I love this story I think it's the eyes rolli

Him:  I remember our first couples swapping experience.  It was on vacation, and we were pretty much newbies.  Over a several year period, my wife had brought in a couple of girlfriends one night and we had had a threesome with a guy friend.  The friend’s equipment was slightly smaller than mine and therefore fell within the range of full comfort for me to see my wife choking down.   Both experiences were unplanned, and a one shot deal.

Anyway, back to the couple.  We were at the opening of Desire in Cancun.  We did not yet consider ourselves swingers, but merely opportunistic discrete nudists.  This risqué trip was something we decided to do as a vacation where we could be naked without our friends knowing.  It was our first time to a nude resort.  We weren’t yet aware that swinging normally goes hand in hand with some nude resorts.

A strong storm had moved in the first night so we met some of the few people that were there and pretty much called it a night.  The next night we had figured out where we were, became good with it, and were hanging out with a group of 8 to 10 people at the upstairs hot tub area.  The staff had called it a night and left us everything we needed to mix drinks on the swim up bar.  We all played a dirty dice game that was fairly harmless with no real actual penetration.  My wife got “blow – ?” on her first roll.  As she moved around the circle of people to each male, she would dip under the water and blow air on each of their nut sacks.  There was one guy she spent a little extra time with.  It was impossible to tell under the turbulent water what she was doing, but the look in her eyes when she came up told me she was definitely interested.  As the evening moved on and the crowd was breaking up, she decided to give him a “special” good night kiss.  She has this cool thing she does to your cock with a carbonated drink in her mouth.  It was when she removed her mouth that I noticed this guy was packing!  When we got back to the room, she was really wound up.  After talking a little about it, we gave their room a call and ended up setting up a play date for the next morning.  They arrived as planned and as the action got going I noticed his cock seemed even bigger than I remembered from the night before.  It’s not that it was gigantically long, probably seven and a half to eight inches.  But, man was that monster thick!  And he knew how to use it!  The first time he penetrated her already dripping pussy I saw the irises of her eyes disappear into her forehead.  Sure, there was definitely a slight tinge of jealousy, inadequacy, or however you choose to describe it.  But, as he started to grind away, I observed what ecstasy she was in.  The more her mouth fell open with uncontrolled moans, the more I found myself mesmerized at watching her in complete oblivion.  I felt somehow more in tune with what she was feeling.

The only other guy we had played with at that time was fun and exciting, but was nowhere near the body melting, orgasmic fuck this guy had given her with that huge dick of his.  We had often played with large toys, but I was amazed at how good it felt to both of us for her to finally get it in the flesh, from someone skilled in using it.  Now, this is the part where many guys go, “Yeah dumbass, now she dreams about him every time she fucks you!”  I beg to differ.   Not to say we don’t have a fantasy fuck now and again where he comes up as one of the imaginary partners, …..but that’s all part of the fun.  When we were done playing that day she was just as committed, loving, and attracted to me as she had ever been. It wasn’t just a love for watching my wife get fucked, like many guys have – although I’ve definitely come to appreciate that over the years.  It was that we had just shared an amazing experience together.  More importantly, I realized that he was one of the best sex toys anyone could ever come up with.  No adult book store novelty was going to compare to that big, hot, hard, throbbing, spewing, real cock.  I felt truly fortunate that we had traveled that path of discovery together.

In the end, just like our friend in her story, I up’d my game.  And continue to!  Not out of intimidation or jealousy, but desire.  It wasn’t necessarily planned.  I don’t know if it’s her “oh, oh” face, the way her body tremors, the way her pussy gushes, or just the way she looks at me after orgasming several times.  I just find myself with the desire to try to provide her with an incredible fuck every time I, or anyone else, touch her.  It’s amazing the little tips and tricks you pick up along the way in this lifestyle that can make even the daily sex life between you better and better.

Some wise sage once said, “Everyone dies, but few truly live.”  With only one shot to get life right, why wouldn’t you want the person who is supposed to be your everything, to truly live?  So, for those of you worrying about how much she’s going to like fucking that guy with the monster schlong, or magical cock control, or both – stop it!  This game is all about fantasy.  Of course she’s going to like it.  If he’s worth his salt, she’ll REALLY like it.  Why do it if you can’t have a fantastical romp?  A little self confidence and trust in your mate goes a long way.

Oh, and one more tip we’ve learned throughout the years about big cocks: a larger dick seems to normally make a subpar or average fuck more pleasurable.   In the event you make a bad playmate selection when it comes to energy, creativity, and kinkiness – hopefully he’s got a nice thick (with decent length) cock!
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3 years ago
Good story. It's nice to hear about a couple enjoying life and she isn't a slut and he isn't a wimp. Thanks for posting.