Scott's Unexpected Ride

I was alone at the carnival one night. My date wasn’t feeling to good but she said I want u to go have a good time. Before I left I made her chicken noodle soup and made sure her s****r kept an eye on her for me. I was only slightly interested in riding the rides althrough I got my use out of that damn 20 buck all day ride pass I was more lookin for friends I havent talked to in over a year. I did end up finding a few we rode some rides.
Pussies got sick and went home leaving me alone once again and then a voice behind me I turned around and scott was standing there. I was so fuckin shocked to see him. We’d texted a lot and traded pix and what not (yeah u know the kind lol) but never got to physically fool around we caught up a little wanna go on something? I asked. What I want to go on cant be riddin on in public giving me a wink. I just laughed well we’ll save the best for last I said. Come on lets go on the roller coaster. Nah not right this second I just got off lets go on something a tad slower lets go on the ferris wheel. He was short enough he look like he was my younger b*****r. We barely got the cart infront of us to be were no one could see us and he had his hand on my 6 inch soft dick rubbin it (but trust me wanting this guy this bad my softness didn’t last long lol)
still soft he said fuck u got a monster in your jeans! I know wait til u get it hard I replied. Only ever seeing it on his phone I could never get all of my rock hard 10.5 inch cock in the pic at the same time so he’s never seen it all. Right as I said that I reached over and grabbed his dick it was already rock hard with precum coming through his boxers and basketball shorts. We jerked each other off stoppin evertime we got to the part in the ride were people would see us. We need to go some where NOW he said. Were? My house is just a few blocks away and no one will be home til morning he answered. Come on ill drive.
( that was the first time I ever got to use that line in real life lol) it was slow process cus its not easy walking and having some one jack u off with their arm practically all the way in ur jeans trying to touch every inch of ur throbbing cock let me tell ya lol we got in my car and I barely got my door shut and he already had my pants unbuttoned and my dick through my boxers FUCKIN-A!!!! he said his eyes as big as tennis balls glued on my my monster rock hard dick. He reached out and grabbed it “its so fuckin big I cant even get my hand around it!!! I thought he was about to bust nut in his shorts right then and there.
We were at his place in no time. I had to put my cock away so I could walk into his house with out the neighbors seeing As we walked to his room I watched him stroke his dick on the way there. We got to his room I closed and locked the door ( I like my privacy in a house alone or not lol) I was standing in front of his bed facing him I walked over to him pushed him down to a sitting positition and got on my knees I unzipped my pants cuz they were to fuckin tight with my big dick rock hard I started strokin his dick through his shorts for a little bit and pulled them off of him. I pulled his cock and balls out of his green boxers and stroke the full length of his 8 in cock. “Suck my cock” he said and with an evil evil grin I I took the head of his rock hard dic and twisted my mouth on it. I was surpirised he held out this long with out cumming in the mean time my cock was hurting for some attention.
He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth down all of his dick. I bobbed on that shit a good couple of times and took his balls in my hand and started massaging his cum filled nuts. “Oh my fuckin god” his said “that fills fuckin amazing!!!” at that I grabbed my dick and started beatin that shit like it owed me money and started lickin and suckin on his balls he started to dick slap me oh yeah u like suckin this hard cock don’t ya?? I fuckin love it I said that suck this shit he said grabbed the back of my head and crammed every inch he had down my throat he stood up and started face fuckin me. SHITTTT!!! I CUMMIN SWALLOW THAT NUT!!! I took it all like a pro. Lol. I swallowed every last drop he had I got up sat on his bed next to him with my dick practically in his face. U ready to take this all? No mercy ur gettin ALL 10 and a half inches up ur ass all at once. I could hear him gulp. Fuck yeah I am but first I wanna suck it! With my huge cock he didn’t even have to get off the bed sitting on the bed next to me he bent over and took my bulbous head into his mouth he moaned in satisfaction I didn’t f***e it cuz I didn’t wanna kill the poor k** I think he took 4 inches but hell u try suckin this monster lol so it was ok he sucked it for a little bit just the four inches he took it out and said I’d have u dick slap me but I think it would give me a black eye. So u ready for this huge cock up ur ass? I dunno man that looks painful as fuck! It probably is I said
Yeah fine but please take it slow he got a condom from his dresser drawer and some lube he lubed up all of my cock and his ass and tried to hand me the condom. Ooohhh no lol if u want this ur putting the condom on but I think its to small for me. Well duh they susppose to fit mine he said back and started rollin down the condom it got to about 9 inches so it almost got all my dick he got into the doggy posistion standin up I lined my dick up to his tight awaiting ass but didn’t go in. u ready for this> I asked all I heard outta him was a whimper so I got the head in OH FUCKKK!!! He screamed are u ok? I asked yeah im fine keep going I pushed in another two inches in he screamed again stop wait hold on!! Pull out pull out PULL OUT!!!! I pulled out to the head was still in He was shakin and stopped after a second. Have u ever tooken it up the ass before I asked no ur the first and I just laughed keep going I slid in the two inches i pulled out and got a nother 4 inches in all the while of him whimpering and moaning. And the he said shit! What I asked I just came lmfao!!! He said Are u serious?? I asked laughin Yeah and I cant take another inch I swaer! Just fuck me with what u got in I figured the poor guy was in pain so I just made a quickie out of the first 4 inches and came in the condom. How did u like that I asked him. I gotta stand up Im in so much pain but gosh that was great! I looked at the clock and it was a quarter til 11 I gotta go see ya around and went home for the evening.

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1 year ago
mmm i loved it. my friend ken had the biggest dick i ever sucked or fucked..brought back some good memories
3 years ago
Yeah. Great story.
4 years ago
Now thas called fuck and run thanks