Aunt Krista: The Virgin Slayer

Aunt Krista squeezed my balls so hard that it made me yelp. Stephen giggled at my discomfort but, I still remained hard. After all I've waited 18yrs for some pussy and it was mere moments away.

"Can't have your faggot ass cummin' too fast on me boy." said Aunt Krista.

She then spanked my balls three times. I had tears in my eyes but, I wouldn't let them fall. Her cruel hand wandered towards my balls again causing me to jump back in anticipation of the pain that was to come.

"Relax faggot... "

She kissed me, caressed my balls and then placed them in her mouth. Then her mouth wandered down to my asshole. She seemed overly enthusiastic while she ate me out but, it felt so good, and who was I to stop her. I loved it. But I swear she loved it more. She actually moaned while eating me out. After a while her mouth finally made it to my cock. She was just as enthusiastic with my cock as she was with my ass. Aunt Krista loved sucking cock. Since Aunt Krista no woman has ever sucked my cock with the same joy and enthusiasm that Aunt Krista showed me. During the act she looked at me and smiled with her eyes. I was in ecstasy. Suddenly instinct took over and I placed my left hand on the back of her neck and my right hand on the back of her head. Simultaneously I thrust my hips and pushed Aunt Krista's head down on my cock. I felt the tip of my dick poking the back of her throat. At first she tried to resist me by pushing up on my thighs but, my overwhelming desire to cum was too intense. She stopped resisting and she must have fully relaxed her throat because suddenly I was no longer hitting the back of her throat... I was in it and I was fucking it. Stephen still naked walked over to us to investigate. He looked down at Aunt Krista then looked at me with an approving grin. I fucked Aunt Krista's throat for several minutes and then under my breath I said, "I'm gonna cum." It had been so long since I truly felt this sensation. The rush had washed over me. I released the her head and neck but Aunt Krista didn't stop. She kept massaging my cock with her throat for a few minutes longer. My moans clued her in to the urgency at which my cum was going to arrive. I felt my cock slip out of her throat and her slutty, skillful mouth went to work. I grabbed and pulled on the bed sheets and looked down at her as I filled her mouth with cum. I could feel her swallowing. Aunt Krista looked up at me with her tear filled eyes. Suddenly her eyes grew wider. I could see the surprised expression in her blue eyes. It was way more cum than she had anticipated. Aunt Krista couldn't swallow fast enough. She started to lose control and cum began to leak from the corners of her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of me but I kept shooting volley after volley of thick streams. I sprayed her hair and face with cum. She quickly swallowed what was left in her mouth took a deep breath and finished sucking my cock till I was done cumming. Aunt Krista took my hard cock out of her mouth and held it at the base. When she looked at me she was a beautiful mess. Remains of tear trails running down her face. Streaks of cum caressed her face. Droplets of cum in her hair looked like thick morning dew. Although my explosion was the result of months of built up sexual denial I felt like that orgasm wasn't enough. I needed more.

Aunt Krista licked the cum off of her lips. "That was fun...", she said with a smile "now I need more... I need to fuck."

Did this sexual witch read my mind? Aunt Krista got off of her knees and looked down at my still hardened cock.

"Mmmm I love young cock and yours is so pretty. I'm gonna put it inside me and I promise you're gonna love it. So are you ready baby?"

Aunt Krista called me something else other than faggot or cum rag. Did she suddenly respect me after I f***ed my cock down her throat? My cock stood up against my stomach. Aunt Krista gently pushed me on to my back. She placed her pussy on my dick but, not so that I was inside of her. Her meaty wet lips engulfed my cock. She gyrated her snatch on me. I could feel her moist clit erect against my shaft. I'm not sure if she was teasing me or herself. I answered her.

"I can't wait to fuck that pussy."

She slapped my face. Not hard but, it definitely got my attention.

"Look faggot I ain't one of them lil' college girls you go to school with. I am a woman and I have a C-U-N-T cunt! Save that pussy shit for when you're dealing with one of them. You understand!?"

I know that not more than a half hour prior to the blow job I got she told me that she was gonna teach me how to fuck some pussy. I started to correct my answer but before I could she kissed me with her cummy face. Her cunt got even wetter then she put me inside of her. It was glorious. It was warm, wet and surprisingly tighter than it looked. She adjusted herself on my dick then rode me like a champion equestrian. I loved watching my dark cock disappear inside of her but every time it re-appeared the presence of her thick pussy cream coated it more and more.

"Fuck this young cock is good!"

Aunt Krista rode me in a rhythm that I didn't understand yet. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she gritted her teeth.

"FUCK!!! I'm cuu...."
Before she could finished she rose up off of my cock and sprayed me. I never knew or even heard of women ejaculating before. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. She squatted over me massaging her dripping cunt. Then she lightly slapped her cunt a few times and put my cock back inside her again.

"Aunt Krista... please... I wanna taste your cum can you cum in my mouth? I wanna taste it so fucking badly!", I begged.

She never replied she just adjusted herself and began to ride me again using that familiar rhythm. This time I grabbed on her small slightly drooping breasts and I sat up to suck on her nipples. Her beautiful erect nipples. Aunt Krista started moaning and the rhythm she used to ride me got faster. She started to sweat. I desperately wanted to do more than just sit there while she fucked but I didn't dare ruin the obvious mission she was on. Her cunt began to contract on my dick.

"FUCK!! hahahahaha, fffFFFFUUUUCK!!! UUuuungh!!"

She came but no water works this time. It was great for her but uneventful for me. She kissed me passionately. Once again she got off of my cock. Then she got into doggy style position. I got behind her. Her asshole had a slight gape to it. Must've been from the fucking that Stephen gave her earlier. I also noticed her shiny meaty cunt lips dangling from her as she waited for me to enter her. She reached back and guided my cock into her once again. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled myself deeper into her. I'd seen this done in Stephen's porns so many times and there I was doing it for real. I knew at that moment that I was the luckiest guy ever and I smiled. Aunt Krista turned back to look at me.

"I need you to pound that cunt boy. Now get that stupid grin off of your face and get to work!!"

I learned right there that although I'm the one losing my virginity this fuck session had nothing to do with me. I was merely a tool for her satisfaction. I gripped her hips tighter and went to work.

"Harder faggot! HARDER!!"

I assaulted her cunt with powerful thrusts and she was pleased with my efforts.

"That's it ... uuughnn, mmmmm, oohhh yessss. Now you're fuckin!"

Her moans and groans encouraged me to improve on my performance. So not only did I fuck harder but faster too. You'd think that someone with Aunt Krista's slight frame would be delicate and bruise easily but with every hard thrust Aunt Krista shattered that theory. Moments later her cunt gave me that familiar contraction but this time it felt really intense. Was this it? Was ole faithful about to blow? Aunt Krista cried out as she came over and over again and just when my climax was about to begin Aunt Krista removed herself from my cock and it looked as if she was going into convulsions. I wasn't sure what I was looking at. I laid down beside her and attempted to caress her.

"Don't fucking touch me!!!"

I must've done something wrong. I fucked up. After a few minutes she calmed down. She rolled over and kissed me.

"You did real good baby."

She kissed me deeply again. I felt the blue balls pain start to build up in me. Aunt Krista got on her back and spread her legs far apart. I got in her cunt with no assistance. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I began fucking her again. She gave no further instructions or demands she just let me fuck. It was hot and we were sweaty but I didn't want to stop. My orgasm was close. I decided to pick her up and fuck her while standing. With her legs on my shoulders and her arms wrapped around my neck we went for it. The position change immediately paid dividends. I could feel Aunt Krista's cunt begin to contract. She started cumming and then I finally joined her. I flooded that cunt with cum. The sensation was more than I could bare. We fell on the bed and I still managed to stay in her cunt. The fall gave Aunt Krista the final hard thrust of the night. We both grunted. I think Aunt Krista was finally spent. I rolled off of her. Aunt Krista sat up pushing her blonde sweaty hair out of her face. She looked down at my cock and saw that cum was still oozing out of me.

"We don't waste cum in my house!"

She said and sucked my semi hard dick clean. Laying there as Aunt Krista sucked my dick I started running the days events through my head. I could not have imagined a more perfect ending.

"That was fucking awesome!", said Stephen.

He startled me. I'd forgotten he was there but there he was standing there stroking his hard on. Then in his effeminate voice he asked playfully,

"Aunt Krista can I get quickie? Watching you two really got me horny. I know you don't want me to jerk off do you?"

She stopped sucking my dick and moved to a dry spot on the bed. Aunt Krista spread her legs and brought her knees up to her chest. Stephen didn't hesitate entering her. He got on top of her and pumped her like a mad rabbit. I rolled over and watched them and I went from flaccid to hard in six seconds. Aunt Krista watching my cock's transformation smiled and said,

"I fucking love young cock!"

I'm Ronnie and I am virgin NO MORE!!!

100% (7/0)
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6 months ago
Aunt Krista sounds like fun!
7 months ago
ooo... another good story..
7 months ago
wow!!!!!!!!!!!! that was such a hott story i came so much reading
7 months ago
Nice erotic story, that gets you hard....
7 months ago
DAYYYUUMMM!!you went over the top on this one.Like it when she wanted her alone time!!and all that cum!!
7 months ago
so fucking hot made me cum all over my panties I need to clean up