I woke up this morning horny as fuck and still High from last night's weed smoking. I am always horny I think about sex every minuet of every day and I love porn fucking and jerking my cock. Busting a nutt is my favorite activity. I love to share about it too. I love Cunt. I love cock too but right now I want to talk about pussy. As I was Saying I live Cunt. I love that word it's so dirty and nasty it makes my cock rock hard just saying it. I wake up so hard this morning wanting some nice young pussy to fuck. I hump my bed and moan thinking about particular twats I wanna unleash my load in. I have this friend who's daughter 19 now. She is a real hot piece of ass too and I'm 35. Well about a year ago the day she turned 18 I plowed her young pussy so good that my cock still twitches at the thought of it. Her birthday is on Halloween and this year wasn't your typical costume party. Now traditionally her parent through a party for their adult friends usually after her party but this year they let her stay and hang out after all her friends had gone home. She dressed as a little red riding hood and i had gone dressed as a catholic priest. Now I have always had an easy time getting cunt. The gals have always seemed to like me look at my profile pics and you will understand why. So I knew that his daughter had a crush on Uncle Leslie as she had always called me.

My friend had her when we were in High school we were 17 years old and we were very close. She was the friend I told that I liked boys as well as girls and we had just bonded. I was like her b*****r she my s****r and to the k**s Uncle Leslie. Well Uncle Leslie notice that Amanda was growing up and into a hot piece but I had to to wait and ponder what it would mean should I ever get to stick my cock inside her. I like an uncle....a bad uncle i thought when I would jerk my cock and jizz in to a pair of her panties that I had taken once. I knew I had o have her and fuck the consequences. So there she was all dressed up as Little red but her costume was so sexy her her plum young tits bulging out and her skirt was short and tiny. She wore red heels and white lace knee stockings. I stood there watching her like a dog in heat.

My 10inch cock ached as I imagined what her cunt would feel like around my dick. I felt pre-cum sliding down my leg. After the party had ended I smoked a huge blunt with her mom's boyfriend. He was pretty fucking hot and I will eventually blow him but that's another story. We sat there him and I talking about how much we like to smoke bud and fuck and he stood up with his cock hard as a rock and joked about how he was gonna go give to My friend Carla but what he didn't know was I was gonna do the same to her daughter. I heard them fucking and he was really tearing her pussy up when I thought to myself that's it I can't take it I had to please my dick with teen cunt. Amanda was in her room and I knew her mom and the boyfriend were too busy fucking and would pass out so I was in no danger of getting caught. I walked into hr room and she was was still in her costume. She could tell I was High and we laughed about the boys at her school and how stupid she thought they were. Then She asked my advice and I told what kind of guy to look for and she said she liked older men. She stood there seductive looking and was licking her lips and sat on the couch in her room with her legs parted. my cock was so stiff and she could see it even through my black priest robe. "I see you look at me uncle Les" she said with a smile as she started to play with her tit. "I have such a crush on you" she said " I said some bullshit about how it as bad of her and what would her mom say. you know shit that would not give away that I longed for her young pussy more than she thought. She stood up and walked over to me and kissed me. I nearly busted. She then slowly got don ono her knees in front of me and pulled my cock out of my robe. I was wearing no underwear and it twitched in her small warm hand. I had a huge bead of pre on my tip amd she licked it with her tounge. I moaned out a deep lust filled moan as she took my man meat into her mouth. "ohhhhhh fuck...ah ahhhhh shit yes baby girl suck me" I said. I was so stoned and horny that nothing could have made me stop even if her mom had busted in on us they would have to pry me off. I unbuttoned my robe and pumped her mouth as she did a first class job on my cock and me just moaning out like the nasty creep i am loving it. I laid her on the couch and spread open her legs so i could tast her teen cunt.

I rubbed on her puss lick and sucking through her panties. Then puling them to the side I first saw her hairless pink cunt and I began top eat she moaned and whimpered as I devoured her twat. I couldn't wait to sink my dick inside her. I took my cock in her hand as she removed her panties and open her pussy for me. I teased the inside of her with my huge cock head and shuttered as my tip felt her hot dripping cunt. She was so warm too. I slid in slowly and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. "yea baby girl let Father Leslie in there I said real nasty. "oh shit yes" I cried out as I began to pump her puss. "Oh oh oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" I moaned in her ear. She moaned and bucked her hips as I fucked her teen cunt on the couch in my priest costume. My dick shined from her pussy juice. She was so warm ans so tight too.

I was high so every sensation was magnified. Her pussy was so fucking good man I was digging in her cunt slow and deep. "yea there her go open up that young teen cunt for uncle les" I whispered in her ear "you little bitch got me all hard now you got milk my cock with that warm perfect pussy...ooh oh" I maned as I began to pump faster and harder. She moaned and gripped my body "uncle les I've been so bad fuck my little young pussy now I won't tell mommy" she moaned out. Well that sent me over the edge and I burst!! "oh yea..oh fuck yea...I'm gonna nutt...ohhhhhhhhh shit!" I yelled out as I took 3 hard quick pumps and held my cock deep inside her cumming harder than I ever have in my life. My I shook as the nutt took it's course throughout my body. I then got down and ate my cum out of her sweet tasting pussy. Fellas there ain't nothing like some fresh 18 year old teen cunt my 35 year old cock has never been as happy. Please leave comments.
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3 years ago
I'm 18 n a virgin n ur dirty lil story got me all nice n wet.
3 years ago
very good