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I'm 28 and I gotta say I love to jerk off to the thought of slamming some young teen pussy. I love sex and getting off and anything perverted but it was a few years ago that i realized how much I really loved young teen pussy. Now I must tel you at this time that I am a cock sucker, yes I love to suck cock get fucked by cock and slide my dick inside a guys tight faggety ass. Well this story is about the night I plowed a 16 year old bitch in South Carolina and with one of my best buds. His name is Joel and he is on of the hottest fuckers you ever met, huge uncut dick and a body for days.

I myself have a huge cock and tight body. Joel and I fuck on occasion and usually the thing that puts us in the mood is when we start talking about fucking teen girls because we love barely legal pussy. Well about a week ago we were sitting on his couch hanging out. We both had just finished smoking a huge blunt each ane were really high and sporting huge hardons. It was then that he mentioned young cunt and we both agreed that a piece of that shit along with us sucking cock was just what we needed. Well he had a surprise for me, you see his older GF at the time had a 16 year old daughter and because we lived in the state of S.C. SHE WAS LEGAL!.

She was a hot girl and trust me I had shot many a load that hit my computer screen as I watched porn while thinking about fucking this girl. She was burnette and thin with a nice round ass and perfect tits. Just the idea of my cock head resting in her cunt could make me shoot. "No way that can happen" I said, my cock now oozing pre-cum at the thought. He smiled and said "b*o she has been coming onto me for a month and I wanted to wait til we could fuck her together like true best bi fuck buddies. I kissed him and and rubbed his massive dick and said " thanks man, now get that teen whore here" It was summer vacation and his girlfriend was out of town for a week on work related stuff so he was there at the house alone with her daughter. Laura was a red head and was so fucking sexy at 16 and I knew i had to slide my cock deep inside that you barley legal pussy.

She came home after being out with friends and Joel and I had just gotten really high on some good weed and my cock was so hard that it ozzed out pr-cum so much it created a wet spot on my jeans. See i love teen pussy. The thought of my dick sliding in and out of some young bitch makes me so hard because I love the naughty nature and young pussy feels soooooooo goood. We were in the basement when we her and Joel got this grin on his face and said "hey man I think she's home let's get a taste of that teen snatch". Joel stood up and my cock twitched at the sight of his huge hard cock bulging from his gym shorts. He had his shirt off and his six pack and pecs looked so yummy as i also admired his tats. He was tanned with long Blond hair that went down to his shoulders. "b*o your sure she is gonna be down?" I asked "I need some pussy and dick really bad man" I said as I rubbed my 10 inch black dick through my sweats. He went to the stairs and called for her "Hey Erin com here for a sec" I heard her open the door and come down stairs we sat there on the couch as she walked past us and stood there. "have you guys been smoking pot again?" she asked laughing at us. She was wearing a two piece swim suit because she had just come from the pool and her nipples were hard and showed through her top she had firm young tits and my cocked twitched in my sweats again as I though about sucking them. She saw it and her eyes got big and she grinned. "oh my god what was that?" I freaked out thinking that Joel and I were in big trouble but then just as he said she would be she started to flirt. "Joel is yours big like his?" she asked. He stood up and said "do you wanna see it? But you gotta promise not to tell your mom it's just between us three" She promised and He pulled out his rod and she said to me " I wanna see yours too" so I pulled it out. It was then that I noticed her nipples were really hard now and then I smelled cunt. YOU guys know that smell I write about all the time. When a girls pussy get wet and needs to be fucked it gives of a heavenly odor that makes me crazy. I smelled it right away and then saw that her bikini bottoms had a huge wet spot and I knew it wasn't pool water. "hey baby girl you wanna touch em" I asked and she took her small teen hands and grabbed our cocks and tugged we both moaned out and at the same time held on to each other for support as we stood side by side as we were so turned on that the very touch of this Hot 16 year old touching our massive cocks made our knees buckle. "oh fuck yes jerk that cock babygirl" I said as Joel moaned as he buried his face into my neck and should holding on to me for dear life. "oh oh fuck man it feels so good" he moaned in my ear.

That's when she got on her knees and started to suck our cocks,yes that's right the little teen whore started giving us two grown men head with her warm young mouth. We kissed as she went from one cock to the other. I played with his nipples as he moaned and gasped for breath as I played with those sensitive man nipples. "fuckin suck my cock whore.. yes my teen slut suck my big grown man cock...oh shit..ah aaaaah deep throat my rod my little nasty bitch" I moaned. We then made her lay down on the couch and I spread her legs played with her pussy through her bikini tasting my fingers as her adolescent pussy began to get moist with pussy juice. I then pulled them to one side to reveal her hairless teen cunt. I felt pre-cum spew from my hard throbbing black dick. I began to eat her twat as she sucked on Joel's large engorged prick. "ah...ah...fuck me man...jesus baby susk my coooock oh..oh..mmm" he moaned as he pumped her face I ate her pussy causing her to moan. I could not take it any more I had to fuck her. I then took my raw cock and teased her cunt lips with my massive cock head getting it wet from her pussy juice, the warmth of her teen pussy felt so fucking good as I leaked pre-cum all over her clit. I slowly sank my cock inside her and she moaned and tried to push me back but I held her arms down and kept going "I don't think so baby girl I'm gonna break that teen pussy in proper" I whimpered out because her young pussy was perfect. "Jole let me suck that man cock while I fuck this teen whore." He jumped at the idea of me fucking pussy and me sucking his dick. he positioned himself so his ass was in her face and she began to rim him. I tore her pussy up as I could hger her juices cream and my cock glistened with her cunt juice. "Oh fuck your so damn tight ...oh oh ...shit I love fucking teen pussy..oh your 16 year old pussy feels good!" I moaned as I took her innocence or at least what was left. I sucked the fuck out of Joel's massive white cock while slowly grinding my big black dick deep inside this teen girls little tight pussy. "fuck me man suck my cock with those juicy black lips b*o...ssss..ahhh fuck yes" I loved the look of his face when he was getting his cock pleasured and his ass rimmed. It was the look of pure lust and perversion and ecstasy. I moaned and whimpered as the sensations my cock was experiencing was causing me to let my nasty side come out. Her young pussy was so wet and tight and warm. I whimpered with every stroke. "fuck me oh shit bitch take this nigga dick..ohhh shit i love fucking teen's our secret right naughty girl just our secret you let my big black cock fuck your young 16 year old cunt huh you promise not to tell your mommy that daddy Joel and Uncle Rick plowed your hairless teen pussy?" I said, really getting nasty now and increasing my speed as I went deeper and deeper. I played with Joel's nipples as I sucked and it drove him crazy. She moaned and started to cum for the first time on my cock " yes...yes...yes.oooohh..ohh..faster faster harder right there..right there..r-r-right t-t-th-there." and with that her cunt clinched tight around my thick long rod and I felt this young beautiful cunt bitch whore's pussy nutt on my cock. I almost lost it and quickly pulled out as not to cum and as I did her pussy squirted all over me. I slid back in and then Joel got down and got behind me and started to rim my ass and lick my balls as I fucked his Girlfriend's barley legal teen daughter. I then felt him against me he wrapped his arm around me and pressed his body to mine resting his huge dick between my ass cheek. He whispered in my ear and nibbled my ear and kissed my neck and played with my nipples bringing my inner faggety bitch out. "you like that fag boy huh? you like your big nigger cock in a young teens cunt as i rub my aryan cock against your ass?" he said "fuck that young pussy want my whit dick in that nigger fag ass want this white cock don't you" he said making me crazy because I so needed to be fucked and as I laid on top of the teen whore he slowly slid his dick inside my man pussy. "ohhhhhhhh shiiiiit" he let out softly almost sounding as if he was about to cry. I moaned too as he filled my ass was in in pure serenity as I was buried deep in teen cunt and he was buried deep in me. I sucked on her breast and our rhythm was perfect as i fucked her and he fucked me. We were all moaning together and was so deep into our lust filled fucking that nothing else mattered. "ohh fuck ohhh fuck ohh fuck mmmm..hmm..mmmhmm uunh..uunh."

I made high pitched moans as Joel's cock rubbed against my prostate, the male g-spot which only heightened the other worldly sensations my cock felt as it was lodged deep in a 16 year old hairless pussy, not to mention the fact that I was high as fuck from smoking some really premium weed. "yea that's it fuck that teen hole as I ram my cock up your man cunt you big dicked dirty nigger fag.. you like my big white cock fucking your tight beautiful black man cun....HUH?!" Joel said to me as he began to fuck me with deep hard measured strokes, which I fucking loved. " Yes yes fuck me.. i love being fucked by white cock..fuck my fag pussy pleeeeeease" I moaned then I turned my sight on the bitch " feel my cock in that young pussy while I get fucked by your moms boyfriend.. you keep that young pussy tight just for me right.. we won't tell mommy you like your teen cunt fucked by big black fag cock huh?!!" I moaned and yelled as I too began to intensify my stokes. Then it happened like a fucking chain reaction she began to cum. "oh oh oh i g-g-onna cum agaaaaain! and with that she came and her tight pussy clenched even tighter and that was it I was done "OH SH-SH-shiiit Im gonna nut d-d-deep inside your young pussy..oh fuuuuck me!!" I yelled and with 3 hard quick strokes I went deep filled her with a huge cream pie as I whimpered in reaction to the extreme pleasure. Well me cumming caused my ass to tighten and with that as we were both cumming Joel let loos "AHHH FUck I'm gonna fucking dude....ah gonna fuckin nutt Jesuuuuu...ahahah..SHIIIIIIIT" and with one hard stroke he buried his cock deep in my hole and came.

There we all were the three of us coming at the same time, high and d***k as fuck. I remember as I came crying out and then going silent with my mouth open just staring into space as the nut flowed through my body and I remember a single tear fell from my eye literally as I came because the orgasm was so intense and felt so good that it is safe to say I have never felt pleasure like that before.

We laid there for what seemed like an eternity. I then felt my white cock master slide his still erect but now very sensitive red tipped cock from my tight man cunt. I then slid my huge black swollen dick from the 16 year old sweet warm pussy and shuttered because mine too was sensitive. Joel ate my cum from her pussy ate the last drop that I squeezed out of my prick.

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2 years ago
wow how hot is that
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This fuckin story is incredible !
I love this more !
2 years ago
love the story,my wife begs me for blk cock but just wants me to watchbut would love to fuck also
2 years ago
Great story. Just love hot cunts and big cocks.
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3 years ago
That was fucking hot.
3 years ago
That was hot!!!
3 years ago
Fucking AWESOME!!!
3 years ago
Very hot story!