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Archive name: wife1.txt (FFM, exh, inc)
Authors name: Jenny (address withheld by request)
Story title : Wife Shows Off Husband's Package

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
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Wife Shows Off Husband's Package
by Jenny (address withheld by request)
A quick edit by Jason


My wife has always enjoyed showing off my big cock, even
in high school, she would tell her friends how big it
was. (FFM, exh, inc)


My name if Jake and this is a story about what my wife
has done, since we started dating in high school.

I was 15 and she was 14 when we met and started dating.
After a couple dates, she let me feel her breasts. Then
she felt my cock. When she first realized how big I was,
she stopped and said it was so big she couldn't believe

As we got deeper into our relationship and made love,
she started telling her girlfriends how big I was and
how good of a fuck I was. At the time, I didn't know it.
But, sometimes when we weren't together her friends
would flirt with me and I could see them looking at my
crotch. It seemed strange at the time, but I just
figured they were horny teenage girls.

One night, in our senior year, Jenny, and one of her
friends and I were at the drive-in movie. There was an
"R" rated movie on and as we watched it showed two girls
and a guy making out. My girlfriend whispered to me,
"How does that look?"

I said that I had never thought of it before, because I
loved her too much. Jenny said she loved me to, but
really wondered what her friend would do if she saw how
big my cock really was. She said that it really made her
hot just knowing that another girl would really knew how
big my cock was and that it belonged to her.

I was excited by now and wanted to do it so I whispered,
"What do I do?"

She looked over at her friend, then said to me, "Spread
your legs a little," and she started stroking me through
the material of my pants.

Before long my cock was pushing against my pants so hard
it started to peek out the top on the waistband.

Jenny's friend glanced over at the movement of her hand,
and then took a double take. She looked straight into
Jenny's eyes and smiled. I couldn't believe this was
happening, two girls and they were both hot over my

Jenny's friend began to feel my cock and then to my
great delight she unbuttoned me and took me out and
played with it. It was such a turn-on having both girls
looking at my cock and feeling it. To have another girl
touching me was making me so excited that I was ready to

Jenny, told her friend that she could never fuck me. But
because they were such good friends, she would let her
suck me, if she wanted. Just this one time.

I groaned in insane lust as the girl bent over my lap
and I felt her hot moist tongue slathering my shaft. It
was like a ride to heaven, and I was in the clouds. She
sucked on me for a minute or so until I came all over
her face and hands and dress, even a little on the
dashboard of the car. It was wonderful.


Jenny and I got married right out of high school and in
the next few years, there were several time when my wife
would show off my cock to other woman, and even a couple
of men. She did it just because she knew that everyone
would be jealous of her for having a husband with such a
big cock.

Then, this last year she started talking about watching
me screwing another woman. She admitted that the thought
always made her blow her nut when we were making love.

Then we started fantasizing about it all the time as we
were fucking. It almost became an obsession of ours over
the next few months. We'd talk about it in the car on
the way to the store, and even while be sat in church on

Then one day, I heard her talking to her younger s****r
who was a 17-year-old cock teaser, with a fantastic
body. Jenny was telling her how big my cock was and she
was saying she didn't believe it, but if it was, she'd
sure like to have a look at it.

They both laughed and then my wife told her that if she
were to wear a little miniskirt and low cut top, with no
underwear, she was sure that I would notice, then she
could see just how big I was.

Her s****r said she would try it, but if it was that big
she didn't know if she could stop with just seeing my
like that, that it might turn into a blowjob. Then my
heart almost stopped when I heard her say, "I might even
need to take him for a ride, s*s."

The icing on the cake was when my wife said that she
wouldn't mind watching as I shoved all of my huge cock
into her little s****r's twat. Boy was I ready for that.
But all I did was sneak down the hall and back into the
living room to wait in anticipation to see what would
happen next.

About an hour later, here comes her s****r, and she
looked just like a wet dream. She smiled at me and then
sat on my lap and said, "Do you like my outfit?"

I gulped and said, "Y-yes, you look terrific." As I said
this I had to adjust my growing cock a little. She
looked down at my crotch and said, "Jenny told me you
were huge, are you?"

I smiled nervously and said, "Feel for yourself."

She did just that. I watched her small hand reach for my
crotch and felt her finger squeeze me through the
material of my pants. Then she stroked it through the
material and it grew and grew and grew -- to its full

Jenny's s****r pulled her hand away and said, "Wow,
that's one big monster you got there mister." Then she
had it out in a flash was tried to suck on it. I enjoyed
the feel her he mouth at the tip of my cock, but she
couldn't get it around it.

After a minute of this Jenny's s****r stopped licking me
and looked up at me and said, "FUCK ME BIG BOY!"

I slid her short dress up her hips and slipped my cock
between her thighs and shoved it toward her wet pussy.
It took a while to get it into her, but then it finally
made its was all the way in.

She was a terrific fuck and Jenny watched all of it. It
was so sexy fucking Jenny's younger s****r, her sitting
in my lap and me shoving at her in and out in and out,
while her s****r urged us on.

Afterwards, Jenny said she got really hot watching me
service her little s****r, and that she wouldn't let me
fuck anyone else, but that she trusted her s****r would
just enjoy the big cock and not try to steal me from
her. She said that we could do this as much as her
little s****r wanted, and I certainly agreed with both

Now Jenny's s****r visits us at least once a week and
sometime more if she needs it. And it's all because my
wife loves to show off her husband's big cock.


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It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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