Taking one for the team

I attended St. Mary the Divine H.S. when I was young and I was captain of the soccer team. I don't mean to be arrogant but I am and was a very attractive guy. I'm 28 now and pretty much look the same just older I'm 5'11 160 pounds. I had a very lean yet muscular build I had black hair and blue eyes and my body was almost hair less except for my pits and pubes with very little hair on my legs. I looked like Ian Sommerhaulder. My coach's name was father Reynolds and he was a fucking God in terms of how hot he was Oh my god you have no idea. He was slightly shorter and more lean than Hugh Jackman but just as ripped and could have been his twin. He was 32 years old and all the fucking girls went crazy when he came I thought that I would never have a chance.

I won't beat around the bush I will just go ahead and say that I got all kinds of Cunt when I was that age...I get now when I want it that is, but at that age I was fucking hot female teachers and hot girls. I had bitches swallowing my teen cock's nut or shooting inside their tight wet pussies. It was also during this time though that I discovered that I craved to taste cock. It all started when I went to coach's office to ask about something and I saw this cheerleader who I had fucked two days prior. I walked toward his office and saw him in his office but I stopped I saw him removing a condom from his cock and my dick got rock hard in two seconds. I stood there as he pulled it off his still hard long red, vein covered dick and boy did he shoot a big load. I waited till he tucked his large engorged cock back in his shots that I walked in....with my erection still throbbing in my running shorts. " Hey coach" I said nonchalantly and and Father Reynolds turned around. He was still hard and I could not help but to stare at his swollen bulge. He then put his hand and caressed his cock before adjusting it and said " Scott is there something you need son?" I looked at him and He had this sly grin on his face as if he knew I saw his hard long thick cock and that I desired to take my mouth and drain it of every drop of man nectar he had stored in his ball sack and believe me I wanted to. It then dawned on me that he must have just finished fucking the cheerleader that I saw running out of the gym earlier.

He asked me what I wanted and I stumbled over my words trying to find a good excuse.."Well um I uhh wanted to know..." I was so nervous my legs trembled and I he stepped behind me and closed the door. I heard him switch the lock and then he stepped right up behind me. I could feel his warm breath against the back of my neck and my nipples hardened and my cock started to leak pre cum even more that it already was. My big young teen cock pulsated as it was now at full erection. I felt it throbbing against my leg and because the shorts I was wearing were running shorts and wearing no underwear my cock was hanging down and half of it was showing.

I was so caught up in seeing my coach's dick that I did not realize he could see it from the moment I stepped in his office. He was standing so close to me that I felt his big hard grown adult man cock against my young teen boy ass. He whispered in my ear.."I know why your here boy" he said as he was grinding his cock on my ass. I felt he hands grab my arms and rub them then he licked his finger tips and stuck hin hand under my tank top and played with my hard young teen boy nipples. "ohhhh....ohhhh.ssssmmmmmm" I whimpered as I began to grind back. "thats right you want coaches cock don't you boy?" he said in my ear seductively. " you wanna be farther reynolds fag fuck boy?".... i was so turned on I loved him talking to me like this. " yes coach...yes father reynolds I want your dick... I want you to fuck my young boy teen tight boy cunt. I want to be your fuck fag boy" I said moaning as he licked my neck and toyed with my teen nipples. He then took his hand and began to rub my big young boy teen cock. I was so hard that several large drops of my clear pre had fallen on the floor and the head of my cock was so red it was almost purple. " fuck and slip my cock inside your ass son" he said " I moaned out "please fuck me coach.. please fuck my young boy teen ass. I need your cock." he put me on his couch in the office and slowly took of my shorts and shirt. "fuck look at that young boy tight teen body and holy fuck you've got a big cock." he said then He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and began to lick my teen boy ass. "ohhhhh ohhh fuck coach eat my teen hole" I moaned. " Is our secret too just us I love the sneaking and naughtiness of what we're doing it's so wrong and that makes so hot." he said " i could not wait to see his body and feel his man cock inside my teen boy pussy I longed to be fucked properly like a good cock lover.

He pulled out his 11' inch cock and I began to suck it like it was my last meal. "oh fuck me.....christ your teen boy mouth feels so fucking good son, thats it drain father reynolds big cock oh...oh...oh... yea make coach's dick feel good" We were both completely naked by now and his body was so fucking HOT and caressed his body and cock and worshipped it like a good fag. " oh coach please fuck my teen hole please fuck your young teen soccer captain till i shoot a load." I said as I humped and twisted my body eagerly awaiting for him to dip his man cock inside my tight round, firm hairless teen ass. He continued to eat my hole for a bit.

I moaned out as he tounge fucked me and I continued to beg for his big swollen man cock to drill my tight teen boy pussy. " you ready for coaches cock?" as he rose to his knees and pulled me closer to him. My hole twitched as he teased it with the head of his dick. Coach was so hard that he was pr-cumming all over his fag boy's young teen ass and could not wait to slide his cock in and out of the young teen boy and drain a load from his big dick inside the teens ass. He spit on his cock and slid his giant prick slowly inside. He liked to edge so he was use to holding back and remaining in control but the teen ass was so tight wet and soft in fact it felt better than the best piece of pussy and he had plenty. Coach reynolds moaned as he fucked me and I was surprised that at how good it felt as his cock slid in and out of me because it was my first time and his cock was so big but I was really horny plus I had stuck things inside me before but this was the ultimate. I slowly jerked my big teen boy cock as he fucked me and it felt so fucking good as his large dick stroke my teen prostate gland. I mean you talk about moaning I was so fucking turned on man. "oh yea oh yea fuck my tight teen ass...this is so wrong coach and it makes me so horny ..yea that it's sir fuck my father reynolds go deep....fuck yea go.ahhhh...deep." I whimpered. He plowed my teen boy cunt good too going slowly as he kissed me then hard deep strokes. " oh shit your teen ass feels so fucking my son, who's in your boy cunt now huh? who's in your boy cunt." He said through clenched teeth in my ear. We fucked forever and then we both needed to blow our loads as he started to get closer his fucking pace became faster and this fast massing of my prostate was sending me over the edge.."oh fuck..oh fuck...sss oh shit...fuck your gonnna make me cum fag boy...oh my gooooooooooaaahhhhhhmmmmmssssshhhiiiiiiit....mmm...mmm...mmm." he moaned. as he came I came "yea yea fuck my fag hole coach..... fuck man im gonna fucking shoot...oh oh fuck coach I can't hold it im gonna fucking nutt....fuuuuuuuuuuck ..ahhh...ahhh..ahhhh" I let out as 3 huge streams of teen cum flew from my cock and on my face chest and over my shoulder hit the couch. We lay there me covered in and filled with jizz and coach slowly pulled out of me as cum dripped fom my pink ass hole. We got dressed and we laughed the whole time and I knew that it would not be our last. We fuck for the rest of my HS career and some during college.

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6 months ago
Very hot.
11 months ago
That pretty much sums up my high school years!! ;p LOL
2 years ago
That is why I loved catholic school!
2 years ago
story was very hot.
2 years ago
I love it ! fucking hot ! ain't nothing wrong with older showing younger the ropes ;-)
4 years ago
OMG I came for the third freakin time today off ur story alone O.o
4 years ago
it was hot
4 years ago
I never had an experience like that at college but it would have been great thanks
4 years ago
Obviouly I went to the wrong school. Nice story, syill have a hard on!
4 years ago
please leave comments and let me know how you like my story