I am a 31 year old man and I'm a freak, a perv, a dirty motherfucker and it's a quality that I love about myself. I jerk off a lot and I have seen many a porn video. I have had pussy and dick and I fucking love both. Cocks cumming and wet pussies squirting makes me nut harder than fuck!! I have been craving teen pussy fro a while now and I don't understand where this craving came from but I was house sitting for a friend of mine and her daughter drove by to pick up some clothes before going to her friends house for the week-end. I always would flirt with her and this time when I grabbed her body my cock twitched because she was so fucking beautiful and the idea of fucking a 18 year old pussy really got me going. She felt my rod stiffen and she began to grind her ass against my erection which stuck out in my jeans.

Then I smelled it, yea that's right fellas the smell that a cunt gives off when it needs to be fucked and a teen pussy gives off the most sweet pungent scent when aroused. I touched her young firm tits and played with her nipples and then licking them hard as fuck as my cock pulsated in my pants and streams of pre-cum oozed out of my prick. I licked my fingers and began to play with her pussy and man was she wet, I mean juice cunt all the way. I loved her bare hairless pussy and could tell she and recently shaved it. I slid 2 fingers slowly inside her fingering her nice and steady until she came all over my hand with her teen pussy juice. I licked my finger to taste her and that was it, I had to lodge my man cock inside her quickly.

I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side and slid my bare raw cock inside her "Ohhhhh fuck yeeeees" I moaned because she was so wet, so warm and so fucking tight that I nearly came with 2 seconds. I knew I was gonna have to pace and use those edging skills because I wanted to relish fucking this particular piece of snatch. "fuck yea fuck yea let me in that young teen pussy oh oh oh f-fuck mmmmmmhhhhmmmhh. I relished fucking the bitch and she relished my cock digging deep inside her as I drilled her fucking cunt. "You fucking bitch, your pussy feels so good to my big dick you beautiful nasty cum loving whore" I said my voice filled with lust and perversion. She moaned and begged for me to fuck her good as she called me uncle Chad.

I looked down at her pink bare pussy and watched as my cock slid in and out and loved to see my cock wet from cunt juice. I moaned with each stroke in her tight snatch and I whispered in her ear "this is our secret right baby, you promise not to tell and Uncle Chad will pound your young barley legal teen pussy anytime you want" I whimpered out in her ear, feeling my cock stiffen even more and my balls harden which meant that a huge load was close to being dumped out of my cock. "oh oh oh fuck my fresh teen cunt" she begged and I felt her pussy walls clench my rod almost sending over the edge. "yea I'm gonna cum on your big man cock, oh oh my teen pussy is c-c-cumming!!" and with that she came and I pulled out as she squirted once more all over me. I then shoved my prick back in and fucked her faster and harder. "you fuckin whore you fucking whore" I moaned out as I fucked her like a worthless cum dump and she loved it. Then it started I felt it start in my balls and then my nipples got really hard and I made her lick and pull them as I thrust in her. I was nearing my nutt and it was gonna be an intense unloading of jizz. I felt my face's expression change uncontrollably and knew she could see that not a fucking thing else mattered in the world than that moment because when pussy feels really good and I'm in my most nasty perverted lustful mood I have such ecstasy on my face. My mouth hangs open I look as if I might cry or scream which I end up doing as I cum. "Ooooooooh Sh..shit I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fuckin creampie a teen pussy. oh fuuuuuuuuck!!" I let out as I went deep and busted my nutt inside her. I moaned and whimpered as my knees almost gave out from the intense orgasm in this young muff.

There I was with every inch of my 11 inch cock inside her as I had her up against the wall, leg spread open and my body tensed as I released my man juice up in her. it lasted forever "oh oh oh yea oh fuck unhuh unhuh..mmmmmmmhhhmmm." I moaned. I then slowly pulled out my now sensitive cock and shook as my cock head pop out of her as it made a suction sound and then huge drops of my seamen dripped from her on to the floor. I then got on my knees and ate her pussy tasting my cum. I loved tasting myself after fucking a fresh clean cunt. the taste of her cum and mine is so good. As I ate her out my cock was still hard as fuck and I knew that I had to bust another nutt. I stood up and she got on my knees and began to service my cock with her mouth and hands then she took cum off the floor and using it as lube began to jerk of my massive pole. "sssss oh fuck me, jerk my cock yea jerk my cock baby...milk me" She jerked and sucked and before I knew I was ready to cum again "faster faster f-fas-oh shiiiiit!!" and with that I shot another huge load all over her face and in her mouth. I passed out on the couch as she cleaned herself up and left like a good whore. I knew I would need my rest because I was there all week and I knew I would be breaking that pussy in even more.
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2 years ago
And just like this story, I too have a craving for teen pussy. I'm close to the guy's age in the story and I pursue 18-20 year old's with an absolute passion! Hot, tight, wet and... mmmmm :D
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
My hand hurts now :P
3 years ago
I LOVE YOUNG ;-) pussy..that was a hot story..just finished jerking off while reading it.. :-)
3 years ago
that story was awsome i came twice