Realease the Krakken

This is actually a completely random post. I was talking with my a friend the other day, and he reminded me of something I did at a party a while back. I used to go to parties and get completely trashed when I was in high school. And I had this ex Abi, who was a total control freak, but very atractive, she was 5'4, mix of mexican and caucasion, very smoothe skin, long black hair, big doe eyes, perky b cup size, and a very tight ass. one thing I hated was that she would tease and lead me on but never actually do anything. After a few months of blue balls, we broke up and went our separated ways.

So I was at this party, and she happen to be there with some new guy she was with. We spoke briefly to catch up on things and that's pretty much it. Well I started drinking...a lot. Abi's boyfriend left early and it gave the chance to talk to her a little bit more since her boyfriend didn't quite like me. maybe he saw me as a threat, I really don't care. but we talked for a couple of hours. I had a lot to to drink, and my confidence was a little above what it usually is. I came right out asked her if she wouldn't mind giving me a quickie in one of the back rooms. obviously, she turned me down.

Later that night, after all the alcohol was gone. everyone started clearing out. I decided to stay the night since it was my friend's house. I hadn't seen Abi for some time thinking she left. I went to one of the rooms to bed down and to my suprise, Abi was asl**p in one of the beds. I don't know why, but a thought popped in my head.

I quietly walked up to the edge of the bed and undid my pants and pulled my cock out. I got within inches of her face and started jerking off. The original idea was that I was hoping that she'd wake up and see what I was doing, but she just laid there still as ever. I continued to work myself. After several minutes, I could feel my balls tighten up closer to my body as I was about to cum. I held back until I couldn't anymore and blew my load all over her face, she quickly sat up and before she realized what happened, I yelled 'Release the Krakken!' and cock slapped her as hard as I could on the spot where I came on the side of her face, my cock made a very loud SMACK sound. I immediately ran out of the room and into the living room still trying to get my pants and belt back proper as I sat on the couch next to my buddy watching tv.

Abi came storming in the living room with my cum still on her face pissed off more than I've ever seen. Abi immediately looked at me and said 'what the fuck! why did you do that? why?' I just looked at her and said 'I don't see why your so angry, it's a good look for you'd and just smiled. She got even more angry 'why are you smiling, this isn't funny, its fucked up. And you got it in my hair and some in my eye' I couldn't take it, I burst into a d***ken laughter. She went into the bathroom to clean up, my friend looked at me and said'you know her. boyfriend's going to be pissed right?' not taking my eyes from the tv 'i know. he's a little bitch though, he won't do shit' 'good point' he said. And we finished watching the show and knocked out for the night.
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2 years ago
Lol best story ever!!