The Giant and I celebrated our 6 month mark last night. Six months is huge for me. Six months is a milestone. I avoid commitments. I tense up when things get real. I build the walls up around me even thicker. I don’t admit feelings, I deny their existence. I don’t fall in love because I don’t want to feel the pain of being hurt. Six months is a long fucking time for me.
He’s my Dom, my Daddy, my Sir, my boyfriend and my rock. He’s allowed me to feel and be me. He doesn’t judge me for my faults. He loves me for them. He’s been the first person to breakdown my wall…hell he shattered it.

As many of you already know, I am in a triad. The Giant’s other sub/girlfriend (la la) and I have really been able to bond and connect. The dynamics of my relationship with her are complicated. I am submissive to her…but I am not her sub. There’s sexual attraction and energy between us and she and I play quite well with each other and with Him. See? Complicated is good. But, because of an insane workload, I have not gotten to spend much time with her and we really haven’t been able to work out a group night with the 3 of us.

She ended up stopping by last night because her work event ended at a reasonable time. We were just sitting down to dinner so timing was perfect. Dinner was fantastic and then stuff kinda just..well…um…happened. Every nickname I have had since I started my journey into BDSM has had “bite” in it somewhere. Bitemehardnow…BiteTheMasochist and now ABiteforDaddy…I love to bite and to be bitten. Biting is the ultimate aphrodisiac for me. Teeth on the skin…the sensation is pain and ecstasy rolled into one . The pain is sharp and the bite is purposeful. When someone bites me, I mean really bites me, I feel like leaving my body and watching the scene unfold. I love the sting and I get so turned on that I am close to cumming without any sort of penetration. I can almost cum just from a really, really good bite.

She began whispering in my ear…biting my ear and pulling my hair. Each bite and nibble turned me more and more wet. I ended up naked and she removed her top. I love her breasts. They are big and beautiful. I dove right in sucking and licking them. I felt the Giant slide His big, hard, beautiful cock inside me. I moaned in pleasure as I sucked her nipples harder. I was repositioned on His spanking bench. She stripped and laid in front of me…her wet pussy inches from my face…Him pounding me hard…it was heaven…sweet heaven. He then entered my ass. I have a love/hate relationship with anal sex. It hurts like hell but damn the orgasms are fantastic. I had 3 assgasams. They were intense…I may have screamed “I love la la” into her pussy as I experienced one of them. My entire body was aching with lust and hedonistic pleasure. We somehow made it to the bedroom where He continued to own my holes. I am pretty sure I came again (maybe more) but when He came inside me I clenched as hard as I could…not wanting His cock to leave my body. The room…the house…smell of sex. I think I had tears and I am pretty sure they were tears of happiness.

The plan for the evening was for He and I to celebrate alone. Believe me, I couldn’t have scripted the night to have gone any better. This triad thing is really kinda wonderful. I love them both and I am such a lucky girl to have both of them love me back
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