She likes to cum

My husband loves to see me performing with other men, but it all started
completely by accident, we hadn't planned anything at all. It was about five
years ago, not long after we were married. We decided to stay in one Saturday
night and have a few drinks at home. We settled down in front of the TV for a
lazy night but we got so bored we went out after all.
We went to a little pub a few minutes drive away. My husband caught sight of
one of his mates from work and brought him over to join us. He was a coloured
guy, about the same age as us and quite handsome. He was a good laugh to be
with and I quickly made friends with him. Something clicked between us right
from the start and I could tell he fancied me. Every time I went to the ladies'
room he gave my body the once over with his eyes. While my husband was buying
drinks he told me that I had a lovely figure and paid me other compliments,
some of them quite naughty but nice. He seemed to sense that I fancied him too
and took full advantage of it.
The truth was that I had always had a fancy for coloured men, they somehow make
me feel very sexy and flirtatious. I liked the idea of teasing a Black guy
until he couldn't control himself and simply had to push me to the floor and
fuck me in a frenzy of lust. Or sometimes I'd dream about having a Black lover.
It may sound a bit odd but other girls have told me that they fantasies about
similar things.
After the pub closed, we invited Wayne back for a drink. We put some nice slow
records on ... and that's how it all started. I was dancing with my husband and
our friend was sitting down on the settee. As we passed him, my husband lifted
up my dress, pulled down my panties and said, 'Have you ever seen a white
girl's bum before, Wayne?'
Wayne shook his head and my husband invited him to feel it, which he did.
Normally I would have told him off and pulled my knickers back up, but under
the circumstances and being a bit tipsy, I just made a joke of it and tossed
them aside like a stripper, trying to look and act sexy.
A short while later my husband went to the loo, so I danced with Wayne. When my
husband came back, Wayne was kissing me and his hand was between my legs with
my dress pushed up above the waist. We both knew my husband would catch us but
we just didn't care - and thankfully, neither did he. In fact, he joined us and
encouraged us, so we just carried on.
We moved into the bedroom and began to strip off our clothes. It felt wonderful
to undress in front of a stranger. Honestly, Wayne had an enormous erection,
the biggest I've ever seen, even in blue movies. The rest of him wasn't bad
Wayne pushed me back onto the bed and I spread my legs for him. I was really
wet and just aching to feel his huge Black rod inside me. My husband lay beside
us, gently stroking my tits and nipples while Wayne plunged in and out of me
like a steam hammer. It was great having the attentions of two men at the same
time. I was loving it and so were they.
Wayne had so much stamina and my husband was getting really excited watching us
fucking. He had always said that seeing a Black man fuck a white woman was the
sexiest thing he could think of. In my dreams I had always imagined that Black
men were better lovers than white men and now I was finding that it really was
true. Soon I was coming and my body shook with the sheer f***e of my orgasm.
Wayne speeded up to meet my writhings and I felt him shoot his hot seed into
My husband couldn't wait to enter me then and I turned round so that he could
have me doggy fashion while I sucked on Wayne's lovely cock. He was soon hard
again and as soon as my husband had spunked into me, Wayne wanted me again.
Wayne made love to me in a way that no-one has ever done before, the way I had
always dreamed about. But don't get me wrong, my husband is the only man I love
and it has only been sex between me and Wayne and the other men we have since
met for occasional threesomes.
But Wayne was special because he helped get the whole thing going, he was also
my first Black lover and the first man to really and fully satisfy me in bed.
He still joins us sometimes but we also advertise in contact mags, usually for
Black guys because I prefer them. I have found that when we have threesomes
with white guys, it doesn't last long and both men finish quickly, leaving me
high and dry. Black guys keep going all night. I prefer them and so does my
husband. We both think threesomes are great fun.
                              Part 2 - Black Again
One day my husband asked me about my fantasies. I told him that my greatest
fantasy was a threesome with him and Mohammed Ali, so last week he decided to
give me a treat.
One night he came home and told me that he had asked a Black friend from the
office over for a drink. With a twinkle in his eye, he suggested I put on sexy
underwear, so I went and put on my really pretty black teddy and black
stockings under a very revealing dress. Now, I've always fancied making love
with a Black man and have always had the 'hots' for Mohammed Ali and Sidney
Poitier. Still, I've always been too shy to do anything about it. I started to
get a bit nervous about what was to come and when the doorbell rang, I
disappeared upstairs in embarrassment.
Downstairs, I could hear my husband Jim talking to someone else. Then the door
opened and Jim came in on his own, telling me to relax and have fun. He slid my
dress off and told me to squat doggie-style on the bed with my bottom in the
air. Gently, he undid the bottom poppers on my teddy and began stroking my clit
and cunt lips. I began to moan and could feel my love juices starting to flow
as Jim f***ed his tongue into my cunt. Jim gets a kick out of taking raunchy
photos of me and he snapped off some quic k shote as I was getting warmed up.
Jim then slid underneath and after sucking my tits, gently pushed his cock into
my cunt. At that moment, the door opened and I felt an extra pair of hands
fondling me, pushing a finger slowly up me.
I was still on all fours and turned round to see this beautiful, muscular,
gleaming Black man standing behind me with an enormous erection. I shuddered in
anticipation and wondered if I could really manage two men at once.
Slowly, Leon pushed his prick against my bum while Jim was pumping up my cunt.
But seeing Jim wasn't going to give up his hole, Leon came round to my head and
I began to suck on him. The pace increased and both cocks began ramming into
me. I was having orgasm after orgasm and felt like my mind had floated away.
Finally Jim and Leon came at the same time, Leon especially flooding my mouth
with his thick seed.
After we had rested, Jim sat back to watch as Leon mounted me, stretching me
with his thick, slippery prick. He lasted much longer this time, pounding into
me. I thought the bed was going to break. Jim was going crazy, watching and
wanking as Leon thudded in and out. Then with one final lunge I felt his sperm
jetting deep inside me as Jim shot off over my breasts.
As you can imagine, I was keen to see Leon again and my husband was eager to
oblige. We've done it lots of times since, it just gets better and better. But
I'm starting to get the itch for someone else, preferably big and Black!

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Good story. Thanks
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Nice I love blk cock too and blk seed
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Nice story.