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I love to fuck and I love cock and pussy especially fresh young teen pussy and big long thick cocks. I am a life guard at the pool in town where I live and I have to admit I get a lot of play by that I mean dick and cunt. I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy what can i say. Well about a week ago I was at the pool and it was closing time and all day I had to hide my erection because of all the hot ass teen that were there and I wanted to stroke my big 9.5 inch dick so bad but never had the time as I was the only guard on duty that day. I was in the office and had just finished smoking a huge joint and was about jerk out a load when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood a chic I had been eying all day. She was so fucking beautiful and had a fucking hot ass body. she was about 5'6 and thin but her tits and ass were nice and juicy. She said that she was stranded and wondered If I could give her a ride home. I asked if if she had tried calling her parents and she said that her mother was working the night shift and that her friend basically left her there. I was getting anxious because the more I looked at her the more my 32 year old cock would begin to get hard. I still had my shirt off and I saw her looking at my body. That's when I noticed her nipples had gotten hard. She saw me looking and closed the door behind her. "hey, what are you doing?" i asked. "Ive been watching you all day and I saw you looking at me too, your fucking hot." she said as she stepped right up to me and began to rub my now hard dick. " I backed away which was hard for me to do. "How old are you ?" i said still uncertain if I wanted to dick down this horny cunt because I don't like to shit where I sl**p and she was a regular and she was right I had been looking at her in fact for weeks.

She looked down and said she was 17. "what the fuck, are you crazy?" I said. I have fucked my share of teen cunt don't get me wrong but they were all 18 and I would never fuck a 17 year old ever but something weird was happening. My cock got the biggest it has ever gotten when she told me that and she was so hot she looked older that what she was. "I promise it will be our secret and I want you so bad" she said as pull her bathing suit to one side and revealed her smooth hairless pussy. By this time a large amount of pre-cum was leaking from my pulsating dick and running down my leg and my the head of my large brown cock was sticking out of my shorts. She walked over and began to lick the pre cum off my leg until she reached my the head of my prick and I stood there stunned knowing I should stop her but I couldn't and then I that's when I snapped and said fuck it I need some young teen pussy. She started to suck my cock and I moaned and played with my nipples. She was a fucking pro too. I pulled the pant of my swim short up so my entire cock was now out and let her work my cock with her warm mouth. She clearly had done this before and every time she would deep throat me I thought I was gonna bust.

I wanted to taste her sweet cunt and told her to lay back on the couch. I slowly pulled her panties to the side and caressed her whit e pink pussy lips with my hand. I slid my finger inside and began to lap at her snatch with my tounge and mouth. "oh...oh ...yes..yes" she moaned as I ate her pussy out. Let me be the first to say that pussy was the freshest pussy i've ever had the pleasure to eat. I fingered her and made her cum all over my face as she screamed. She squirted all over me and the couch. "Now it's time for me to fuck you, would like that baby girl, you want me to fill that cunt with a big 32 year old cock?" I said horny as fuck and loving how naughty and taboo it was for us to be fucking. "yes daddy fuck me please..fuck me with that big nigger dick." I took my dick and teased her twat first and then slowly slid the head in "sssss oh my fucking gaaawwed" I moaned as I slid all 9.5 inches in side her. He pussy was the tight as fuck warm and wet I knew I was gonna have to put my edging skills to work because I wanted our fuck session to last and I could have easily shot in two seconds..it felt that fucking good. I slowly fucked her and licked her tits and nipples loving the sound of my cock as it slid in and out of her snatch. "oh fuck yea...i fucking love your teen pussy...oh fuck you promise not to tell" she moved her cunt with every stroke my dick made as I fucked her and "I won't tell it's our secret I promise to be a good girl, I love getting fucked by huge grown man cock!" she said. I moaned as I began to buck up and down at a steady pace, relishing every stroke I made with my cock.

I watched as my long thick brown cock slid in and out of her hairless white pink pussy. "oh shit oh shit!" I yelled out. I began to feel my balls tighten and I knew it was just a matter of time before I was gonna blow and I was impressed that for being so tight she was able to handle such a big cock. I had to make her squirt teen cunt juice all over my cock and as I didn't have to wait long. My cock was hitting that spot and she began to whimper and moan like a good little cunt bitch. "oh oh oh oh fuck...me..fuck...me.i'm..g-g-gonna cum all over your grown man cock!" and with that she began to squirt again and I lost it as her pussy began to tight more around my cock. "fuck your gonna make me cuuuum oh oh fuckin son of a bitch her it comes baby girl, can I cum inside your 17 year old pussy?!!" i cried out and before she could say yes I made three quick hard thrust and buried every inch of my cock deep inside her and moaned and whimpered as I emptied my load inside her. "Ahhhh....fuuuuuuuck!!..oh..oh..shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiit" I moaned out sounding like I was on the verge of tears about to cry because the nutt was so fucking intense, I swear it was the longest nutt I had ever busted and I shook there on top of her feeling her cunt fill up with my cock's nutt butter.

I lay there panting for a minuet only hearing our breathing, then I slowly began to remove my rod from her warm young tight cum hole. I was so sensitive that I shook as it came out. Nutt dripped form her hairless pussy and I got down on my knees and had my protein shake for the day. When I stood up my knees buckled and gave way. Her snatch was that fucking good. That whole summer my cock spent it's time inside her pussy and filled her with load after load. I gave her facial after facial and she swallowed as much prick juice as she could.
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no pregnancy? lol
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that is way to hot
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Nice story...
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sweet ....
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love this story