It was a bright and sunny weekend. The sun was shinning and the waves were full. Anneke and myself were at the beach ready to enjoy the sunshine and the water as both of us had a long week of work and classes. We walked across the hot sand and found the perfect spot as we laid our stuff down to start enjoying ourselves. I laid down on the blanket and began putting sun block on my arms and chest. Just standing at 6' tall, I kept myself in shape by working out 5 times a week as my training for soccer demanded it. My Anneke as well maintained a fit body as she had been surfing almost her entire life. At just volupted, her figure with her huge tits had been more than other women and fit which made other guys turn their heads and other women slap their men. After I finished putting sun block on, I turned my attention to her, she had laid down on her stomach and untied the back of her bikini top. The slightest thought that crossed my mind aroused every dirty lil desire that I could ever want to do. I began rubbing sun tan lotion on Anneke’s shoulders and massaged them as long as possible. She loved the touch of my hands on her back, they made her melt everytime. My hands moved from her shoulders to her lower back and along her sides. My soft touch began to make her quiver.

After half an hour later we ran to the water to begin having some fun on the sunny day. I would pick her up and toss her into the water. She would grab the back of my head as if she were going to kiss me and pull me under quickly. So we strayed away from our spot and came upon a small cove in which a tiny waterfall had formed from the land mass rising and falling in succession. We ventured inside as a lil pond had formed with some rocks rising out of the water, almost like the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion. When she saw this sight, her fantasies had came true, for years she had dreamed of being taken passionately with the one she loved underneath a waterfall. I picked her up and sat her on top of a shelf of rocks. I kissed my redhead Anneke along the side of her neck, from one side to the other. Our lips touched and soon afterwards our tongues. My hands were roaming all over her body, along her back, behind her redhead, across her thighs and finally I began to slowly tease the top of her pussy. The feeling of my hands touching her pussy through her bathing suit gave her goose bumps. I removed as quick as possible her bikini top and began caressing her breast. She began rubbing my cock through my trunks, it was already nice and hard. She lifted her ass off the rocks as I slid off her bikini bottoms and her pussy glistened in the sunlight that creeped through the roof of the cove. I lowered my kisses down to her collarbone, from her collarbone to her nipples. My tongue slithered around her nipples slowly, almost as if they were just resting on them. My kisses continued downward as my mouth finally met with her pussy. I caressed the insides of her thighs and kissed around her pussy, making her wetter and wanting the feeling of my tongue inside of her even more. Finally, I stopped the teasing and plunged my tongue inside of her. She moaned at the feeling of my nice, thick tongue inside of her. My tongue slid inside of her, making every side of her pussy quiver and moisten.
The depth of the water only reached up to my thighs. She scooted off the rocks and got down on her knees in to the warm water. She removed my trunks and began licking the top of my cockhood. Her tongue slithered over the shaft, up and down, before she finally took the entire cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock the pleasure from her mouth began to make me moan. After a while, neither of us could take it anymore, she had to have me inside of her. She sat back on the rocks as I rubbed the mouth of her pussy with the head of my cock and slowly drove it inside of her. She clinched my back from the size of his cock. This wasn't the first time I have been inside of her but each time, it stretches her lil by lil. My thrusts started off slow and began to speed up. The splashing of the water couldn't muffle her moans as we began to echo. She began scratching my back as I started pounding harder and harder. I removed my cock and got down and licked at her dripping pussy again. An orgasm was approaching with my tongue sliding in and out of her, her legs tightened, her breathing sped up, she exhaled deeply as the orgasm raced through her body. I bent her over the rocks and rubbed her ass. Her legs were feeling a lil shaky from the orgasm but she was still able to stand.
I penetrated her from behind and the thrusts continued. She was moaning ecstatically now and shrieked a lil as I began to rub her clit. Not long afterwards, another orgasm quaked through her. I proceeded to sit on the rocks as she climbed on top of me and began riding me. The years of surfing had given her a great equilibrium of balance so she had no problem with the limited amount of space. The look of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy was starting to get to me as I felt my orgasm approaching. She was familiar with my manerisms of a near orgasm so she got off of me and pulled me to under the waterfall. The warm water felt great on our bodies as she whispered in my ear "cum inside of me". I penetrated her once again from behind. The water enhanced her pleasure as both of our simultaneously orgasm. I pulled her back as we both slumped into a crevice of rock. I held her close and kissed her along her neck. Her fantasy, had just came true by our session there.

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I see you have a thing for redheads. Me too. TFP.