Bred in Vegas

This is a true story. I was in Las Vegas for a tournament in late September and had made it a goal to get some cock while there. Saturday night after dinner with some friends I headed to part of town where a couple gay bars and clubs were located. After a drink and no action at the first bar, I asked the bartender where a guy from out of town could find some action. He directed me to Hawks men's club.

Upon entering, I rented a private room hoping to get lucky. After stripping and donning a towel, I left my room and went on my merry way in search of cock. There were quite a few guys cruising the place and lot of them were black and being the white bitch for black cock that I am, that was fine with me. I approached a couple guys with little success when I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard the words "what are you looking for" whispered in my ear by a good looking black guy. I turned to him and said "cock, know where I can find any?"
He just put his arm around my shoulder guided me to the shower stalls. On the way he asked if I had a room and I told you bet.

Once we got the showers, he began washing my back and let his hands slide down to my ass and then proceeded to was my crack. After rinsing me off, he put his hand on my shoulder and firmly pushed me to my knees. Oh boy, there it was, about 7 inches of gorgeous black meet, semi hard and waiting for some lovin from my cock sucking lips. I wasn't about to disappoint. I put that anaconda in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head making my black lover moan. Then when I took him all the way down my throat like a good cock sucking faggot should, he went up on his toes, grabbed my head skull fucked me right in front of the other faggots in the shower. This went on for about four or five minutes when he lifted me to my feet. I thought he was going to fuck me right there in the shower. Instead he said "let's go to your room bitch". I thought JACKPOT, a big black dick and he talks dirty.

We got back to my room, went in, locked the door and I went directly down on my knees. He kind of chuckled and said my you are an eager little faggot aren't you? I didn't even answer. I just looked up into his eyes swallowed hie big black dick down to his nuts. Once cock was hard, it was at least nine inches long and nice and thick. Oh is this going to hurt I thought to myself. I made oral love to his black meat for about ten minutes making sure to pay special attention to his cum filled nuts and nut sack. All the while he saying thing like "swallow that black dick faggot, lick my balls you fucking cocksucker". The more he degraded me , the harder I sucked. After about ten minutes I stood up up and told him I wanted him to face fuck me. I climbed up on the vinyl covered table and laid on my back waiting for my prize. He straddled my head and slid that beautiful black cock all the way down my throat. He said you ready for this faggot? I mumbled yes. Then he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to an almost sitting position and began to really **** my mouth. He would go really fast and then shove it all the in and hold me there until I gagged him out. God, it was soooo hot. I had drool running down both sides of my face. Then he pinched my nose and shoved his dick farther than I have ever had a dick go in my faggot mouth. He held it there for what seemed like hours (probably ten seconds). He looked down at me and asked "you ready to get fucked bitch?" I said 'more than you will ever know.

He had me climb down off the table, turned me facing it and pushed my face down into it. I quickly skooped up some of the drool from my face fucking and shoved it in my butt. He put the head of his glorious cock at my entrance and that is when I realized he was going to fuck me bareback. I said you are clean aren't you and replied there is only one faggot in this room. Then I said jut go slow at first and then you can fuck me like the bitch I am. He pushed in four or five times until he was past my ring, and I said ok man give it to me. He said "what?" I said fuck me!!! And boy did he ever. He started shoving that big black cock in and out of my white ass pussy so hard he had me squealing in pleasure. This was by the far the best fuck I have had, and I have had some awesome fucks. He was fucking me so hard and so deep, yet I kept pleading fuck me harder...deeper...take my ass...pound my ass baby...own it.
He said you are one cock hungry black dick looks so hot going in and out of white a ass. I can see your ass juices on it. When he said that, I couldn't resist and pulled myself off his dick, went to my knees and sucked his dick fresh out of my ass. My lover looked down at me and asked if I liked the taste of my ass on his cock and I said I love it. So he shoved it all the way down my throat three or four time before telling me to get up on the table and sit on his dick.

He laid on his back and I straddled him cowgirl and bounced up and down on the black nightstick for a good ten minutes. He said baby I need you bent over in front of me again. So I hopped off him, bent over the table and waited. I said what are you waiting for? He said "I want my white faggot bitch to beg for it". I said oh baby, please fuck my white faggot as with your big black cock. With that he rammed it in all the way making grunt like only a well fucked fag can. He was fucking me soooo hard and I was moaning so loud I thought for sure security was going to break in thinking some one was being killed. He said reach back and open your cunt for me bitch. I am going to come right in your ass. I hollered back "breed me, breed my my white hole"! Right then he slammed in to me seven or eight times so hard I thought his cock was going to come out of mouth. I could feel a something warm inside me and knew then that my nubian prince had bred my ass. When he finally stopped thrusting, I pulled off, fell to my knees and did what any self-respecting faggot bitch would do and liked my juiced and hie remaining come off his black cock.

After that we cuddled for a while with his dick resting in my mouth and then I said i need d to go find some more dick. He laughed, left me his phone number and as he was leaving said you are the best fuck I have ever had. Happy hunting.

And that was just the first hour. More to cum.

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1 year ago
Cant fucking wait to read more!!! i love hawks
1 year ago
this is even better than your other story hope you write another very soon
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice story, glad you liked the cock....
2 years ago
wow loved it mmmm