Teacher's Pet

Jake Trenton woke up at 5:30am, went for his run on the treadmill, showered and then went to work. He had done this for a year now at Fredrick St. James Academy, it was a private all female boarding school in rural Main and he was the English/Drama teacher. Jake was 34 and had been and actor in New York for 15 years and wanted to try something different so he decided that he would use that degree he had for something. He landed this gig because of his connections, he was fucking the school's biggest donors, a 47 year old wife of a man worth $720 million dollars. Well lets' explain a few things, you see Jake is beautiful. He is 6"1 185 lbs with a lean muscular build basically a runners body. He had coal black hair with really light blue eyes and he had a slight beard he was stunning.

All Jake's life people had been drawn to him even at a young age because of his looks and by the time he was in in middle school he had received his first blow job and piece of pussy from a chick who was a senior in High School, she was his sitter and though he tried to convince his parents that he didn't need her while they went out of town for a week they were not about to let their 13 year old have the keys to the castle.

His sitter turned out to be hot as fuck she was blonde with blue eyes and huge tits and a tiny waist and he had no idea what he was in store for. From the moment she saw him her pussy was wet and for the first day she tried to ignore her lust and kept telling her self he's 13 but he was so hot not to mention tall for his age. It was on the second day when she saw him walking to his room after taking a shower. Jake's wet hair and piercing eyes in addition to his 5'11 body which was still growing but already was a lean and chiseled body were too much to handle "no one will ever know" she told herself and that night after he had taken his shower she waited for him in the hallway and when he opened the door she told him she wanted to show him something and followed him to his room. Now though Jake was naive at this age but as with all guys his age it didn't take much for his cock to get hard and she was so hot.

His cock began to grow and it just so happens that Jake was not only a beautiful adolescent he had a huge cock 8 inches and would eventually grow to be 10.5 by adult hood. He asked her to let him put on some clothes as he stood still with his back to her. She got a sly seductive look smile on her face and asked Jake to turn around and he begged her not to make him especially now that she had put her hand on his shoulder thus making his cock rock hard solid she made him turn and face her and he was so embarrassed he kept his eye closed and when she saw his massive cock she gasped and he thought he was done for but when he felt her warm hand on his dick rubbing it he opened his eyes in shock and before he knew it she was on her knees pulling his towel to the side and took his cock in her mouth and was sucking his fucking cock to such a degree that porn stars would be proud because of this along with the face that this was his fist time he shot his load almost immediately his moans became uncontrollable as if he was possessed with lust this shocked him and he seemed as if he was out side his body as the only feeling he seemed to be aware of was the sucking of his cock and suddenly he grabbed the the doorway to brace himself his knees bent slightly and he moaned out "OOOOOOh SH..SHIIIT UUUUUUUUGH..UGH..UGH...UGH" and he shot his load in her throat. It was as you can imagine the most intense thing he had ever felt.

He had never had his cock sucked before and she kept sucking as he was cumming never stopping "aaaaaah..sssssss..aaaaah..oooh fuuuuck yeeeeees" he uttered. She swallowed every drop of his young load and stood up and kissed him. Without saying a word she turned and went down stairs, Jake fell back on his bed absolutely amazed at what just happened, he just got his cock sucked by a high school senior. That night after he came home from his friends house he took his shower and when he opened the door to his bed room there she was naked on his bed.

His cock instantly got hard "Jake I want to show you something" she said as she parted her legs revealing a hairless pink pussy that was dripping wet. He noticed that his entire room was filled with a scent he had never smelled before and it was intoxicating and it made his primal instincts come out. Her scent was so hypnotizing that even if she had changed her mind at that point there was gonna be no stopping on his part this 13 year old male was in primal mode. Her scent was sweet and fresh and as he got closer it became even stronger and with each intake of breath through his nose the smell of her pussy filled his nostrils. She lay there playing with her tits and she could see the effect she was having on him but he was effecting her too. Jake was so beautiful to look at that any shame this 18 year old cunt had about fucking a 13 year old, went away. She didn't give a fuck and she motioned for him to come closer and he did as if he were under a spell his towel fell to the floor and his cock was so hard that the head was beet red and pre cum dripped from it. His breathing became deep and Jake's anticipation was apparent as she sat on the edge of the bed and made him get on his knees. She spread open her legs and when she did this her pussy was right in his face and now her scent was so strong that that he licked his lips uncontrollably.

He looked at her his eyes begging for her to give him the go ahead, after she nodded slightly he began to eat her fucking pussy with such fervor that she came in a matter of seconds filling his young mouth with her young cum. "ooooooooh Jaaaaake ah..ah...aaaaaaaaah" her high pitched moans music to his ears. Then came the moment when he was about to lose his virginity, she laid back legs open wide and he sank his cock inside her. It was at this moment that his life changed and he knew it.

His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he sank deeper and deeper, her pussy was so wet and so fucking warm and so fucking tight on his cock. Being his first time he knew nothing about holding back not that he could have if he wanted to her pussy was too good and to her his cock was so big and she was so turned on by him and the naughtiness of what they were doing that she came after just a few strokes and to be honest he only had a few more strokes left before he would have cum as well anyway, but when she came on his cock, her pussy getting tight around his prick. It was to much and he came with such an intensity that his body bucking intensely "FUCK I'M G-G-GONNA C-C-CUUM UGH UGH UGH OOOH OOH" she saw his face drop as if he had taken some d**g as his lips parted and after his initial moans he went silent and his eyes glazed over and no sound came from his mouth which was parted as if he were say "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" and his face got red.

He was cumming and cumming deep inside her. He collapsed on top of her unable to move and she stroked his head and kissed him as he lay on her, cock still inside her cunt and he was still hard. He wasn't done and in five minuets he was cumming again. By the time it was all over he had cum 6 times more times in her only taking his cock out once because her cunt was so full of cum. He would never forget every sensation, her taste, the smell of her pussy and his cum, and of course the way it felt to be in her and to think he was trying to convince his parents to let him stay home alone.

For the entire week he fucked her and it was then that he realized his power, because she was practically begging for his cock. He realized that look in her eye he had actually seen before in both men and women. He saw it in his best friend's mother's eyes and never understood what it was or why she would get flustered when she spoke to Jake. He saw it in the eyes of the females at his middle school and come to think of it he saw it in some of the guys at school too not just the theater guys he hung out with, who he could easily tell were gay but some of the jocks too. It was then that he started to use sex as a way to get what he wanted and whether it was just plain sex or favors. By the time he graduated H.S. he had fucked three teachers and had been sucked off by more females than he could count and being an equal opportunity kind of guy, he had laid that pipe in some boi pussy too and had been sucked off by every attractive queen in the school and had several jacking buds.

He also used his looks and cock to live a lavish lifestyle that as a struggling actor he would never be able to afford and it was because of one of the women he was fucking that he found himself at the Academy. She had given so much money to them that all she had to do was pick up the phone they jumped. At first she though he was Joking when he told her he wanted to leave acting for a while to teach but realizing that he was serious convinced him to teach at the private Academy "it will look good on a resume" she said, not to mention he wanted to get away from the city and that it where this story begins.

The one thing that Jake failed to take in to account was that this was an all female school ages 15 to 18 and it never crossed his mind how much trouble it could be for a guy like him. A guy who was so attractive females always flocked to him, a guy who had a large libido and was always down for some pussy. It hit him the first day of school when he saw so many hot students and he knew that he had to be extremely careful because trouble was all around. A week after he started his rich milf who had gotten him the job sent him an card and on it she wrote "here's to a wonderful start darling but what ever will you do...All that pussy around and you can't have on bit xoxo" he laughed at this truth but he knew caution had to be exercised. He had no problem and though there were flirtatious students many hot he was very professional and was able to focus on being their teacher, actually he was able to fight off any attraction that he might have. This was until a new student came to his class and when he saw her he knew that if she showed a hint of interest he was done for because he wanted her pussy. She was so stunning and hot that every night he jerked his cock he fantasized about her. "it's just fantasy" he told himself.

Her name was Aurora and she had long auburn hair and she was at 15 so developed she was 5'7 115 lbs and her tits were perfect and he was so turned on by her that and needed release so bad he let one of the female professors suck him off on the regular just to deal with it and she was not attractive at all but all the other female teachers were old and the two attractive men he had no idea what their preference was. He hated even crossing that line but she knew what it was and was all to happy to blow him and knew she was being used and he had to admit she could suck one mean cock. It was during Winter break however that he would find that he would cross a line and never be able to come back once he did.

He had made plans to go home for the winter break but due a huge snow storm he found himself stranded and the roads were gonna be blocked for weeks "dammit I should have left yesterday when I had the chance" he said to Andreas the only other person there (except for some of the staff who stayed to make sure that the pipes did not freeze and to look after a chaperon who looked after any student who did not go home for the holidays.) He was the caretaker. He was very attractive and very Latin, he was 43 and had taken over his father's position at the school, now he was no janitor or some maintenance worker he was in charge of the entire kitchen staff, cleaning staff and saw to the daily running of those departments. He was 6'2 lean framed but muscular and he had a goatee which accented his high cheek bones.

He too was stranded and he and Jake hung out in Jake's private apartment which looked like one you might see at oxford it had wood paneling on the walls a fire place and there were shelves of books. It had a private study a bedroom and he had a large brown leather couch, soft thick carpet and he even had a bear rug. The lighting was very low and this made it even more cozy. They drank and smoked pot(Jake was really shocked at first but so pleased that Andreas was so laid back) They did this every day "might as well make the most of it, shit" Andreas said when they had made the decision that they would get high every day "cause what else we gonna do" he said as they laughed and passed the joint back and forth.

Thank goodness he had a huge stash to last them for those weeks Jake thought. It was on the third day that Jake's life would again change, he had gone down to the kitchen to get some food and was astonished to find Aurora peering in the fridge. "Aurora?!" Jake said, "what in the hell are you doing here, why aren't you away. Your parents are gonna have a fit" she turned quickly "calm down Mr. Trenton I'm not going home for the break." Jake had totally forgotten that occasionally students stay behind although it is very rare. Aurora stepped closer to Jake and he saw it that look, it was clear it was that look that his sitter had all those years ago and he knew this young beautiful teen that stood before him wanted his cock "Mother Fucker" he thought. He quickly grabbed something and headed back to his private apartment in the teachers quarters. Hoping she didn't see his 10.5 inch cock in his sweats.

He was high as fuck too so it made his hard on even worse. He got in the door and went straight to the porn and had a session so intense he was glad all the apartments were sound proof because he shot a load so hard that cum flew on his chest, face, computer screen and even hit the wall. The next day he sat at his computer chair smoking some weed when a small hidden door opened and through it walked Aurora. "what in the hell are you d-." He stopped because he then realized that she stood there in from of him rubbing her tits and his 10.5 inch cock got hard instantly. "Mr. Trenton my young little pussy is so wet, please slide your cock inside me and make me cum on your cock." Jake sat there high as fuck his cock hard as steel and he licked his lips "Aur-rora um I think you should stop okay we can't do this." he said those words and knew he didn't mean a word of it. All he wanted was to slide his rod deep inside her 15 year old cunt and fuck her with his man cock.

"I promise to keep it secret i promise I won't say talk about our naughty play time" she stood there her hair in pigtails he nipples hard, Jake's cock pulsed as he watched her and already he was pre-cumming something fierce and his 34 year old cock jumped because he was so horny. "you-you promise not say a word, you it's our secret right?" he said his breath getting heavy and he began to grind his hips as she stepped closer to him "come over here and suck on my cock, come taste my man dick with that teen mouth. She walked over to him and got on her knees and started sucking his cock with in seconds she had his cock in her throat and was working his man dick over in a way that had never been done and as she sucked and stroked his dick she looked up at him with those young teen eyes.

Jake was moaning loudly and he played with her nipples his cock deep in her throat now. "suck my fucking dick..suck my fucking dick" he said. He was filled with lust so much so that he didn't even think to ask about her coming out of a secret corridor that he didn't know was there. He could smell her pussy as it filled the room and he saw that her white panties were soaked through revealing the shape of her swollen pussy lips yes plum from arousal and in need of a grown man's rock hard cock. He stroked his dick as he got on his knees. he looked at this fucking young teen whore that lay in front of him, this young teen slut was so hot and nasty to want her little teenage cunt fucked nice and deep. This beautiful young thing made him so horny and his big hard heavy cock dripped with pre cum and his vein covered cock pulsed. He knew it was wrong but he didn't care "fuck what they say I gotta feel that pussy I can't fight it or pretend any more" he said out loud to her "I'm gonna fuck you, you want it don't ya little young teen cunt? Yea you want it I can smell your fucking pussy from here, it's just gone be between me and you, our little secret huh?" he said to her, his voice filled with lust and perversion.

She squirmed with her young legs spread open humping and begging for his big cock "fuck my pussy please put your big man cock in my little young teen pussy it's so wet oh it's so fucking wet." she was horny as fuck "yea you fucking cunt begging for my cock to be in that pussy, you asked for this. Walking around looking so fucking Hot, making me so hard I'm a predator who's gonna love fucking your young pussy" He got on his knees and hiked her skirt up and started to rub her pussy through her panties. They were soaked right through and he put his fingers up to his nose and took a nice whiff of her young snatch. It was intoxicating and he moaned softly as if he were trying to fight off an orgasm and his body shuddered in ecstasy. He then tasted her juice and then put his fingers in her mouth so she could taste herself. He slowly pulled her panties to the side revealing her hairless pink pussy. Her cunt lips were nice and fat and her clit was swollen from arousal and trickles of pussy juice trickled slowly out of her, she that fucking wet.

Jake took his finger and slid it right in the petite bitch and she moaned and cooed with pleasure, then he slipped in a another finger and she moaned louder and here eyes rolled in the back of her head "ooooooooh" she let out her soft young teen voice so innocent and pure. He finger fucked her pussy slowly at first and she she squirmed and bucked her hips and he gradually got faster and she really started to moan "OOOOOOOOOH OHHHHHHHHH....Y-Y-YES MR.TRENTON!" Jake was finger fucking her rapidly having found her G spot and soon he knew from the look on her sweet young teen face she was about to cum and she did just that all over him.

Turns out she was a squirter and her juice gushed out of that pussy and soaked the cushion. Her whole body shook and convulsed as this man finger fucked her young teen pussy and gave her her first orgasm. He ate her pussy out and she came again in his mouth, this was too much and he could no longer hold off he positioned himself between her spread open legs and taking his fingers he got them wet and slick from her pussy juice.

He then rubbed it on the head of his cock to wet it and taking his dick he rubbed the head on her clit. He teased her by putting the head between her lips rubbing his cock back and forth and then came the moment when this Man teacher and authority figure would fuck this sweet young innocent looking teen student, who begged for her pussy to be fucked by suck a person. He slowly pushed himself in her and he was so big and she so tight that she moved back off his cock but he put his arm around her back and pulled her forward "oh no baby no no my young little teen, when you crave and want man cock you take that cock, It's gonna feel so fucking good" he said "but your your so big..I've never been with one that big" she said sounding both nervous and horny she wanted his big cock so bad but could she take it? Jake slopwly kept sliding in and then bam he just sank all the way. Everything seemed to stand still years later when he would share stories about this moment with jerk buds and other perves he would tell them that time seemed to stop. The feeling of his cock being inside her young teenage pussy is something he thought every man should should not live with out.

He bit his lip and whimpered out "ohhhhh shiiiiiiit" her pussy was the wettest, tightest mother fucking warmest cunt he had ever put his prick in. He bit his bottom lip and lust and ecstasy came across his face. His brow furrowed and then with his mouth hanging open he slowly began to pump back and forth. His body shook and he gasped and made high pitched sounds and looked as if he could barley move too much. This was because her pussy was so fucking amazing that and felt so good on his man cock that he was nearly about to cum. He took his cock out and shook, he had to wait a minuet because he was right on the edge.

He slowly slid in a again and began to fuck her he began to pump her deep and she moaned and begged for it, loving every second this man fucked her his huge rod felt so good deep inside her young teen pussy "OOH OOOH OOOOH It' feels sooooo goog Mr. Trenton EEEEEEEEEEEEH!!" and soon she was cumming, Jake pulled out and she began to squirt again. She writhed around and humped her pussy back and forth having slid slightly on off the couch crouching down as jet streams of pussy juice shot on the floor And she made deep low moans and with out missing a beat Jake took his Adult cock and slid it back in her sweet Adolescent cunt and he started to slowly grind his cock inside her balls deep. It felt unbelievable he was so glad he smoked right before she walked in because being high made it feel even better. "oh....ugh..oh shiiiit. you feel so fucking good..so fucking tight on my cock...your little young teen pussy feels so good on my big man cock" he whispered in her ear or looking her right in the eyes close to her face. She loved the look of perversion and sick lusty in his face, she was glad to bed violated by him and loved cumming on his cock with her pussy.

His cock felt unbelievable inside her deep in side her pile driving her lushes wet young pussy. He was so glad he was a pervert he was so glad that he liked young teen females, the taboo nature was such a turn on the sound of his body thrusting against hers as she moaned and moaned for his 34 year old dick, which was about to shoot inside her 15 year old pussy. He began to pump faster and she could feel his hard muscled body tense against hers and his breathing sped up and he started to moan and whimper "ugh..ugh..ugh..ugh..oh..oh..oh fuck..UGH..UGH...P-P-PUS..UGH..YOU PUSSY IS SO FUCKING GOOD...UGH..UGH..I"M GONNA CUM....OH GOD I"M GONNA CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM.....AHHHHHHH JESUAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.UGH..UGH..UGH..MMMMMM..UN-HUH...MMMMMMMM" he buried came every inch of his 10.5 inch breeding rod and dumped the biggest load man cock milk deep with in the Adolescent cunt that he had been fucking with reckless abandon he kept pumping deep then entire orgasm his fists clenching the pillows on the couch he whimpered in her ear and moaned as if he were about to cry and trust be told he was about to not because of guilt no fuck that but because the orgasm that he had was so fucking amazing that he could not believe that this was happening to him and that he had never known such pleasure in his life her pussy was lethal and he knew he was hooked the moment he sank his cock in the bitch. Silence filled the room except for their heavy breathing, Jake slowly slid his still rock hard dick from her cunt and he shuddered as his sensitive head slid out.

His whole body fell warm and gooey and when he went to stand up his leg turned to putty and he fell to the floor literally going weak in the knees. He kissed her and asked her about the secret door and she said she found by accident and she did but what she didn't know was that it had been put there when the school first built the building and the head mistress had the secret corridor put in because she wanted to be able to appear in the student's suites at any moment. She kept it a secret and when she died they moved the H.M.'s suite Closer to the Student's and because that suite was no longer the Headmistress's time had forgotten about it but Aurora had discovered it earlier that year and she was the only one who knew about. She knew it was his because she decided to walk it one night to see where it led and she was amazed to find that though it had probably been locked for years is was surprisingly clean and when she got to the end of the tunnel she clicked the door open and she had watched him jerk off. He had his earphones on so he did not her her and it was dark in the room so he never noticed that his wall was slightly cracked open. Seeing him massage his huge cock made her teen pussy wet on the spot and she vowed right then to get that dick. The conversation was just about to get good when there was a knock at the door.

Part two on it's way please leave comments, it turns me on!!! I am working on other continuing stories don't worry

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