Paul was 43 the winter he finally finished turning his garage into his man cave. He had added one directly on to the house he would no longer have to park his car in the old garage that was now to be a guest house as well. He had it decked out and spared no expense in it's renovation. He had recently gotten divorced from his bitch of a wife and it was his gift to himself. Paul had always made sure to take care of himself and looked like he was 33. He had been hot all his life and was so used to women(and men) checking him out since he could remember. He learned early on in his life that his looks made people do things for him and made them want to do things to please him.

He knew the power of sexuality and he used it. It wasn't hard either with his 6'0 165 lean muscular frame and black hair and piercing blue eyes. He was in short one hot motherfucker. He was 18 the first time he used his sex appeal on a 2 teachers. He fucked one who was a total milf and he the the drama teacher, who was gay suck his cock he didn't care he would fuck and suck guys and girls from that moment on. They were always throwing themselves at him and he was more shocked about the guys because he didn't realize so many men, who portrayed themselves as straight wanted him. He had a lot of "bros" and "Buds". This all went on until he got married at 26 and as hard as it was to resist the women that through themselves at him he found it was harder to resist the guys mainly because it was so taboo. He managed to not give in for about 7 years until he and his wife started having issues and she became a total bitch.

When he realized she was fucking her tennis instructor that's when he began having fun on the side too. He finally suggested they end it which pleased her to no end and their 17 year old daughter went to live with her. So there he was free to know fuck who ever he wanted. It was during winter break when he was inside his knew man cave watching a flick when he heard a knock at the door that opened up to the ally in the back. He could not imagine who in the hell would be out in the blizzard that they were having he opened the door and could barley see in front of his own face. "Mr. Weller?!" he heard a familiar voice ask. Then he saw who it was it was his neighbor's daughter Diane who was the same age as his daughter. "Diane, what are you doing out in this weather? Get in here" he said. She stepped in and he could not help but notice this beautiful girl that was becoming a young woman. Diane was at 17 developed beyond belief. She was about 5'7 120 and her tits were the perfect size 36C she had long red hair and her skin was literally as white as snow, with clear blue eyes.

Paul looked at her and his cock started to tingle. "I'm so sorry but my parents are out of town for the day and they called to say they are stuck in the city because of the storm and they ask me to just see if you would let me stay over tonight." she said. Her parents had trusted him because they had been neighbors for as long as they could remember and the girls would often play with each other and were friends so Paul was like and uncle to her. Paul called her parents and told them that everything was alright and that they had nothing to worry about. It was nice and warm inside the guest house and it was extremely cozy. Diane excused herself to go into the bathroom and change and Paul sat there with a hard on as a fantasy began to play in his head.

He knew it was wrong but the thought of getting some teen pussy was gonna make for a nice edging session later so he would make sure to remember all he could about the3 way he looked because he was gonna bust that nutt in his fleshlight later thinking about her. He had already planned to smoke a huge bowl of some really good pot and have an edging session inside his new pad that night anyway. He did have a fuck session lined up with a hot couple but they canceled due to the weather. Diane soon came from the bathroom wearing a tight shirt and skimpy shorts and Paul told her she could watch anything she wanted that he was gonna run to the main house really quick. He smoked two huge bowls and was extremely high when he returned. She sat there in the chair watching tv " Thanks for letting me stay over Mr. Weller" she said her voice so young and innocent sounding. "ah no problem Diane, it's crazy out there and you should not be home alone and call me Paul" he said. It was during this moment that he noticed her legs were spread apart and he could see up he shorts. He felt his dick begin to grow and felt his warm shaft on the side of his leg,as he realized that he was staring right at her cunt. "Fuck!" he thought "Paul you have to contain yourself" man he wanted to fuck so bad.

The weed was making his cock extra sensitive and not only that but her pussy was hairless. He was convinced that she was doing it on purpose and he was right. Diane was no dummy for she had a crush on Paul since she could remember he was hot even at his age and she nearly came in her panties at the thought of seeing him that night and was so glad that her parents were stuck in another town. Her plan was to seduce him. She wanted to feel a grown man's cock inside her. She had only fucked two boys from school and they were both okay and had nice size cocks but she knew that experience was everything and Paul had it not to mention um...he was fucking hot. Paul was so concerned with looking at her cunt that he didn't realize that his 10 inch cock bulge was bouncing in his sweat pants. Diane saw this and knew she had to make her move, she then took her hand and put it down her shorts and began playing with her smooth cunt not saying a word she just looked as Paul stared with his stoned bl**dshot eyes and his throbbing dick oozing out a shit load of pre that was so thick it formed a huge wet spot on his sweats. She slid her finger inside her teen cunt and played with her now hard nipples. She could see that his nipples were hard too poking through his wife beater. "Mr. Wel-um I mean Paul, I'm so horny anad I want to know what a man's cock feels like" she said in a sexy low voice.

Paul's breathing was becoming heavy and he was looking more like a dog in heat at this point as he licked his lips. "Diane this...this is wrong what are you doing, I'm sure you have plenty of guys at your school who want you and besides your too young to be having sex" Paul was able to say holding on to every bit of moral strength he had but his cock was aching. "I'm over boys I want to feel a big man dick, I want to feel your dick and from the looks of that big dick I think you could use some relief" she moaned and Paul saw a trickle of cunt juice slide down the crack of her pink snatch. "Oh..oh Diane wha..what are you trying to do...this could be so bad, I'm so horny but your so young....but so fucking hot. What if someone finds out I aould be in real trouble" he said rubbing on his cock and almost drooling at the mouth. "I promise it will be our dirty little nasty secret, it's making me wet just thinking about it. I will never tell besides don't you want to know what your big adut cock would feel like in my tight warm wet adolescent teen pussy?..our secret?" She said as she pulled her shorts all the way off spread her legs open and her cunt. Paul could not stand it any more he had the munchies but tonight it was for cunt...17 year old cunt and he showed her just what fucking a man in his 40's could get you. "oh....oh....eat my pussy..yes that feel so fucking goooooood!" she moaned and writhed around grabbing Paul's head as he licked and finger her young girl twat. She was so sweet and wet and he kept his face buried inside her hole forever and licked her ass hole which drove her wild.

As he ate her pussy he slid a finger in her ass and in her cunt and that was it. "oh...oh..oh...fuck...I'm g-g-gonna...c-cuuuuum Mr. Weller!!!" and she began to squirt all over his face. "ahhh yea baby girl gimme that cunt juice Fuck yea, you like your cunt eaten dontcha you little cunt whore?" He said his voice filled with lust. He began to finger her pussy and suck her nipples and whisper dirty things into her ear. "that feel good huh?, you like your teen pussy violated by and older man baby girl. Your my nasty little cunt...my whore...my teen bitch..I'm such a nasty man right now." he said kissing her neck and licking her ear lobe and really working her snatch which was literally dripping like a fucking waterfall.

She lay there moaning begging him not to stop, his big white cock was so swollen that his head had gone fron a deep red to a dark purple and was leaking so much pre-cum that it seemed like he busted already. She took his 10 inch vein covered dick in her small hand and began to stroke. He moaned at the touch of her warm hand rubbing his man prick. "sssss..oh...shhhhit stroke my fucking cock" he moaned. Diane looked at his amazing body his pecks and and abs and his lean muscular arms and long lean legs. He was so fucking hot and all she wanted to do was worship his cock and drink his load. She felt his heart in her hand as she held his cock. "suck Mr. Weller's man cock my little cunt bitch whore make uncle Paul feel good with your young teen mouth, you wanna taste my dick baby girl and eat my pre-cum?" he said lovingly to her. "yes please let me, please let me deep throat your cock I wanna taste it sooooo bad and lick your balls too so baaaad" she moaned to him getting on her knees. She licked the head of his cock and he began to tense and breath hard at the very touch of her tounge pretty soon she was really giving his cock expert service, going down to the base, licking his balls and jerking it with her hand. He was wild "it f-f-feels..so..so..g-g-good..uhh..huh...thats it oh fuck suck my dick..ahhh..ahhhh. suck my 43 year old cock with that teen mouth...holy fuck." he writhed in the chair and grabbed her long red hair and began to face fuck her making her gag on his huge rod. She then began to eat his ass "OOOOOOHHH FUUUUUCK...yea...yea...tounge my ass bnaby eat my hole." She really worked it too sticking her finger in there, which nearly made him shoot right there. "ok baby you want some 10 inch cock inside that tight teen pussy, ready to get fucked by Uncle pauls big adult cock?" she got up and laid down on the couch not saying a word only spreading her hairless cunt open. He teased her with the head of his cock rubbing it on her clit and pussy lips "beg for it cunt beg for grown man cock, youn want me in that young little pussy?" he asked her "yes fuck me violate my teen pussy with your prick , I wanna feel you inside me f***e me to take it Mr. Weller make cum and squirt again please."

Paul's eyes rolled in the back of his head as he slowly entered this hot ass teenager and as his cock slid deep in her cunt he was so grateful for his life so grateful for teen pussy. Diane was so tight and warm and wet he nearly cried at the pleasure he began to moan uncontrollably the pitch of his voice going up too and his face contorted in pure ecstasy and lust. "OOOOOOHHHH....FUUUUUCK....OOOOOOHHHHH....FUUUUUUCK" he cried out as he slowly bucked back and forth. "YOUR...T-T-TEEN..PU-P-Pussy feel so fucking goooood...ahhhh fuuuuck. I'm fucking your young teen pussy and nobody knows about it AHHHHHHHHH" He said literally in a part moan part cry and part high pitched whimper. It was truly a beautiful site to see his perfect body fucking her his nice round ass moving at different paces as his huge swollen cock slid in and out of her small pink snatch. She was moaning like a fucking whore loving every inch and the sound of her cunt getting fucked was so hot to Paul and he pussy juice was soaking the couch. He began to speed up "yes..yes...you cunt...work your pussy on my dick ...cum on my dick!! and with that she started to howl and squirt another load on his cock "OHHHHHH...MY TEEN PUSSY IS CUMMMING ON YOUR MAN COCK!!!" as she came her cunt clinched and became really tight and this sent Paul over the edge. "OOOOOH SHIT OOOOH SHIT....Im CLOSE....FUCK I'M GONNA SHOOT INSIDE YOUR PUSSY...YOU WANT A MAN LOAD INSIDE YOUR TEEN PUSSY BABY, H-H-HO-LY S-S-SHHHHHIIIIT I'M GONNNA NUUUUUUUUT....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" He took two hard strokes and buried himself all the way in her snatch. She could feel his cock pulsate as it unloaded cum inside her and she felt the warm nut coat the walls of her young sweet pussy. Paul shook as he nut so hard he thought his balls were gonna come out with the cum. He whimpered and cried in her ear as he came because his nutt was that hard. They came hard together their bodies shaking then Paul collapsed on top of his teen cum bucket panting. He slowly and reluctantly took his now extremely sensitive dick out of her mound and was barley able to stand because he was so depleted. "fuck that was the best fucking cunt I've ever had" he said and it was true. His Jizz leaked from her pussy and ran down her ass crack and onto the couch. Seeing this Paul's cock sprang back into action. " Baby girl come suck my cock and get a nice facial from round two" She smiled and worked his cock with her mouth and he was so horny that it didn't take long to pop "FUUUUUUCK........ahhhhhh....S-sh-shit i'm gonna cum again..ahhhhhhhhhh" his huge cock exploded agiain with another huge load all over her face it was beautiful to see as 7 hard ropes of nutt jetted from his cock landing all over her face and in her mouth and soon covered her entire face in white warm salty spunk. She ate every drop.

They fucked throughout the night until the sun came up and the next day and night as well. Her parents were still out of town. Paul knew this changed everything for him he now craved teen pussy and Diane was a willing cunt and she had friends yea this was gonna be a good fresh start he thought. Several weeks passed and he and Diane did a good job of fucking regularly and then she and her f****y had to go out of town for a few weeks for vacation which was a fucking problem for Paul who needed a daily dose of young cunt. He had just finished smoking a huge as joint when there was a knock at his door. "who the fuck is that?" he thought and had no problem answering for it could be another piece of eager teen twat. When he opened the door there stood His daughter's ex boy friend Kyle and he looked upset and he was fucking hot "hmmm some 17 year old cock would taste good right about now" he thought to him self. "Well hey there Kyle he said with a grin come in side buddy what's up?" TO BE CONTINUED...PLEASE COMMENT ON MY STORIES AND GIVE FEED BACK IT REALLY GETS ME GOING TO KNOW THAT PEOPLE GET OFF READING THEM!!!! I LOVE CUNT AND COCK AND ADORE MY FELLOW PORN LOVERS HERE!!!
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man such a good story please carry on we want to hear how Kyle got on
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Good story!! HOT!! Please,.. write more! ;)
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