Slut E at the swinger's club-part 2

As she stared into the woman's eyes she was suddenly grabbed by the arm and led to the dance floor by her master. Her skirt was still pulled up around her waist which exposed her glistening, wet pussy lips to everyone.

Her master put her in the middle of the dance floor and when he motioned to the other dancers, they all left. They were alone now, with everyone in the room watching them.
He f***efully spun around so she had her back to him and he started slowly rubbing his crotch against her ass. She felt his stiff boner getting even bigger and she gasped quietly. She was pushing back against his cock and grinding her ass against it very f***efully now. She wanted him to take it out and pound it deep into her pussy, but he didn't. She was moaning so loudly now, she could be heard over the music. She couple she had seen earlier were sitting directly in front of her and the woman was rubbing the man's cock through his pants. It wasn't as big as her masters, (not many cocks were). But it was a good size, from what she could tell.

As she stared at the bulge forming in the man's pants, she was again roughly spun around to face the master and f***ed to her knees. Oh my God she thought, is he going to do what I think he's going to do?
Her silent question was answered a second later when he pulled her face into his crotch and she felt the heat from his massive cock against her cheek. He was thrusting his cock against her face and she trembled at what she knew would happen next. He ordered her to pull his zipper down slowly and as she did his horse cock slowly came into view. She heard audible gasps from some of the women closest to her and she briefly looked around to see them staring and some were slowly licking their lips.

She didn't have much time to look around because at that moment her lips were f***ed open by a hot, hard cock being shoved into her mouth. She almost gagged on it as it slid down her throat, but she managed to breath through her nose and swallowed about 5 inches of it. There were still almost 5 inches to go however and she felt it being f***ed even deeper into her throat. About the time she felt that she couldn't take any more, it was pulled out and she quickly took a deep breath. She was dripping fluids from both her mouth and pussy and she desperately wanted to but her hand down and finger herself.

As the stiff cock once again pushed into her face, she had enough time to relax her throat and let it slid in almost 8 inches this time. She locked her lips around it so that she was sucking and vacuuming and moaning all at the same time.

He continued to face fuck her for a few minutes more until he finally pulled out and then just stood there with his 10 inches of man meat, slick with saliva, pointing at the crowd. Then he took hold of it and wagged it at some women seated at the front of the stage. He motioned for two women to come to him and when they got close enough he made them get down on their knees before him and then he told the three women to play with his cock. The two new ones immediately began fighting over who was going to suck that huge boner first, but then he told them that there was enough for both of them and they started licking the sides and trying to kiss each other while keeping the thick man meat between them.

E felt left out, so she started playing with the tits of the two women as they continued to nurse at his boner. Their efforts soon turned into a contest to see which one of them could eat the most meat. With the crowd cheering them on, they took turns until one managed to get almost the entire thing down her throat and the other woman conceded.

E was now almost delirious with passion, and she crawled over to one of the women and began licking and sucking her pussy. The third one then got behind E and started doing the same, with her ass sticking high in the air. Master knew what she was wanting and got behind her and began to slowly feed his cock into her pussy from behind. This was his favorite position because it allowed him to get more of his human salami into a woman's pussy. As she felt herself being stuffed from behind, she gave out a howl that would have made a she-wolf proud and began pounding her ass back against him. After a few minutes of this, (and because his cock was long enough to do it), he actually reversed himself like two dogs in heat so that he was ass to ass with the woman with his cock still buried in her pussy. He held still while she continued to pump herself back against him. She had never felt such a sensation and she was soon cumming and screaming and almost fainted from the feelings in her pussy.

As she came, so did he and he quickly pulled out and stood up so everyone could see a high, looping string of cum shoot out of his massive man meat and land squarely on her backside. However, before the second blast could escape, a woman from the audience ran onto the stage and locked her lips around his dick so that she received the rest of his baby making sauce directly down her throat.

The crowd literally erupted, (because men were jacking off all around the stage), and women were getting cum in their hair and on their bodies, from men they did or didn't know.

End of part 2

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1 year ago
I like this better than Pt. 1