So we get a hotel room, and I get a little vodka to drink for myself. Little did I know there was some friends coming over. When they get there the guy is drinking with me, and his girlfriend says that she's going to get one of her friends. I really didn't pay no mind to what she said cause I asked if her friend was going and everyone said no. So while his girl is gone we drink all the vodka that I had. And she brings more and the female that everyone said wasn't going. They drink on the vodka that they brought, get d***k, and we end up fucking. The good part of the story:
1. When the female gets there I recognize her.
2. I ask her where I know her from.
3. so we know each other from when i worked at Mcdonalds.
4. She was one of the temporary managers.
5. I got to fuck one of my old managers.
51% (4/3)
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3 years ago
When I was 16 I worked at a McDonalds for a little while,me and one of the girls that worked with me got it on a few times in the restroom during closing.