my thumb and middle finger touch around it
See I told u u liked suckin dick bitch Johnny said as he grabbed his dick and slapped me with it now make me cum dick suckin bitch
I took the head back in to my mouth and SSSLLLOOOWWWLLLYYY started to take it all inch by inch I got to about inch 6 where his dick head was in the back of my mouth
God ur fuckin teasing me said Johnny can u even take all of my monster meat rock hard like this? I took his dick back ou of my mouth how about u shot the fuck up and find out I said and took the siz inches back in to my mouth and continued til I got all of his cock down my throat andright a second and then swallowed
Oh fuck he twitched he grabbed the back of my head and started balls deep fce fuckin my throat
Fuckyeah suck that huge dick bitch take it all he said as he took a few inches out of my mouth and slammed all back in a fast past in the mean time his nuts were slapping me In the face on the nose on my checks.
Trust me when I say there are no words to describe how fuckin hard my cock was it was like a fuckin diamond!!!!

he slowed down and stopped and I took over I grabbed his nuts and started massaging them as I started throat fuckin johnny’s schloung. After all that and forty five more mins of his hard cock coming in and out of my throat I felt his nuts tighten
Fuck he about to blow I thought to myself right as he starts to moan
Oh fffffuckkkk Im comin bitch get ready to swallow my load
I took out his dick just to the head and right then and there he nutted one two three four huge jet powered streams of hot juicey man cum exploded out of his dick and I quickl y swallowed those as 3 more erupted out of his super sized jizz cannon
Ssqueze my nuts bitch ur not finished here and I did as he said nad another shot came out less powerful but hot all the same.

He let out a sigh with an odd smile on his face like he did all the work his dick was starting to get soft and was back down to seven inches again his nuts looked like they were hanging lower than what they were before iwas massing them . he put his junk away and redid his jeans.
Fuckin’a bitch that was something else he said and started taking me home.
We got back to my house and I opened the car door and he said thanks for the blow job bitch u were by tens times far better than any other chick I have been with. Better be watchful u and my cock are going to become pretty good friends and he drove away

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2 years ago
so sexy story... and sexy place for suckin :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Love this story!
3 years ago
That was extremely hot! I've only given head a few times, i'd really like to do it in a car
3 years ago
Very HOT and sexy story!
4 years ago
great story!
4 years ago
yes ive given bj in the car they are always fun bu too fast thanks