Fucking my cousin's maid

it was summer 2010 in the Philippines... i was d***k from the party and tired from my OJT, where my friends and i hanged out but the place is kinda isolated so i decided to sl**p on the nearest relative in the place... in my cousins... so there i am 12 am in the morning when i got there walking alone i knocked on the door... then i asked my aunt that i will be sl**ping because there is no transportation for the night... while my aunt is setting up where i am gonna sl**p i saw their maid lying on the floor with mat on the floor watching TV before sl**ping... i sl**p on the couch where she was there below covering her body with a thin blanket... i remember her tits while she was wearing U-neck sleeveless shirt while she was taking care of my little cousin... her breasts are almost slipping out because of its 40 D size... then it's time to sl**p... my cousin turned the TV off and started to sl**p... i have three cousins sl**ping in the living room with their maid because they find it a lot more secure sl**ping together... as soon as all of them are asl**p i started fondling the maid's breasts and playing with her nipples through accessing her shirt from the top of the couch... i fondled it then stopped for a minute to make sure that no one wakes up... then continues... with my 30 minute of fantasy i fondled her breasts with out checking out anyone else... except for my surprise she wakes up(which makes my nervous for she might scream)... she covered herself up with the thin blanket and i backed up for a sec... after 5 seconds of awkwardness she reached her hands into mine with the blankets still on her face... then i grabbed it with my hands then she suddenly grips firmly onto it and pulls me to her then i calmly kissed her and fondled her breasts with my face... as i stopped i asked her, " can we go to the bathroom?".. she looked at the hallway and nod... i stood up and pulled her... as my feelings says "YES!! my first time on a big titted maid", my cock also became too hard for pounding.... i turn on the bathroom's lights and let her enter... locked the door and then she hugged me... as i rub her back i slowly unlock her bra then pulls up her shirt... as she get naked i let her rub my cock then... we didn't even know that both of us are naked... i sat on the bowl and she sat on me like a scissor then she started pounding... my cock feels warm on her pussy as it is so slippery and wet i carried her and started pounding until i cummed inside her... after finishing the sex we had i headed on her room where she keep her things and started fucking her again until 5 am... it made me tired and horny but thankfully i did't make her pregnant...
and that's my summer confession...
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2 years ago
good needs details